Thursday, May 31, 2012

Not Quite There

We decided to start trying to teach our little Fulton some sign language. Why not, right?! Well, we started with "more." So for a couple of weeks we kept doing the "more" sign while we were eating and see if we could get him to catch on and start doing this when he wanted some more. As you can see from the video, this is what he does when we do the "more" sign... sticks out his tongue. I guess we will keep working on it.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day At The Lake

Happy Memorial Day! We enjoyed a fun long weekend at the lake. Warning... lots of fun was had this weekend, which resulted in lots of picture taking. Maybe you will make it to the end. 

 We got out of school early on Friday and hit the road heading for the lake. We couldn't get there fast enough. We jumped straight into our swim trunks and headed to the pier right away.

 We bought this fun little pool for buddy to play in on the pier... wasn't a fan of the water at first. This was his first time in, other than the bath. But it probably didn't help that it was a little cold and I just plopped him right in.

 Daddy sat down to play and we eased back in and started to enjoy it.

 Now we're having fun.

 Later in the afternoon we went for a quick boat ride before heading to the marina for dinner. We ate our fare share of puffs and hit the sack for another day on the water.

 Our little fam ready for the day.

This little monster had a good nap and was ready to play. He loves playing on the boat. It's like an extra large play pen for him. 

Pete and sister enjoying a swim. The water was still a little chilly the first few days, but did warm up on the last day. 

Fulton did some serious snuggling up to his fam this weekend. He's working on some good birthday presents. 

And we celebrated an important birthday this weekend. Happy Birthday Mom!! We won't let you see the other side of those candles... we headed in for a lunch break and cupcakes to celebrate the day.

Back out into the sun for a little lake time. Fulton loved it! He was a little unsure at first, but quickly relaxed and enjoyed his little cabana on the water. 

Not sure why we spend money on toys.

Later mom opened her gifts and stretched out her birthday as long as she could. 

 Don't think this little guy didn't enjoy the weekend too. He did his sunbathing on the porch. He says he's getting too old for the life jacket.

Ready for the water again. Fulton loves all things that don't fit in the toy category. You know, plastic spoons, water bottles, all that good stuff.

We were heading out for a boat ride and someone wasn't too happy. He has several life jackets to choose from and unfortunately doesn't put any of them into the love it category.

 After a mini meltdown, he crashed for a nap and was ready to play when we got back. Those are our sweet neighbors in the background. They came by to visit.

Monday Matt and I did something we sort of regret today. We both decided to wakeboard- no pictures of Matt, because I was putting Fulton down for a nap. But here's a shot at my pitiful attempt. We are feeling the pain today.

 More time in the pool sporting our American flag swimsuit. We are a patriotic family.

 The girls after mom enjoyed her a little snoozer on the boat. 

This little guy is all over the place these days. He wants to crawl everywhere. The pier isn't such a great place, unless you want to end up with a belly full of splinters. He settles for the boat.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

8 Months And A Celebration

Our little guy (or not so little anymore) celebrated his 8 month birthday this past week. 8 months of fun!! 
 Not sure how much this little booger weighs these days, we will go to the dr in June for his next check up. Somewhere around the 20 mark. More to love!!

 He loves bathtime. It is so much fun. He loves to splash and this results in me being soaked when we are finished.
He is such a fun guy these days. He is loving eating different foods. I would say his faves are sweet potatoes and peaches. Yay for the peaches, not so much the other. 
 He is crawling on his belly everywhere. Matt and I walked out of the room for two seconds yesterday and he had crawled behind the chair and ottoman. Let's just say he came out with lots of dust on his belly. He has started to get his first little tooth. For a while there I thought we may need to get dentures.

Saturday was a fun day as I got together with sweet friends to celebrate a dear dear friends upcoming baby. 

 My sweet friend Whitney is having a baby girl in just a few short weeks. I cannot wait for her to arrive!

 Whitney got some sweet girl outfits and lots of pink stuff.
 Look at these two cuties. We had a time of prayer for Whitney and baby Chloe and these two played marco polo while we were praying. They kept calling out to each other and it was all I could do to hold it together during the silence.

 Sweet friends! The fam came to the rescue again today. Fulton wasn't feeling quite up to par this morning because of this yucky tooth. Pops left church and came to watch him while Matt and I filled our lovely duty of nursery this morning. We picked KK up at her church and headed back to have lunch together. Aunt Keri came over tonight for us to have a date. Loved spending time with my man!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

First Mother's Day

Our first Mother's Day was such a blessing. Humor me and let me share.... 
Let me just say how awesome my hubby is. He has such a servant's heart. He got up early and made homemade waffles and brought me breakfast in bed. He knows the way to my heart.
And then my two boys came bearing gifts. Fulton was proud of his and didn't want to let it go.
This is what he made for me at school. It says "I love you because..." and you can write with the dry erase marker to finish the sentence. And it has his sweet little handprint in it. He was proud.
We got ready for church, and snapped a quick picture before leaving.
We came home from church, took some wonderful naps, and I woke up to more sweetness from my boys. Matt is a sneaky little one. We had Fulton's 6 month pictures taken several weeks ago and hadn't gotten the proofs back yet... so he called our photographer and got one early and had it framed for me. I was so excited. And... look at this other cuteness he did. He had Fulton's name spelled out in this frame. I have always wanted one of this. He did good.
Later in the afternoon, the fam came over to play.
Sister made a delicious meal for all of us to enjoy.
Fulton did some loving on everyone. He is a trooper being passed around the table for photo ops.
And the girls.
Mom enjoyed opening her Mother's Day prizes too. Sister got her this fun cover for her phone. She loved it.
And Sister got me this sweet necklace with an F engraved on it. Love it!
It was a fun, jam packed day and I am so blessed to be able to experience this journey called motherhood. I often wonder why the Lord allowed Matt and I to experience such pure joy in raising His child. I just pray I can be molded and shaped into the woman of God He wants me to be. Happy Mother's Day!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cruising On The Water

Fulton got to experience his first real trip to the lake... we have been a few times before, but haven't gotten to go down to the dock and actually play. 

 To say I was stressed about his sleeping would be an understatement. The last few times we have been to the lake he has slept, well... how do I say this... he hasn't slept. It's been pretty miserable for everyone involved. But KK and Pops worked hard to make him a real room and make it as close to his bed at home as possible... and it was a success. He woke up bright eyed and ready to play.
 We didn't actually venture out into the water this time, it's still a little chilly. But we enjoyed playing on the boat and waiting patiently for our captain to come down and take us for a ride.
 Don't let this picture freak you out... we were just about to put on our lifejacket. Little buddy was loving looking at the water.
 And here's where the fun began. Lifejacket and shades, two of his favorites. He did better than I thought wearing the jacket.
 He was all about helping Pops drive the boat. He did pretty good.
And we just sat back and relaxed and enjoyed the ride. Success!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Our Very First Luau

Sunday afternoon Fulton had his end of the year pool party with his friends at "school." We came straight home from church, tried to nap, and got ready for the festivities. 

 Little squirt was pumped, even put his first pair of flip flops on for the fun.

 Our little fam poolside.
This does look kind of sad... like we didn't let our bambino swim, but the water really was too cold, so we sat in the shade and took it all in on the sidelines. He was mesmerized. He wouldn't take his eyes off his buddies splishing and splashing around. School isn't officially over yet and the littles still have a "water day" in a few days, so maybe I will lather him up with sunscreen and let him enjoy it. 

 You know how I said he didn't take his eyes off his friends... that was until he saw the cook walk by with a tray full of hotdogs straight from the grill. He was drooling.

 It was a luau. They outdid themselves. It was decorated so cute. We are so so blessed to have Fulton stay where he does... Mrs. V is so good to these kids.

 This was the littles table. Maybe Fulton can sit there next year. But really next year we will probably be chasing him around the room.

 F loves him some Mrs V!

No luau would be complete without your very own grass skirt. He was getting into it. 

 And a ukulele. We had to pry it out of his hands when it was time to go.

 It was a sweet time of festivities with his buddies and I would say he was worn out, you think? He crashed before we made it out of the neighborhood. Fun times!