Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Last of the Beach Vacation

So maybe I get a little camera happy to have four blog posts on one trip to the beach. Oh well, it's memories people. 

Kiki and Pete had to leave Thursday and we were sad. We enjoyed the beach in their honor. 

We had dinner at Desoto's. It's not one of my favorites, but the family loves it. My meal was actually very good, so I had to suck it up and admit it. 

After dinner we headed to the Pier to watch the sunset and see if there was anything cool we could see in the water. You really have to watch out. These people get serious with their poles and they will hook your lip in no time. 

Mom and I were pretty nauseous at one point smelling and seeing these people filleting fish. Ugh!!
Take me to the outlets instead. 

Fulton enjoyed it though. 

Friday we played on the beach all day and I guess I didn't take a picture. We went to dinner at Doc's Seafood and Fulton made a new friend. 

This little guy is going through a food eating phase and doesn't want anything other than peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. He actually ate some fish this night because I told him it was chicken. At least we veered from the sandwich for one day. 

We made one last stop to our favorite snow cone place and back to the beach to 
say goodbye to the sand. 

We had an amazing week with family. We are so blessed to have family to get to do this with. God's creation is magnificent and we got to enjoy a slice of it all week. 

Beach Vacation Part 2

The next day was back to the beach for us. 

This little guy is brave. The waves didn't intimidate him one bit and he asked over 
and over for anyone to take him in the water. 

Guess what else he asked to do... for us to bury him in the sand. Multiple times. 

These two had fun. Pop would bury him and then Fulton would wash off and do it all over again. 

Fulton had an extra long nap, 4 hours to be exact and we decided to stay in for dinner and stay out on the beach late that night. Fulton came back down rested up and ready to play again. 

I love staying on the beach late when the sun starts going behind the condos and it gets a little cooler. Great time of the day. The guys grilled up some sausage and chicken for dinner and we enjoyed a night in. We may have gone back to the ice cream shop again. 

The next morning the guys had their annual breakfast trip to Hazels. 
Fulton is so excited he gets to go now. 

We spent the rest of the day playing in the sand again. 

We couldn't have asked for better weather. 

We cleaned up and got ready for dinner. 

We have found that Fulton loves the timer on the camera. He loves to hear it beep and will hold the "cheese pose" until it flashes. Good thing, because we love some good self timer pictures. 

This was Kiki and Pete's last night with us. We didn't want them to leave the next day. 

Matt and I raved about the Acme Oyster House so much that the fam wanted to go. 

The guys played corn hole while we waited for our food. I got something 
different and it was just as yummy. 

After dinner we headed to The Track where Fulton and Matt convinced me that they should ride the go carts. Eeek!!! Fulton just barely met the height requirements. They had fun and Fulton talked about the "road carts" for days. 

Birthday at the Beach

So while we were at the beach I celebrated a little birthday. Number 32 to be exact. The day before I thought I was turning 31, but Matt reminded me I was a year off. 

So this picture is blurry. I went half the day before I realized my focus was off on my camera. Disregard that and let's talk about these awesome decorations I woke up to on Monday morning. 

We were all up early because dad had rented a pontoon for half the day. We were getting to ride through the bay and canal areas. I have never been on a boat in this area before so it was really cool to see things from this side. 

We even stopped at a little Pirate's Cove place and played around for a minute. Unfortunately the weather was starting to look ugly and we decided to head back to the marina. This was the only day it rained, but thankfully it cleared up after lunch. Once back at the marina we walked to Tacky Jacks in our swimsuits and had lunch. 

Matt and I had a little birthday dinner date, just the two of us. We went to a new place called Acme Oyster House. I had the smoked sausage of all things and it was fabulous. 

I came into a little surprise red velvet cheesecake from Hope's Cheesecakes. Oh my stars this thing was scrumptious. I may have finished off the last few pieces by myself... just a little each day and before I knew it, it was gone. 

I had some helpers for blowing out the candles. 

My sweet boy was excited to help open some presents. 

My family and Matt did a great job of making my birthday special. As always. 

This guy was starting to wear down but we had one more stop. A quick change out of our PJ's and it was off to the snow cone shop. 

The guy made me a special birthday milkshake and the others enjoyed a snow cone. It was a great birthday!!

Beach Vacation Part 1

Last Saturday we loaded up bright and early heading for the gulf coast. We were so excited for our annual family beach trip. 

This guy was suited up and ready for a dip in the pool. Kiki hooked him up with his 
very first pair of goggles. He was in love. 

We spent the afternoon at the pool and headed for an early dinner to The Oyster House. 

This place usually has a really long wait, but thankfully it wasn't too bad and Fulton was entertained by the balloon main while we waited. I had spinach stuffed shrimp and it was absolutely wonderful. 

We came back from dinner to walk on the beach and enjoy the sun setting. 

This little guy was so happy to stick his feet in the sand. He could barely stop for a photo. 

We were excited Kiki and Pete were going to be with us most of the week too. 

The next morning had us up with the sun ready for the water. 

Fulton was content. I am so thankful he loves the sand and the ocean. 

This was Sunday night and that meant dinner at The Shrimp Basket...all you can eat shrimp. Nothing better for your arteries. 

We walked around the marina while sweet Kiki and Pete waited for our table. We had some good entertainment as we watched the fork lift put a boat away. 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Father's Day

It was Dad's day and time to celebrate these special men in our life. 

First up this special daddy. Fulton is so blessed to have Matt as his daddy. He is such an amazing example to Fulton and I pray that Fulton will be this kind of father one day. He is a selfless, hands on, hard working, man of God. We are blessed. We missed getting a picture before church because we were rushing out the door to serve in the nursery. This was after naps and changes into swimsuits. 

We headed over to mom and dad's pool to enjoy some time with the fam. As if we didn't get enough water and sun the day before, right?! This little guy in the middle loves the water so he was up for it. 

Sister and Pete came to swim too. 

Little buddy was enjoying all the boys in the pool with him. 

We went back to mom and dads and ordered Mexican take out and enjoyed time hanging out. 

Now, to my dad for Father's Day. I am so thankful to have this man as my dad. He is a funny, always available, hard working, lover of the Lord. He is always up for a good time and has been a good example of what a father and husband should be. Very thankful for my dad. 

Dad with his girls. 

What a great day spent with the men in our life!