Thursday, December 31, 2009

I Now Know How To Use This

For the last post of 2009 I will leave you with this... A very large tree fell at the lake and thankfully it fell the opposite way of the house. Matt and I headed up to help mom and dad get it cut up. Now, on my list of "Things I want to learn to use" just happens to be a chain saw. What a great opportunity... So here I go! A quick smile after matt says please please be careful. This is coming from the guy who did cut his leg with a chain saw about 8 years ago... still has the scar to prove it.
And of course he is giving me a tutorial as I am trying to saw. I successfully cut this piece of wood and another! Woohoo for me!!
PS--it was freezing that day, don't you love our attire?!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Our Savior Is Born

I hope you had a blessed Christmas day with your family. The older I get the more I realize how wrapped up you can get in the presents, the decorations, the festivities... and forget that there would be no death on the cross for our sins, without the day of our Savior being born. Think about this scripture:

...but the angel reassured them. "Don't be afraid!" he said. "I bring you good news of great joy for everyone! The Savior-yes, the Messiah, the Lord--has been born tonight in Bethlehem, the city of David! Luke 2:10-11
The scripture goes on in verse 34 to say...."This child will be rejected by many in Israel...but He will be the greatest joy to many others." I pray you have that joy this day. Nothing else (no presents, children, friends, family) can give us the joy that Christ can!!

We finally decided to use our fireplace. Matt has been itching to make a fire since the first hint of winter. It's got the 'worn in' look now. Awesome fire Matt!!
We were blessed to have the opportunity to visit Matt's family in Oxford on Christmas Eve. When I say family I mean family!! For being an only child this kiddo has a ton of family. Lots of aunts, uncles, cousins, and babies!! It was great to visit with all of them.

And Christmas morning with my family!! All smiles and ready to open gifts!

A few gift opening pictures. Sister gave mom and I cute houndstooth bags. And then mom gave sister and I fun market totes. I have been wanting one of these!! Bottom right was Matt's gift from me. He has been dying to start collecting AL prints to put in our "Alabama Room" as he calls it. We were actually at this game.. so that makes it fun!!

And then it was off to Grandma's house for a visit with her. She really enjoyed us coming over and we were so thankful to be able to see her. It was a great Christmas spent with family!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Pops!!

Today is my favorite dad's birthday... we won't say how old he is... but he is getting closer and closer to getting that senior citizen discount :) We had a fun dinner at Full Moon BBQ (dad's choice) and then to our house for cake and presents!! Mom and Dad posing for a quick picture before the gift opening.
And sister and Steven for another photo op.

Sister got dad this sweet headstone for Domino's grave.... he loved it!

And we hooked him up with some AL gear since these 2 boogers just informed the rest of the fam they are definitely heading to Pasadena in a few short weeks... I am so jealous!!

And one last picture before a rousing game of Family Feud on the Wii!! Hope you had a great birthday pops!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Some Visitors

Here are some things that happened the week of Thanksgiving, but I never got around to posting... but these are very important things. We had a few visitors that week that I failed to mention.

I walk outside on the front porch to do something and I feel like I have stepped on something... and out of the corner of my eye it doesn't seem like it's a leaf or anything. I look down and look what I was standing on. No exaggeration here.... I am standing on this snake. I scream (very loudly) and since sometimes I am prone to be a little dramatic I didn't think hubby would come running real quick... I didn't want to open the door because this precious little amphibian was on the mat (very close to the house). So I reach over and bang on the door for him to come... and to the rescue matt comes and takes care of the little fellow. This here is what you call a teenager snake... wouldn't classify it as an adult or a baby... somewhere in the middle--like a teenager. Whatever it is, it wasn't welcome here!!
Now on to more happy visitors. Our dear precious friends, Matt and Celeste, have moved to St. Louis (formerly living in New Orleans) and were passing through town on their way back home. We were so excited to get to see them for a brief, but fun visit!! This precious couple is dear to us and will be having a baby boy in the Spring. Aunt Kristen and Uncle Matt are so excited for them!!!

And here are the two Matts...they have been friends since high school and I am so glad we have stayed in touch with them...through all their moves and ours!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Early Christmas With Family

As I said earlier, this weekend we had Christmas with my mom's side of the family. We started the Saturday off with an exciting trip to Belk, Wal-Mart and good ole Chick-fil-A (see cow below). We don't want to overexcite ourselves. We had a delicious meal Saturday night (that I appreciate so much more now that I have done this by myself) complete with crackers. This is a bit of a tradition for our family to pop these "English Crackers" before eating and you wear your paper crown as you eat. Well, somehow the crackers were forgotten this year... but no fear mom can improvise for anything. Mom and dad made their own version of these!! I was impressed.
And the ladies had our annual ornament swap and a little gift opening later... the men all had their new ties from mema. It was a great weekend getting to fellowship with family and we enjoyed spending time with everyone. Fun times with the fam!!

Moo Moo

This weekend as we were celebrating Christmas at Smith Lake with the Bouchillons, our family from South Carolina, we had to make a run to the Chick-fil-A. This wasn't just any ole Saturday at this fine establishment. It was karaoke Christmas caroles day... and take your picture with the cow dressed as Santa day. Too bad there are no photos of the 2 lovely girls with pink hair that serenaded us with Jingle Bells... but we did get a quick photo with the cow. Who doesn't love a good picture with the Chick-fil-A cow?!

Do You Like Our Outfits?

Friday night we had our small group Christmas party where the theme was "Tacky Christmas Sweaters." Now anytime you give matt a theme... he goes all the way!! I went on the search for us some good outfits and let me tell you... America's Thrift Store doesn't have much men's Christmas attire. Matt was thrilled when I came home with a ladies vest for him to wear!! A few shots from the party. Most everyone participated and even a few got crafty and made their own outfits. We had a secret ballot for best dressed and in the end matt won with the most votes! Makes me proud!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

SEC and The Foundry

Last night we headed to our friends Jerry and Wanda's house to watch the game with some other couples. Poor Jerry is a Florida fan and was a little out numbered with the Bama fans! It was a good time with friends and a farewell to Jerry and Wanda as they relocate to Houston for Jerry's job! I guess the best part was watching "Tearbow" boohoo after their loss... ROLL TIDE!! Sunday night the whole family prepared and served dinner at The Foundry. The Foundry is a Christ-centered rescue and recovery center for men and women addicted to drugs and alcohol. At Christmas you can sponsor a table to provide a Christmas dinner to 10 residents. The fam all joined in and we cooked a delicious dinner and mom did a great job decorating their table. It was an honor to serve these men and be a blessing to others!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

State Champs!

Last night we headed to Tuscaloosa...not for an Alabama game... but for the 6A State Championship. We faced Prattville...again... and were hoping to come out with the victory this time. After a long, hard, exhausting season for the player and coaches... Hoover pulled out a win 28-23. They did the "Walk of Champions" like AL does each week. Look at that stud in his suit!!
And the fam made it for the festivities. It was absolutely freezing!! And it didn't help that after halftime it started raining. This is Matt's first championship of any kind and he was on top of the world last night. I am so proud of him!! He has worked so hard this season and we give God the glory for all of this!! Go Bucs!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

So Much To Be Thankful For

I hope your family enjoyed Thanksgiving. I have so much to be thankful salvation, my incredible selfless husband, my family and friends, the body of believers that we worship with each week, our health, a roof over our head, another day of life...the blessings are in abundance. God is so great!!

Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord, always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Ephesians 5:20

Thanksgiving was a little different for us this year. My whole fam (minus sister who headed south) packed it up and headed to all meet in Gatlinburg. Matt and I couldn't go because his team is still in the playoffs (4th round tonight) so we invited his parents and grandparents to our house for Thanksgiving dinner. This was a little last minute since we didn't know until last Friday if we would be here or not... so I kicked it into Betty Crocker mode and began planning a meal. I do think my family was a little worried that I could pull this off... I mean this is the girl that blew up the pyrex dish a few years ago. I assured everyone (including the husband) that I had everything under control.

I told matt I would make a chicken casserole and he so kindly told me that it was not a Thanksgiving food and so I wanted to make him proud and bought a turkey breast... mind you I have NEVER cooked one of these before and didn't really know where to start. All week I had nightmares, literally, that we would open it up and it would be like Christmas Vacation all dried out... so I bought a backup ham too. I know people were thinking.. you are in over your head... why not throw in a dressing recipe too!? One last call to my mom yesterday morning to ask her which side of the turkey is the breast.. yikes!!! Matt was such a huge help--we make a great team!!! Amazingly and by God's grace it all turned out fabulous!! Well, at least everyone said it did... they may just be trying to make me feel good.
My turkey and my ham (we'll call them fatty and fatter). Now Fatter and I became very good friends at 4:30 am yesterday morning when I had to get up to put this precious thing in the crockpot.
I will let you guess whose plate this is.... oh matt!!! He piled it on!!

And my plate... I don't like for my food to overlap. I didn't take any good pictures of matt's family because I was too stressed out trying to get all this food ready. Now I really appreciate my mom and grandmothers for all they do each year!! Happy Turkey Day!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Outsider's Day

Just one quick photo to share with you... last Friday was Outsider's Day at school. We just finished reading The Outsiders, so we all dress up and watch the movie and pretty much have a "party day" as matt calls it. So my sweet aide that works in my room had her mom make us some poodle skirts. She left me to put the poodle and leash on the skirt... good thing you can't see it up close.. got a little crazy with the glue. Anyways, it was a fun day at school and Matt's only reaction that morning that skirt sure is pink and poofy... Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

Monday, November 16, 2009

It's Official

A million thoughts are running through your head right...what's official... Well, I am now officially CPR certified. What a milestone! Now if you are choking or have stopped breathing, please call me. I will have to make sure I have my mask ready, you know with all these germs floating around you can't take any chances...but I promise to come to your rescue. And the hubby is up for the Heisman this year... who would have thought?! Matt and his buddy Todd snuck off to take their picture with the trophy while they were supposed to be getting "mentally pumped up" for the game. I didn't see this photo op or I would have got a picture myself. I guess I will have to wait until Matt brings the real thing home.

Hope you are having a good week... can you believe Thanksgiving is just right around the corner? We put our xmas decorations up this weekend.. matt will not let me put anything outside yet.. he doesn't want the neighbors to know we have our stuff up already.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Some Alabama Football

We spent the day in Tuscaloosa yesterday to watch Crimson Tide destroy some LSU Tigers! It was sweet! The family doing a little tailgating...
Matt and I made our rounds around campus to see good friends. Top left is Matt with his buddy Eric and Eric's friend Michael. We have converted these 2 guys into Bama fans (notice Eric's Purdue shirt...well, he came out of the game wearing an AL hat... Matt steps). Then we saw our sweet friends Jonathan and Rachel. Last in the bottom left corner is my dear dear friend Martha from Oxford. We worked together at the middle school for several years and she was another one of my moms away from my mom when we lived there. I miss her dearly!!

And a few pictures from the game. On the way out we saw sweet Kristin and Jason. The crowd was moving so slow getting out that we had time for a photo opp as we walked.

Now I will leave you with this pretty sight... and you might not be hungry for lunch later. We stopped by one of Matt's coaching buddies tailgate... and he tailgates beside Bob Baumhower.. you know the Wings guy. Anyways, there Bob is ... The Bob... cooking up a whole pig.. I took a picture when he turned his back. Sure put our chicken nuggets to shame back at our tailgate.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Harley Says...

Arrgghh Matey... Happy Halloween. Harley man is a pirate this year.. fits our family well. I really wanted him to wear a patch over his eye or a hook on his hand, but Matt said no and that was animal cruelty. Here is Harley posing with his costume on
And seconds later trying to get it off.. I am guessing the little guy doesn't like it.

This has nothing to do with Harley's costume or Halloween, but is kind of funny and random. My parents were leaving the game the other night and they looked back to get out of the row and this man was asleep. Sound asleep at a football game. I took his picture and I guess the flash woke him up because he starting moving around after that. Must not have been that exciting for him. Hope you have a great Halloween!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

He Is So Good To Me

Let me just brag on the hubby for a minute. It's been a rough and busy week for me at school. Today was not the best day in the book... until there's a knock at my classroom door. In walks this man from Edible Arrangements with this fun prize below. He walks straight to my aide's desk and I asked her if it was her birthday and I missed it. He then realizes I am the teacher and not an 8th grade student sitting there. Anyways, get to the chase right... so the sweet hubby sent this to cheer me up. Of course my students were like bust that thing open we want some... so half of it had already been eaten before I took the picture. But don't you just love this.. I mean flowers die.. but this baby goes straight to the belly. Matt is so great to me! I have the best husband!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Roll Tide And A Velcro Wall

Well, we headed to Tuscaloosa for the Alabama game yesterday. Did a little tailgating with sister, saw some old friends, and celebrated a win. You may have watched the game and if you did you would know it was a close one down to the last 4 seconds. These football games are starting to give me chest pains when this happens.

I just came from our church's Fall Festival where our class worked the Velcro Wall. We signed up for the cake walk... but they gave us this instead... now I know why. It was a workout and you have to touch a lot of kids stinky feet. No time for pictures there... those kids were eager to throw themselves onto the wall. I think Matt and I will rent one of these sometime for the backyard. I could totally see us enjoying this.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

This Is What I Work With

Nothing else blogworthy to share at the moment, so fellow friends I will share this with you. A few weeks ago I had this box in my classroom. One of my students (umm.. the one in the box) kept begging me to let him get in this box because he says "I know I can fit." I said No... that would be the one second the principal walks in and sees what I have let my little boogers do. I turn my head for 2 seconds and that stinker has put himself into the box. I told him... please wait right there so I can take your picture and when your mom calls to ask me what you have been doing at school I can show her this. Now I love these precious kids, but every day is an adventure. You just never know what will occur!
PS don't worry I haven't violated any privacy things with his picture--you can't see his face. He is practically suffocating himself to fit into the box.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Little Pumpkin Carving

Saturday night we had some couples from our small group over to grill out and carve pumpkins. Matt worked so hard Saturday to get the fire pit ready so we could have it in the backyard, but it ended up just being too wet. So we moved the carving into the lovely garage. Nothing like bringing company into the garage. Yikes!! We had to twist the guys arms to get to carving because they were way more into watching football. Matt and David disappeared for a bit.. claiming they were "cleaning the kitchen"--whatever!!
Matt worked so hard on our pumpkin. The only thing he let me do was clean the guts out.. that is my favorite part though. Our design was of course a pirate for the Bucs!!

And here are the finished products. Drew worked so hard on his MS State pumpkin.. which turned out really good. We let Asher, who is almost 3, pick the winner. David totally brainwashed the poor kid and told him to pick the biggest one, which just happened to be him and Amanda's. It was rigged!! It was a great night of fellowship with good friends!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Backyard Project

Friday night we played Spain Park and it was quite a game. Mom and Dad came to support and they got their money's worth--actually they got in free, but you know what I mean. We stunk the first half and actually went into half time 21-0 LOSING! We came back to win 24-21. Matt had to give mom and dad the play by play afterwards. Woohoo! Now on to the big project for the weekend. We left our firepit in Oxford when we sold our house so we were eager to get a new one. We finally found one and have started a patio area for it in the backyard. Matt was so into this project and I said what can I do? (Never should have asked that.. I was enjoying laying in the hammock more than what he gave me to do). We had the slat that the stone came on and Matt handed me the axe and told me to start chopping it up. Sounds a lot easier than it really was. Safety first--must put the goggles on because wood was flying everywhere. So here's a little before picture and hopefully soon....very soon.. we will have some after pictures.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

More Football

You are probably thinking... is this all you do.. go to football games?! The answer is yes! This is our life in the Fall.... football, football, and more football. I am learning to love this sport that takes so much of my husband's time. Hopefully there will be more exciting posts in the future with other things than guys ramming into each other chasing a ball. (Matt wouldn't appreciate the fact that I just referred to football as this) Because of all this crazy rain lately, the game was moved to Hoover's field...not a big crowd, but a win.
And Saturday we headed to Tuscaloosa for the game. It was a rainy, yucky mess again. We are blessed to have our seats under this overhang, so once we got into the stadium we were fine.. it was just the trek there that wasn't so great. See the bottom right picture... we have this feature on our camera where you can swap colors... so I decided to spice it up and change mom and dad's clothes to green. Who doesn't love to come to the game wearing red and leave wearing green?!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Catching Up

I know you are just on the edge of your seat dying to know what we've been up to these past 2 weeks... We have been extremely busy and I have just neglected the ole blogger ooh... so here's what's been going on. Last Friday night (9/11) we celebrated Grandma's birthday at the Cracker Barrel. Matt missed out on the fun because they had a game in Georgia. I didn't make the 9 hr trek there and opted to watch it on TV at sister's house. Good thing she pays for the expensive cable and she had the channel. We had a good time celebrating with Grandma and our great aunt, Gin. I think they had to kill the chicken in the kitchen, because our food was taking forever so mom and I decided to play with the lemons.
Then on Saturday as soon as Matt pulled back into town and literally he didn't even get to come home... we headed to the Jeremy Camp concert (along with Natalie Grant and Bebo Norman). This was a great concert!! It was such a blessing to have three hours of praise and worship and just give God the glory for everything! Matt was such a trooper... he knew how much I wanted to go to this and he had been riding on a bus for 9 hours, but just put on smile, changed in the car and was ready to go. He's a keeper!!

In between last weekend and this weekend it was filled with literally something every night.. and not a lot of fun somethings.. like class and meetings and yuck stuff! But anyways, Friday was the Hoover/Thompson game. The whole fam made it for the game and let me tell you... my parents sat down and literally 2 minutes later the rain came and it didn't stop the entire game. Luckily I know one of the coaches.. wink wink.. and we were able to sit in the box and stay dry. Don't you love that picture of Matt and I? Well, the field was so wet and was getting torn up so they wouldn't let anyone on the field after the game... So this is how I got to congratulate my hubby on a win and say hey--through the net.

And then Saturday --bright and early--it was off to the AL game. And another rainy day it was. There wasn't much picture taking going on because we were just trying to stay dry. Thanks to my great husband I got to wear my hounds tooth rain boots and they came in handy when I was scaling down a hill of mud and then into a large puddle below. Keri and Steven sat in the 2 seats 2 rows below so I didn't get any pics with them.