Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What to Eat?

Breakfast... the most important meal of the day, right? I get in a breakfast rut. 

I go through these phases where I eat the same thing for a year or more. Right now I am on a frosted mini shredded wheat kick. I love cereal. Before this it was multi-grain cheerios. For nearly two years before that it was a banana and peanut butter. I even had my own jar so I could stick the knife in and out and lick it. Yum. So, I am ready for something different. Any suggestions?

This is Fulton's plate. I am trying not to make him a rut kind of guy. Poor guy has no choice in what he eats, but I try to spice it up and do something different each day. I can't forget not everyone wants to eat the same thing everyday like I do. He loves some mini waffles. Aren't they cute? Way cuter than the large ones cut up.

On another food note, I found this recipe on Pinterest last week and was eagerly wanting some french fries. Matt is staying away from all the fun foods. You know fries, chicken fingers, sweets, all the good stuff. So I decided to make these zucchini fries. Um, so not the same. They were ok. I think I went wrong when I used Italian bread crumbs instead of regular. Hey, it's what I had and I didn't want to buy more. Oh well, maybe next time. 

That same night I was slaving over the zucchini it got really quiet and I couldn't find Fulton. Finally found him in his room behind the curtains. 

He was trying to watch Matt cut the grass. Sweet boy. Loves his daddy. 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Lots of Fun

We have had another fun week. Tuesday KK took off work and we got to spend the day hanging out with her and met Pops for lunch. I didn't take a single picture because we were dodging the rain and thunderstorms all day, but we enjoyed their company. 

Sister found a groupon for the McWane Center so we took Fulton on Wednesday. He is still a little young, but there were several fun things for him to do. 

Bubbles are one of his loves right now and he enjoyed watching me get splashed with 
soap as they popped on top of me. 

This little area is one of his faves. I remember I had a small one of these when I was younger. I wanted it so bad for Christmas one year. Now I have no idea where that thing is. Such a shame. 

When we took Fulton back in the Spring we didn't play too much with this air hose because I don't think Matt and I knew what to do with it. Well, just leave up to a few five year old boys to show you. We watched some boys walk right up and they knew exactly what to do, so we were good to go after that. Not sure blowing the hose in someone's face was part of the exhibit, but Fulton enjoyed watching Aunt Keri's hair go wild. 

We played some music too!

Last stop was the fish tank and we were starting to wear down a bit. A quick lunch at Zoe's and we were headed home for a good long nap. 

Today we had a fun little playdate with Ford and his sweet mommy Lisa. Ford and Fulton played hard for a good solid three hours. They had a ball together and Lisa and I actually had some conversations. Hooray for that!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Time in the Sun

Last week we spent a lot of time in the sun and water. Two things I am a lover of and 
I think this little guy is following in his momma's footsteps. Now, he did get his daddy's skin, 
so we always load up on the SPF. 

On Thursday we had some friends over to go to the pool. Fulton was dressed and ready to go in no time. I wanted to take a picture of Fulton with his buddy Ford, but Fulton had one of "those" days. These special precious days that I am talking about seem to be happening more often. 
They wear me down, but Matt says we can't let him win. So, needless to say I feared getting the camera anywhere near the water after I saw one sweet little girl chunk her momma's phone in the pool after she got mad at her. 

Friday we went to the pool with Emily and Andrew. Fulton loved their pool because it was the zero entry and he could get in and out so easy. We actually had a good day and didn't see our evil twin Colton come alive on this day. 

Saturday we spent the day on the water. We went on three different boat rides and 
enjoyed the beautiful weather. 

We always wear protective eyewear. 

After church and naps on Sunday we went to the pool with daddy. This guy has started to get a little brave. He will get out of the pool and take off for the ladder in the deep end. It's real fun for us as we swim our fastest to beat him down there. Fun times at the pool.

On another random note, I love this place above. Fulton and I actually made a run there this morning. It's so cheap. I can't always get everything on my grocery list there, but most things I find. And their produce prices are great. Just one of my new loves I wanted to share. But if you go, don't forget your quarter and your own bags. 

This little booger crashed on the way home. That would be because he woke up at 6:00 this morning. Ah! Too bad I couldn't nap in the car too. 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Beach Week

We just spent the last week in Gulf Shores with my family. Warning...lots of pictures, but I 
can't resist a good memory making photo opportunity. 

We arrived last Saturday to a rainy day. But we didn't let that stop us... we 
went out to the water anyways. 

This little guy couldn't wait to get his toes in the sand. He enjoyed it so much more than last year. 

They went right to work breaking in all the sand toys. Of course Pops was scoping out all the other kid's toys and had to make a run to the store later that night to make sure Fulton had all the cool stuff like the others. 

Saturday night we had dinner at Tacky Jacks and then happened upon this awesome little playground for Fulton. It kept him entertained for a while.

Sunday was a little overcast too, but we were determined to tough it out, even sitting under the umbrellas for a bit while the rain drops fell. 

But the clouds actually kept it cool and we had a fun day of playing. 

Sunday night we went to dinner at The Shrimp Basket, one of our faves. We tried a family picture and waited forever for someone to walk by so we could ask them to take the picture. I almost gave in and asked the 12 year old boys playing baseball, when finally someone decent walked by. Grumpy refused to smile. After dinner we went to the marina to look at the big boats where a group of boys were getting off a fishing boat carrying the dead shark they just caught. Lovely. 

Praise report... Fulton finally decided to sleep at the beach. This is his fourth time to the beach and all the previous times he wouldn't sleep at night. It wasn't a pleasant experience and I will admit I was a little nervous going into this week because of his track record. But he came through for us!! Finally!!! But, he didn't give up those early morning risings, but it gave him more time to work on the computer with Pops. 

Monday the sun finally came out!!! Hooray. 

This little stinker was everywhere. He absolutely loved the sand and the ocean. We had to keep a close eye on him because he would just take off walking into the ocean by himself. No fear. 

Monday night led us to The Track. It was entertainment overload for Fulton, but he rode the carousel, some of those cheap 50 cent rides, and shot some basketball. The adults played way too many games of skeeball, but we racked up enough tickets to get these two measly little squish balls for Fulton. 

Tuesday was another gorgeous day and we played at the beach all day. We cleaned up and had dinner at The Crab Trap. That name and outfit suited Fulton perfect, because he was in quite the crabby mood after playing so hard all day.

After dinner we made a stop by The Pier to watch the fishermen and see the beautiful sunset. Oh and I can't forget the stop at Dippin Dots afterwards. Oh how I love those. 

Wednesday this little guy enjoyed watching the waverunners come in and out. He was determined to try to get on one of them, but we stopped him just in time. 

Wednesday was our 9th anniversary and that meant we had a house full of babysitters. We took advantage of it and had a nice dinner out (at a restaurant that actually had tablecloths and didn't include a playground out front). We shopped around, looked at boats, and listened to some live music. We ended with a stop at Hope's Cheesecake for not one, but two pieces of cheesecake. It was one of those things where you walk in and say you are going to share a piece and walk out each with your own.

Thursday was a rainy and cloudy day, but it gave us a chance to visit the outlets. We were also sad because Aunt Keri and Uncle Pete had to go home today. We had dinner at King Neptunes and by the time we got back the weather was nice and we went out to the beach for a while. 

The best attempt at a family photo. Precious. 

Fulton had a ball running towards the water and back. Although he got a little too close one time and we ended up with some wet clothes, but oh well, he had fun. 

Friday was perfect. We got out early and stayed until after 5:00 because we didn't want it to end. 

We had dinner at Docs and we couldn't call a trip to the beach complete without a stop at the souvenir shop. We had such a fun week at the beach!!  

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Number 9

Today is year number 9 for us. 9 years, so blessed to call this man my husband. 

July 10, 2004

Our sweet little wedding day, July 10, 2004, when we were just wee little ones 
starting out life together. It's had it's highs, lows, and just those times that are in between. But I wouldn't want to be right next to any other man. 

In honor of number 9, one thing for each of the last 9 years that stands out in my mind:

year one: buying our first home together, I loved that little "yellow cottage" on Country Lane

year two: our first trip to Disney World together, memories were made

year three: a near arrest at the border of Mexico for smuggling in some Cuban cigars (We don't even smoke)

year four: a huge move for us back home to my hometown, an amazing job opportunity for you

year five: graduate school together, long nights of sitting in class writing silly notes to each other

year six: went on our very first cruise and four wheeled through the jungle 

year seven: becoming a family of three, having our precious son, what joy he has brought to us

year eight: a huge job change for you and a blessing for our family , I am so proud of you and the leader you are

year nine: ice skating side by side and trying not to break any bones

This man is amazing. He is a giver, not a taker. Loves the Lord, me, then Fulton. Each with everything he has. 

I am pretty sure our family would fall apart without him. So thankful we get to do life together. That we get to parent Fulton side by side and guide his heart towards the Lord. 

Thankful we get to smile, laugh, and cry together. I am thankful we are a team.... Team Howard as we like to call it. I love you Matt Howard. Year #9!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July (yesterday)! I am so thankful I live in the land of the free! Matt had some history lessons with me on the drive to the lake. Just so I would be fully prepared for the holiday. I am now all brushed up and ready to answer some questions. The history teacher in him lives on. 

We headed to the lake on Wednesday. We got to spend some time with my mema and Fulton helped her pick blueberries. Although he was eating more than he was picking. 

We knew the forecast wasn't looking too good for the 4th, but boy they weren't kidding. It rained and rained and rained some more. And the temps were really cool. 

This guy was starting to get a little stir crazy indoors. We played with the flag and practiced saying the pledge of allegiance. A few more times and I am sure he will have it. Maybe. 

What else do you do at the lake when it's raining? You eat... and you eat fun and festive desserts. Some of our guests brought these 2 super cute homemade cookie cakes. They were too cute to cut. I made the patriotic rice krispie treats. Isn't that fun looking?!

The guys grilled a mound of hamburgers, hotdogs, and sausage. After lunch the rain finally let up for a few hours so we could actually go down to the pier. We enjoyed spending the 4th with lots of family and friends! We made it home in time for a little firework show in our neighborhood. Thanks to the Baccus family for that!!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Terrific Tuesday

We have had a great week so far and it's only Wednesday. Tuesday was packed with 
all kinds of fun things. 

We were at the barber shop bright and early for our 3rd haircut. Wow this boy's hair can grow. I am either going to need to start a hair cutting fund or learn to do it myself. We cut a good bit this time, so maybe that will give us more time in between cuts. 

Somebody else decided to get a hair cut while we were there. Sweet... father/son hair cut day side by side. If only I could have popped in a chair too (it's needed), but someone had to be the one taking pictures. 

Later I met up with two of my friends from school to have lunch. Andrew is the blond and he is the oldest, then Fulton, and sweet Charlie will be one in October. I love my teacher friends and it's good to catch up with them when we are out of school. 

After nap we headed to Buck Creek and stuck our feet in the water. We went down the slide several hundred times and ended with dinner at The Depot on the water. We rushed back home in time to make our homemade ice cream. I got the ice cream mixer bowl that attaches to your Kitchenaid mixer several years ago and I am embarrassed to say I haven't used it yet. I have been missing out. We made french vanilla with oreos. It was delish and it made so much we took it down to our sweet neighbors to share with them. Too bad I didn't get a picture, I was too worried about Fulton spilling ice cream on their floor, which he did.