Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Water Fun

We had a fun morning playing in the water in our backyard. 

Fulton did what his momma does when she is nervous.... eats. He was anxiously waiting the arrival of one of his sweeties... Avery. 

Best buds. Avery kind of has the look like... um what are you doing making a move on me??

A friend let us borrow this cool beach ball sprinkler for the summer. It took them both a little to get used to it. I actually had to run through it with F before he would do it. I have 
to admit it felt a little nice. 

Avery wasn't having much of it. She said princesses don't run through sprinklers. 

But they do relax in baby pools. Yes, this pool is probably only 
made for one, but the cozier the better. 

And sweet Colt. Just chilled out the entire time. He is such a good baby. 

After a yummy lunch together and some indoor fun, it was time to say goodbye. 
Mommy needed a nap. 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Animals Galore

Monday we went to the zoo for the first time. Not my first time, although I don't think I have been since like 1994 or something, but it was Fulton's first time. 

We got there right when it opened and practically had the place to ourselves. It gave Fulton plenty of time to get up close and personal with the giraffes. Not sure where he picked this up, but everytime he sees an animal now he makes this smacking sound and rubs his fingers together like he has a treat for them. He tried it with the elephants, but they weren't impressed. 

These guys were pumped to get to the predator area. Yikes... those lions and tigers make me nervous. I am more of a monkey kind of gal. 

I tried to set the camera up on the other side of the wall, but Matt was very afraid it was going to fall into the hippo pit behind us and he was going to have to fetch it. Fine, whatever... I guess it worked on the other side just as well. 

This little charmer did excellent today. He got his cheeks pinched several times as we ran in to 4 different families that we haven't seen in ages. It was so great to see all of them. 

He even sat through the sea lion show. I have to admit I got a little panicky before it started. The little trainer guy kept saying--You cannot get up, you cannot leave your seat... over and over. As soon as it started Fulton got a little squirmy and I thought to myself, great we are going to get attacked by a sea lion because I have to get all the way down these bleachers and take him out. Thankfully the snacks held him over. 

We rode the train...which he seems to love these day and does the arm motion complete with "choo-choo" everytime we pass one. It melts my heart. We also "rode" this tractor. It was free and he thought it was a ride, so we went for it. 

Then it was time for some water fun. 

Since we are newbies to the zoo thing, I am thankful my friend told me about the cool splash pad they have. He was a bid timid at first, but when we left he was dripping from head to toe.

I will spare you the pic, but even daddy got a little wet. He went running in to help him avoid colliding into a big kid and one of the water things shot right up on Matt. Nice. Glad mommy was sitting manning the camera at that point :)

Memorial Day and a Birthday

School's out for the summer and we are pumped. 

Fulton enjoyed his last day of school complete with a water day and a party. He is one 
loved little fella. As soon as we were all free for the day we headed to our favorite weekend 
oasis...the lake. We had to hurry, we were celebrating a big birthday this weekend. 

It was mom's 60th 30th birthday this weekend and sister and I planned a surprise party for her. Dad was in on it too, but we kept his duties to just getting her away for a bit. When she arrived back, she had a nice gathering of friends and family to wish her a Happy Birthday!! We actually surprised her... shocking because she is always in the know about everything. 

A few of the peeps that helped us celebrate. 

This is the new addition to our riding toys collection (as if we didn't have enough already). He loves, simply loves this car. You don't even have to push him, he will just sit in it and hold the steering wheel. 

Look what this little guy got to do this weekend. Matt has been itching to take Fulton on the 4-wheeler and it did not disappoint. We had to pry him off when it was time to eat lunch. 

And no party is complete without cake. 

And presents. Mom told her friend that she needed to get some new sunglasses... no worries, she hooked her up. Quite the selection she has now. 

We modeled some too. 

After lunch we finally made it down to the pier. The water was freezing and Fulton and I stayed on dry land while daddy braved it. 

He was all smiles after we compromised on the puddle jumper instead of the full fledged life jacket. You can only imagine the meltdown that came right before this picture. 

After the guests had departed we had a perfect night for some bubbles. And you can't 
forget your koozie wrist bands. 

Sister and I challenged Matt and Pete to a game of sling the ball around the PVC pipe. It has a name...ladderball or something, but that is truly what you do. Anyways, I will save you the embarrassing details for the boys, but we spanked them. It was a sweet victory and 
they hated every second of it. 

That night we built a fire and made smores. Yum!!

The next morning Fulton enjoyed breakfast and bubbles on the porch with KK and Pops. Lucky guy. 

We finished the day with a delicious lunch with mema and papa and a long boat ride to see some friends. Fun weekend celebrating Mom's birthday!! Happy Birthday Mom!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Round Two

On a whim last week I decided to get Fulton's second haircut. It was time. It may have been prompted by the fact that the waitress called Fulton a "she" when we were eating last week. Really? He had on a Polo shirt and blue jeans. No bows in his hair and he wasn't holding a Barbie. Please. 

Anyways, I called "our girl" as she is now called and she was able to take him. He did really good again. He was a little more squirmy than last time, but it was a success. 

And our final product. You would think we put Miracle Grow on his head at night as much as it grows. But I love it. 

Speaking of hair... I think I now know where he gets it from. Sister found this picture, by the way isn't she a mischievous little doll? You too can get that look by braiding your hair wet at night and then unbraiding it in the morning. Not that Matt doesn't have his fair share of hair (the boy needs a hair cut at least once a month too), but I think Fulton got the "look" from his momma. Bless him... and he got the chub look from me too. I thought I would have grown out of mine by now. 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

What a wonderful Mother's Day!! 

Matt started the day off right with homemade waffles and breakfast in bed.
 It was delicious. He is so good to me.  He got up extra early so I wouldn't have to lift a finger today. He even did all the laundry today. Sorry ladies... he is taken.

And this little charmer made me some special things too. A decoupaged flower pot with his pictures all over it, a picture key chain, and a paper weight made straight from a special rock he painted all by himself. Such a D-I-Yer. Love it. 

We had a great service at church and studied Hannah and her prayer to the Lord to bring her children. But it was a great reminder that our salvation is only in Christ. Not our husbands, our children, or materials. As great at these are, they can never give us the hope and 
satisfaction of our Lord and Savior. 

We had lunch with some friends after church, came home and took great naps and got ready for dinner with the fam. We met them at Beef O Brady's, where mom's eat free. Can't beat that. 

He was fascinated with the lemons. Kept sucking and chewing on them and then shivering in disgust. 

Happy Mother's Day to this special lady!! I am very thankful to have such a wonderful mother who has taught me how to be a mother myself. I have a lot to learn, but glad I have such a great example 
to learn from. Happy Mother's Day Mom! We love you!!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Date Night

We had a great Friday night last night. Been looking forward to this night. 

Our church had a "Date Night." It included dinner, biblical marriage teaching, 
and good fellowship. Fulton stayed with KK and Pops and had the time of his life. When we 
got back to pick him up, he was zonked out on top of Pops. No worries, Pops was crashed too and they were competing to see who could snore the loudest. 

We sat with several couples from our small group. They played the newlywed game and Matt and I would look at each other and try to answer the questions too. So, the first question was what is your wife's favorite tv show. So I looked at Matt and I knew for sure his was Duck Dynasty. Guess what he said mine was... Full House. Hmm... I think he is saying this because I watch it every morning when I am getting ready. I am a lover of the old shows for sure... Saved by the Bell, The Golden Girls, The Brady Bunch... all the classics. 

Today we stopped by Aunt Keri's and she is now Fulton's favorite. Aunt Keri let Fulton 
have the last piece of leftover pizza in the fridge. Do you think it's odd that my child 
wore a koozie on his arm for almost the entire day? Not at all. 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

This and That

This week has been busy. A good week, but busy. 

Monday night I got together with some girls from our small group to celebrate the arrival of a new baby that will soon be here. Jill, Chrissy, Mary Beth, Bethany (momma), Karen, and that's my shoulder on the right. Yes, I cropped myself out. Some freakish glow got a hold of my eyeballs and I just couldn't take it. We enjoyed some expensive salad and bread sticks from Olive Garden. More on the expensive part another time. 

No pics from Tuesday or Wednesday. Tuesday night we went to Chick-fil-A for teacher appreciation night. Woop Woop free sandwiches. Wednesday afternoon Fulton and I headed to eat Mexican with some of my teacher friends and say goodbye to one that is leaving. We will miss her. Now, on to today. We met KK and Pops at the mall for dinner. More Chick-fil-A. Can't beat two times in one week. 

Before that, mom, Fulton and I waited in line at Wrapsody (a cute little gift shop) to be one of the first 50 customers and receive a free Vera Bradley tote bag. We will do anything for free stuff. Fulton was  a champ and endured a little shopping before we headed to the mall. 

Look what Matt got me?! Isn't he the best?
No, really it's for his teacher's tomorrow. I am secretly hoping they don't eat it all so I can have some leftovers. This is surely one of my weaknesses. 

Nothing to do with our week, but look what this little guy got to do recently. Oh he was on cloud nine. Eating out 4 nights in a row is not our typical routine... back to the cookware (and exercising) next week. 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Trim And A Birthday

We love some sidewalk chalk around here (thanks to sweet Avery for introducing us). Look what Fulton created for me. Such talent huh?

He was pretty sad the next day when the rain came and it was gone. Boo. All that hard work daddy Fulton did. 

So can you believe this hair has already grown back out? It's time for another hair cut. It hasn't even been two months, but you know it's time when he keeps blowing up trying to keep it out of his eyes. 

Thankfully my sweet neighbor has some good scissors (not the kind from the Dollar Tree like we have) and gave him a little trim in the driveway yesterday. 

We just did a small trim on the bangs... I am hoping we can go for the full fledged mullet look in the back. It's almost summer and it will go nice with his tank top and cut off shorts. 

Today is a special day for our first born. It's Harley's birthday. He turns 13 today. Poor guy really has such a patient spirit to deal with this monkey behind him. 

Fulton was proud of the card he made. You would never know right before this we had a complete meltdown because I had to take the markers away from him. I can only picture it now... a beautiful creation of art on the walls and couches with those markers. Yikes. Put them under lock and key now. 

These two wiggly worms weren't staying still for a picture. Harley was trying to get away and Fulton was going in for a smooch. He wanted to give him a little birthday sugar. 

Harley got him first!! Happy Birthday Harley!!