Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Helmet

Matt's parents came to Bham today to eat with us for Matt's mom's birthday. Well, we walk them to their car and they were like oh by the way, Matt we brought your high school football helmet to you. Hmm... not really sure why.. but ok, we'll take that home and put it on the dresser. So we get home and I wanted to try that helmet on. So... Here I am in the famous helmet, clutching that "balloon hubby gave me for valentine's day"
Then I had a little trouble getting the thing off. I guess I have a big head.. I don't know.. but I probably won't put another football helmet on for a while.

And then Matt tries it on... guess it's been a while since he played, he seems to be having trouble too. As you can see, and I am sure you already know, it doesn't take much to entertain us. We have so much fun together!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day

I am a little behind on the Valentine's post... but this monster of a paper seems to be consuming my time lately. It's totally messing up my social life, but anyways... So for Valentine's Day we went out to eat with some couples from our small group. It saved the hubby from having to plan something extravagant for me :) We had a great time fellowshipping with these friends.
The Carbys (this was their first outing since having their baby girl like.. a month ago-so sweet) and the Kings.

Heather and Gemini planned this whole shin-dig and decorated our little area and everything. Here's a little something extra that I won't charge you for. So yesterday in our small group class we went around and told what we got for V day--well, it came to us and sweet ole matt tried to tell everyone he got me a balloon and a box of chocolates--when really Heather gave those to us at the dinner the night before. That little booger!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Study Time

Well, here we are... at the library. This is our exciting life these days. Matt and I are back in school... again!! We are getting our Educational Specialist (EDS) degree in Administration. It's been hard to get back into "school mode"- I thought if I bought the cute smelly highlighters and sister even got me a cute pink pencil box--that it would make it more fun.. not really. We have a ridiculously huge paper coming up very soon... and I would pay someone a very nice price to write it if I could just find that special someone. But anyways, what a beautiful sunny day it was and well we spent it applying for a library card and searching the card catalog.. we are such losers!

PS... really ...who does take pictures at the library? We... I mean I ... was getting a little bored and decided to spice it up a little. The librarian gave me "the look"-I guess you shouldn't take pictures in the reference section.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Circus Fun

Matt and I went to the Circus Friday night. I know you are thinking we are probably a little too old for this... but who cares!! Every year that we go to the circus we think--we should quit our jobs and join the circus. Wouldn't that be fun? I would be the girl that rides the elephants and Matt says he would be the tiger trainer man. Now you know our dreams.... Anyways, we did get there an hour early for the meet-and-greet with the clowns so Matt could get his clown autograph book signed. Matt did get his picture taken with this girl clown--he has faced his fears--You know he really is scared of clowns. I thought he was going to break into a sweat during the picture. So proud of him!! The circus has changed over the years.. not like it used to be. Lots of magic this year. But they still have the elephants-which next to the trapeze artist is my favorite part. We should have rented some kids for the night, so we didn't look like dorks.