Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bunny Pictures

You know we are all about some free stuff and this certain white bunny was at Edgar's Bakery today for free pictures. We definitely want to raise Fulton to know the true meaning of Easter and the fact that our Lord has risen and this is truly why we celebrate. Fulton fell asleep in the car right before we got there and I thought we may have to delay this event, but this guy is so easy going that he woke up, put on a smile and rubbed that white fur like he knew exactly what he was doing.

He really didn't want to leave because he was staring at all the deliciousness for sale. I have been trying really hard to cut back on the sweets and actually went a few days without eating my normal fun pack of m & m's after lunch this week... but it all went south very quickly when we looked at all the stuff they had to offer. I will admit we walked out of there with enough treats to feed double our family and several were gone before we made it to the red light.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Aunt Keri

Today is the big day for Aunt Keri! Happy Birthday to her. We got to celebrate with her last night. We took a quick family shot while everyone was still in a good mood.

Fulton was excited to have KK and Pops come over to play too. He is dreading the day Pops shaves that beard, because he loves to grab at it.

I am so proud of this cake. I actually baked it and didn't burn it. I made a gluten free cake so my dad could have it too. Sister even had candles spelling her name thanks to mom.

Making a wish! After dinner I made everyone go on a little adventure. We have this trail behind our house that our neighbors marked out and it goes down to a little run off from the Cahaba River. Matt, Fulton, and I trekked down back in the winter, but I really wanted to make the fam go down too. We got started off and well, Spring has arrived and the bushes had started to grow back a bit. My dad had the sling blade but he said he didn't feel good about this (worried about a little slithery thing called snakes) and sister had already turned around and went back.
So we went back and played with our neighbors sweet kids in their yard instead. Graysen let me jump on her trampoline.

Little buddy just watched in amazement. His hat is sitting on top of his head like an old man.

And I remembered a few tricks back from when we had a trampoline growing up. I loved that thing. Then one day we had too many people on it and the springs just started popping off one by one. My dad finally said, that's it. He wasn't getting it repaired anymore. So sad.
Graysen told us the moon was coming out and we better go home now. So, we headed in and watched Aunt Keri open her gifts.

And Fulton enjoyed Aunt Keri getting down on his level to play and enjoy some time on the ole belly.
Fulton had to update his facebook status real quick before KK left with the nice phone. Fun night celebrating sister's birthday!!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ending The Week

We started our Spring Break week with a visit to Oxford to see Matt's fam and visit some old friends. We were so busy going from one house to the next, I never had a chance to get out my camera. So, we ended the week with some visiting with my fam. We went to see Grandma yesterday and Fulton got to snuggle up and play with his great grandmother.

Fulton loves his Sophie and can't bear to put that thing down for a minute. Fulton is into this pulling thing where he likes to grab at anything he can get his hands on... mostly he loves grabbing hair. Poor Grandma, he got a chunk of hers and nearly brought tears to her eyes. She may never have us over again.

Pops goes to Grandma's every Friday for lunch, so little buddy was excited to see him too. We stopped and picked up lunch from The Great Little Seafood Place, otherwise known as Captain D's. Most of you are probably gagging right now, but this is my dad's favorite place. So much that he made us go there every Sunday after church when we were growing up. And I mean every Sunday. He used to meet Grandma there for lunch at least once a week for many many years. So, they asked him to be a secret shopper and started paying for his meals. Nowadays, any chance he gets to eat it, he enjoys it. Sorry for that side note on the fish place.

Anyways, this visit wore the little stinker out. He didn't get to say his goodbyes because he crashed before we even made it to the car.
Sweet picture of Dad and his momma. We headed home from Grandma's just in time for a fabulous appointment the hubs had made me to get a massage. Oh it was heavenly. I walked out like a lucy goosey, feeling like a new person. I had to resist signing up for the frequent flyer plan.

We ended the day with dinner on the back porch with tomato sandwiches. Love these things.

Little man got to have his dinner outside too and loved it. He is definitely an outside baby. He tried apples today. Who knew you could make your own homemade applesauce? Geeze, where have I been?

Friday, March 23, 2012

Enjoying Outside

Fulton made his first trip to the park this week. We have a fabulous little park that we can walk to from our neighborhood and I know this little booger will enjoy it as he grows. Aunt Keri came over and we headed over for a little adventure.

But for now, he will just ride the slide down with mommy.

Or let's just get brave and try it solo. Don't let that scared face fool you, he really did love it.

A little dazed and confused after the ride down, but still no cries.

So, we decided to be wild and crazy and ride the tube slide down with daddy. About half way down when Matt started getting stuck, I thought maybe this wasn't such a good idea. They came out eventually.

We then headed over to the swings, but someone was way more interested in watching the chains of the people swinging next to him.

So daddy and Aunt Keri decided to do a little swinging too. Fulton was so distracted by the others swinging that I don't think he even realized he was swinging too.

Fulton says "Thanks for coming to play with me Aunt Keri. At least I didn't spit up on you this time."
One last photo and we headed to Golden Rule for a late dinner.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

6 Months

Fulton turned 6 months old last week!! As I always think, I cannot believe we are already celebrating half a year of life. Too fast!We went to the doctor today for his 6 month check up and this little chunk weighs 18lb, 13 oz. He is in the 75th percentile for weight. He is 26 1/2 inches long, in the 50th percentile. We have just moved up to the size 3 diapers as we were starting to look like a sumo wrestler in the 2's. Big boy is in 6 months clothes now too.

He did great with his shots... held that long breath/scream for a good 20 seconds, turning bright red, and slightly freaking me out. He was good to go after he let out that one long scream.

Here are some things our little rockstar is up to these days. He is loving meal time now. We have tried sweet potatoes, peas, and bananas and his least fav is probably the peas. We are venturing on to carrots next. He loves sleeping on his tummy, which totally freaks me out again. We put him to bed on his back and immediately he flips over. He is sitting up in the classic tripod position and grabbing at everything he can get his hands on. I think teething is in his near future because we are quite the drool bucket these days. This little guy loves his exersaucer and jumperoo too. We are going to have one clean boy on our hands, because Fulton loves bath time. We always take a few minutes to check ourselves out in the mirror first and that is a highlight of the night too! We are having so much fun!! Why God entrusted us to be this little guys parents, I just will never know. He is such a joy!! P.S. It's Spring Break and we are having!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Celebrating In Green

We had a fun St. Patty's day yesterday and celebrated in style, complete with our green outfits all around.
Aunt Keri gave Fulton this cute outfit that was very appropriate for the day. We later had to shed the pants because it is ridiculously warm here, but I am loving it. We spent the better half of the day playing outside, went for a long walk in the neighborhood, and did our first grass cutting of the season ("we" as in matt). Fulton and I just sat in the driveway and watched.

Later that afternoon we walked about 4 houses up to our sweet friends, Claire and Daniel's, to celebrate this precious couple. Kyle and Amber are having a sweet little girl in just a couple of weeks, so we got together with some couples from our small group to celebrate with them.

Claire did such a good job with the decorations. She has gotten her hands on a cricut machine (if that's how you spell it) and has made some really cute stuff. She is so crafty... I need some of it to rub off on me.

And look at these yummy cupcakes she made. Amber is decorating the nursery in owls, so these were perfect.

Daniel and Claire's little girl, Avery, is just a doll. She just melts Fulton's little heart. She is just the most petite little thing, or maybe Fulton is just exceptionally big, anyways, they did some lovin on each other and Avery gave him a little smooch. Fulton has always had a thing for older ladies.

Kyle and Amber got some good stuff to finish off the nursery and some really cute clothes. She won't be in need of anything when she arrives.

Here's a pic of some of the kiddos at the shin dig. Avery is the oldest at 10 months, then chunk in the middle at 6 mo, and sweet Peyton at 3 months. I hope they all grow up to be great friends. We missed the other sweet babies that couldn't be there.

And some of the girls!

And of course, we couldn't go our very first St. Patrick's Day with little man without taking a family pic. Today we got to love on 2 new precious baby girls. We got to see the Kervins and the Wilsons and hold their tiny little girls who were born just days apart. Both those girls felt like holding a feather compared to chunky boy.

Friday, March 16, 2012

I Really Did This

I don't think I ever shared this beautiful masterpiece that I created in our guest bedroom closet. No it's not a crime scene you are seeing, it's actually multiple bottles of spilled nail polish.

This happened 2 days before Fulton was born. I really wanted to paint my toenails because I knew little buddy was due soon and I wanted to have pretty toes for delivery. I keep all my nail polishes in this plastic tub up on the shelf in the guest bedroom closet. I went to pull the tub down and it slipped and the top fell off and several bottles crashed on top of each other and broke. Yikes. I really just stood there and looked at it for a couple of seconds because I couldn't believe what had happened. Matt was at football practice, so I quickly called my mom to see if there was anything I could do. She told me to get nail polish remover. I tried to explain that I would need a couple gallons because this was a big big mess. I got to work trying to pick up the glass and clean the mess as best I could before the hubby came home. My hands were stained pink when he walked in and the first thing I said was, something really bad happened in there, and I pointed to the bedroom. Thankfully, I was 9 months pregnant and he had sympathy on me. By the way, I never got those toenails painted before I went into labor.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Celebrating 60 And 80 Years

This weekend was a fun filled fast weekend with family. We all headed to the lake for a little surprise celebration for mema and papa's 60th wedding anniversary and papa's 80th birthday. All the fam came in town and hit the ground running busy busy to make this a special weekend for them. Friday night Caleb let Fulton play with his toys... sweet. Aunt Keri was trying to keep him entertained because we were coming up on bedtime and I could see a meltdown in our future.

Showing some love to each other.

Saturday morning daddy and little buddy did some reading. We want to raise our child right

Aunt Keri got Pops this super sized Mtn Dew and Fulton was dying to break into it. Have you ever seen a coke this big? It's ridiculous.

Fulton really does love his Pops... he woke up just in time for the party to start and was in a little bit of a daze.
Quick family picture before the madness began. Now, you know older generations... they like to arrive early. Well, we had a really early guest... an hour and a half before the party started. Talk about panic mode. We all quickly said "not it" for as to who was going to entertain them until it started.

A little bit of the decor. Mom did great decorating and everybody came together to make the food look fabulous. We even had a real live wedding cake. Presh!

Look at the cute couple! That is their wedding picture next to the cake. Papa had his eyes closed in their wedding pic. At least they were open this time.

We had to force them to be nice to each other during this.

Lots of friends and family. Let's just say lots of free coffee at McDonalds for these folks.

Kim, Keri, and Ann working hard in the kitchen.

Susan, Mom, and Amber were on the welcoming crew. Amber has a little bun in the oven and they just found out it's a boy!! We have lots of little boy cousins to play with each other.

Me and sister. Sister and I worked hard Saturday with cutting the cakes. I was in charge of the wedding cake which I did several samples of because it was red velvet, my fav. Sister did the birthday cake and her hands may forever be green from the icing.

The boys worked hard too. Matt was on daddy duty all day and he was a champ. Fulton was a trooper and got lots of cheek pulling from the little old ladies. He loves it.

But, the party wore him out. He was pooped by the end of it.

At the end of the day we had to take our group family shot... despite the moans and groans.

And we ended the night all watching mema and papa open their cards and gifts. Lots of people love this sweet couple!