Saturday, December 28, 2013

Extra Long Date

Matt and I had a date... an extra long date. 

It started yesterday with a trip to the movies to see "Frozen." It was so cute. Even Matt enjoyed it. He was getting a little worried when we were waiting in line with a bunch of children under five. We never go to the movies and it's one of Matt's very favorite things to do. 

Next up...late lunch/early dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. Yum!! I chose the Shepard's pie, which isn't something I would normally lean towards, but it was fabulous. We were stuffed, but couldn't pass up the cheesecake. Red velvet to go please. 

KK and Pops offered to keep Fulton through the night so we found a vacancy sign and packed a bag for a night away. The hotel had an indoor pool and who could pass up a swimming adventure in the winter. I mean I could have, but Matt insisted. This is what it looks like when you go swimming in the winter and forget to bring your flip flops. 

Even though it was heated, I still thought it was cold. Matt was doing laps in no time. 

Meanwhile, this guy was having a blast (complete with Harley in the middle). 

We woke up (whenever we wanted and not the "mommy come get me" alarm clock). We had breakfast in bed and it was off to the next adventure. Bowling. 

It's been a while since we have bowled. I actually can't remember the last time. But I will say... I kicked Matt's tail. Yes, out of two games (which he won one and I won one), I had the higher score. Sweet!!! 

We worked up an appetite and had a scrumptious hamburger at Mug Shots. I don't think I had ever been there, but I really want to go back. By the way, I ate the entire thing, fries and all. Loved it. 

We did a little shopping, browsed through places we don't go often, and ended our long extended date with coffee and a cake pop. Coffee for the Mr. and the cake pop for me. We were refreshed and ready to pick up our little man. We missed him, but sure enjoyed the time with just each other. Thanks KK and Pops!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Time

The past two days have been filled with food, family, and focusing on the birth of our Savior. 

It's a constant competition with the world, but we trying to do all we can to instill in Fulton what Christmas is really about. With Fulton it's all about repetition. So for weeks we have been talking about Jesus' birthday is coming up and we made sure to make him a cake. 

On Christmas Eve afternoon we headed to Matt's hometown for his Nanny's annual Christmas Eve gathering for the whole fam. What time should we be there, I always ask? Dark thirty replies his Nanny. Hmm... never have really know what time that was. 

Christmas morning was filled with excitement. Fulton had a few things laid out from us and a few things to open. We don't go all out or over the top (I know, poor pitiful Fulton right?),
 but it's all about simplicity. Trying to keep the focus.

He loves construction equipment right now and was excited about this oversized dump truck. I am ready for Spring so we can get that thing in the dirt. 

We opened a few gifts from each other. My favorite... a new electric blanket for our bed. I told Matt my heart would be content (and my body warm) if this is what he got me. He thought it was silly, but it's really all I wanted. Ours quit working this year and I have been freezing ever since. 

Matt had to go on a little scavenger hunt for one of his gifts. 

Our little family of three on Christmas morning. 

After spending some time with just the three of us, we headed over to sister's house to meet up with the rest of the family. 

Look at this delicious breakfast spread. This right here is why I wore my elastic waistband pants for breakfast. 

The fam. 

There were a few gifts exchanged. 

This little guy was about cheesed out. But he still had something fun to come. 

Remember how I said it's all about simplicity? Well, my family doesn't listen. They got Fulton a car. Let's just say I hope he is a little better in 14 years than he was yesterday. 

Here's the crew responsible for this. Fulton absolutely loved it. We had a hard time getting him off of it, but we still had one more stop to make. 

Last stop...Grandma's house. Sister made some soup and we were forced to eat again. I don't want to come near a scale. 

We enjoyed visiting with Grandma and Fulton helped her open her gifts too. He is quite the helper these days. Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to our Savior. Thank you Lord for the 
gift of your Son!!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Pops

We celebrated Pop's birthday last night. 

Sister and Pete came over early to help us prepare just the perfect meal for dad. His request... baked spaghetti (gluten free of course) and wings. Random...yes. 

This little guy was excited. He loves birthdays. 

Happy 62nd to Pops!! We love him to the moon and back. 

He had a little helper with the gifts. 

Chef Fulton entertained us all with his new grill and his cooking abilities. 

Happy Birthday Pops!! We love you!

Checking Our Teeth

We had a big day yesterday. 

We had an early morning doctor's appointment and then stopped for breakfast at IHOP. This was Fulton's first time and I couldn't remember the last time I was there. It sure was delicious though. 

Yesterday was Pop's birthday so we made a surprise visit by his office. Dad works in a rather quiet office and Fulton quickly made his presence known with his excitement to see his Pops. 

Next up... our first visit to the dentist. Let me get out a little secret about me. I have fears of the dentist. They aren't as bad as they used to be, but I really don't like going. So, I definitely don't want Fulton to dread it like I do. When it's your first visit, you get to paint your hand and put it on one of the ceiling tiles. How fun. If only they let me do this at my dentist, maybe I would like it more. 

He even got to pick out a cool sticker that he held the death grip on the whole time. Next up, start the cleaning process. He did get a little scared at this and cried for about a second and then he was fine. 

He even let her do some flossing. The dentist came in, checked everything and said his teeth looked great. He still has 4 teeth to come in, so that should be tons of fun. 

He got his little goodie bag complete with floss, a toothbrush, and toothpaste and we were on our way. He was an absolute trooper. We were so proud of him. We'll be back in 6 months for our next cleaning. Here's to good brushing and lots of flossing (I will leave that part to daddy). 

Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas at the Lake

We spent the weekend at the lake celebrating Christmas a little early with 
some of our extended family. 

Fulton loves his Mema. 

Aunt Keri was really getting festive with her moose mug. 

KK let Fulton open an early Christmas present while we were there. It was a train track. He loved it. However, I think KK enjoyed it a good bit too. She was pretty serious about making sure it was set up just right. 

We had to try out Mema's tricycle again and make sure it was still working right. 

We opened our annual Christmas Crackers and Fulton wore his crown for about 2.5 seconds before he destroyed it. 

We were glad to have the Martins back from Slovakia. Matt had a coffee drinking buddy to hang with. 

See that black eye that Uncle Greg has... his dog gave it to him. It's only a 90lb thanks. 

My sweet aunt gave Fulton these cute hats. Aunt Keri and KK enjoyed them too. 

We exchanged a few gifts and Fulton was so excited to give Samuel his. 

Speaking of Samuel, tried to get a picture of these two. Neither of them were really interested. They really do love each other. 

We enjoyed the weekend with family and Fulton even made a few friends while we were away. Happy Christmas Eve Eve. 

Friday, December 20, 2013

The Friday Rundown

Lots of Christmas festivities have been happening this week. 

Monday night we made our first ever gingerbread house. 

Matt got pretty serious about it and really didn't want to come out and say it, but he didn't want me to "mess up" the pattern he was making with the candy. 

Matt dripped a little icing on his finger and licked it.... Fulton saw it and hadn't realized what the white stuff was that we were playing with. He proceeded to lick his finger and his eyes just lit up. From that point on it was hard to keep his little fingers out of it. 

And here's our final product. It sits proudly on the shelf and we talk about it daily. Tuesday night I went to sister's house for her annual ornament swap. I came home with a cute one. Wednesday Fulton and I headed to our regular girl for a little hair cut. We had to get her to fix the mess that was created last month when we couldn't get in to see her and had to try another place. Lesson learned. 

Thursday afternoon Fulton had his party with his school friends. Look at these sweet little ones with their precious Mrs. Vin. They adore her, as I do too. 

Each of the little ones takes turns handing their gifts out to their friends. Fulton just stood and watched everyone open what he had given them. He was so excited. I pray we can always instill in him a heart that desires to give rather than receive. 

Here's his little potty training bud. He loves some Laylee bug. Daddy probably wouldn't want to know that Fulton carried that baby doll around a lot last night too. 

I know what you are thinking. That is the cutest thing ever--Fulton and the grill, right?! Mrs. Vin made this. She made one for Fulton and Laylee for Christmas. Yes, she made the whole thing. And my mom helped her paint the food to look like hamburgers, steaks, and cheese. It is the most precious thing I have ever seen. Fulton thinks he is big stuff and he will be cooking dinner next week!!