Lilypie - Third Birthday

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Partying Hard

Before we get to the party, I just had to share this sweet picture. 

I have mentioned that Fulton loves being in the kitchen with me. We were baking some goodies for sister's ornament party Tuesday night and someone got a hold of the cream cheese packet after I was finished with it. He enjoyed it just a little bit :)

Fulton had his Christmas party at school today. Ms. Juliette let them open their gifts and he came running over to my room to show me. The perks of having a room right next to his is that I get to enjoy these sweet moments. He loved the Santa hat with his name on it. 

When I asked him what his favorite part of the party was he said... the food. Literally the kid said his favorite part was the pizza and cupcake. Sheesh. 

Aunt Keri came today to enjoy the festivities. So much appreciate her coming and being there for Fulton as  I popped back and forth from the parties. He loved having her there!!

And here's the after party.. these three!!! 

 We got some snuggles from Mrs. Vin too!!

So we had a great party day. My sweet little ones had fun and I think Fulton's class had a blast too!! 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Parties and Houses

Last Saturday morning we had a neighborhood Christmas party. 
All the years we have lived here we have never been. 

We enjoyed a little crafty time of which Fulton wasn't really interested in and would have rather just focused on the snacks they had. 

The main event was when these two arrived. 

We don't really talk about Santa in our home (gasp again) but Fulton knows who he is, but that's not the focus in our home during Christmas. So he was a little nervous and I thought he may tear up, but he held strong. 

And eventually a smile came out. So we let him sit on Santa's lap and that's about all I wanted to pay for a picture... free. But we are drowning him in the Word this season and pray he understands that this about the birth of our Savior and nothing else. 

Sunday night we made a gingerbread house. We declared it last year that this would be a tradition. It started off a little rocky and the house kept falling down. I begged Matt to get the hot glue gun but he said that was cheating. And then Fulton started eating the sides of the house. Good memories. 

But the icing stayed strong and the decorating began. 

We had fun... even when the millions of teeny tiny candy balls went flying through the kitchen. We may find those for days. 

Our finished product looks pretty good. Matt gets pretty serious with stuff like this. After this picture he was determined to use all that icing and made icicles hanging from the edges. He is a perfectionist. 

Friends and Festivities

Last week was such a busy week, but so much fun. 

Monday afternoon I met up with these sweet girls from our small group and we wrapped Christmas presents at the Grace House wrapping booth at the mall. This is a big fundraiser for GH and we were excited to help out this year. We had so much fun doing it!

Tuesday night daddy had  a basketball game so we decided to make some homemade cookies. Have to admit this is my first time making from scratch sugar cookies, but they turned out good and Fulton had so much fun decorating them. He told me after we finished (as he had flour from head to tow) that getting messy with mommy in the kitchen was his favorite thing to do. Melt my heart right there!! Love these moments. 

Aunt Keri got us some cute Christmas Pj's as she always does. This is her 
tradition and she never disappoints. 

Thursday daddy went in late because he had a meeting close by and we loved the extra time with him. Look at these two in their matching sweaters. 

Fulton had a dentist appointment on Friday and did amazing as always. This guy is a rockstar. He laid there like a statue and never made a peep. He did so good she let him pick out two prizes. Very proud of him. 

We got x-rays for the first time and he was intrigued. He didn't move a muscle. 

After the dentist we met up with some sweet friends and let the boys ride their bikes on the trail. We stopped and had a picnic and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Somebody ended up carrying the bike back to the car... and it wasn't Fulton. 

Fulton is such a rule follower.. I love it!! Let me explain this picture. This is Saturday morning. Have I told you about the bunny clock?? It's a sleep/wake clock and we started it about a month ago to try and get him to stay in his bed longer (or at least not call for us yet). You set the time you want the bunny to wake up and then it tells them they can call for mommy and daddy. It lights up so he can see when the bunny is sleeping or awake. Well, Saturday morning he woke up about 6:45 needing to potty. Matt went in to take him and told him he could go ahead and get up. He was determined to wait to leave the room until the bunny woke up. Here he is just watching the bunny until time. Precious. 

Saturday morning we had a Christmas party in our neighborhood and I think I will do a separate post on that, but we had fun. 

We quickly came home and changed into our jersey because we were heading to Will's 3rd birthday and it was all about sports. We had a great time. 

And Saturday night we had a babysitter for Fulton while we went to our small group Christmas party. I love these people!! We had a great time. The girls did a "favorite things" swap and Vance had some entertaining games for us. 

Yesterday was another great day so we headed to the zoo with our buddy Ford. 

I love these days when no one else is there and we pretty much had the place to ourselves again. 

Last night I worked on baking a few more things and tried to make a green and red layered cake. It didn't really turn out that pretty, but you get the point :)!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Foundry

Last Sunday we gathered with the fam to serve at the annual Adopt-a-table for The Foundry. If you aren't familiar with The Foundry, it's a Christ centered mission center for men and women with drug and alcohol abuse. This is our third year to be a part of this annual event. 

Groups can sponsor a table of ten men and you prepare your table for a Christmas dinner. Mom is always in charge of the decorations. She did a great job. We even made little menus for the men so they could see what we were serving. 

Here's a large view of the Worship Center. It's neat because there are probably 25 tables and everyone's table is different. 

Sure it would have been way easier to get a babysitter and do this event without a little three year old running around, but we aren't doing this for easy. We are doing this to serve others and we are so eager for the Lord to instill a heart of service in Fulton. We want his heart to overflow with a love for others and a desire to show them Jesus. In a self centered world this is a constant battle we are fighting, within ourselves and with the world around us. I pray we can continue to find service opportunities to participate in as a family. 

Serving at the Adopt-a-table has become a Christmas tradition for our family. We look forward to it and when it's over we all go eat together and talk about how much the men truly blessed us. 

So back to the meal. We served honey baked ham, green beans, deviled eggs, hashbrown casserole, and homemade yeast rolls. For dessert they had chocolate chip pound cake and cake balls. The men were stuffed!! Fulton suited up in his gloves and he was right there serving the plates. He loved it!!

That's our table right in the front and after the men ate we were able to give them their gifts. They then lowered the lights and starting with one lit candle in the front we lit each person's candle and sang Silent Night. It was a precious moment. These men were so appreciative and just asked for our prayers as they seek the Lord and get their lives on track. What a blessed night. 

Monday, December 8, 2014

Friends and Sugar

Last Sunday afternoon we went hiking in the woods behind our house. They had started to clear a trail off the main road and we were a little curious where it went. 

We did have to pass a few no trespassing signs to get there--glad Fulton can't read yet. But we came across this neat clearing beside the creek. Someone had put up a little swing and has built a bridge that you can see in the back. Neat or creepy?? I can't decide. I was looking behind us the whole time worried someone was going to get us, Matt wasn't worried one bit. We had to cross the creek at one point and Fulton started getting a little nervous. Matt picked him up and was balancing walking across some rocks (real proud parent moment here) and lost his balance and stepped into the creek. It wasn't deep at all but Matt finished the rest of the adventure with wet shoes. 

We finally made it back to the house and worked in the leaves for a bit. There were quite a few!

Monday our Christmas Angel came. We don't do the whole Elf on the Shelf (gasp right!?). But we have a Christmas Angel that tells us all about Jesus and each day she gives us a way to share the love of Jesus with others. This is what it's all about anyways. Striving to keep our focus on Jesus. 

Later that day this cutie talked me into lunch outside at Sonic. It was  a beautiful day for it!

At school we have the kids make ornaments to hang on the Christmas tree in the front. Our classes then take their ornaments up and hang them one at a time. I am so glad I got to see this moment. My kids were at music so I was able to watch Fulton go around and around trying to find just the perfect spot for his ornament. He was so proud of it. 

Friday we had a long overdue play date with some best buddies. We met Laylee and Macy at the zoo and it was perfect. The weather was warm and we practically had the place to ourselves. What a fun day with sweet friends. 

We stopped for an ice cream cone on the way home because why not?!

Saturday morning Fulton had his annual Christmas cookies and crafts with Mrs. Doretta which meant we had a date!! Matt and I went to breakfast at The Egg and I and then finished up a little Christmas shopping. Fulton had a blast and we had some much appreciated time together. 

We spent the rest of the afternoon at home working on stuff to prepare dinner for The Foundry on Sunday. More to come on that, but this little guy was a great helper with the cake balls. We were pumped to watch our Tide win the SEC Championship too!! Whoop Whoop!!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Cabinet Re-do

We just complete a small kitchen update and the look totally changes our kitchen. 

So, here's the before. We put these granite countertops in about three years ago but didn't really want to do anything with the cabinets yet. I guess I wasn't totally sick of them like I was at this point. 

The cabinets were in good shape, but they were a light wood color and I was kind of over it. Same for the kitchen.. we painted this green when we moved in almost 6 years ago. But at this point I hadn't really broke the news to Matt yet that I "might" want to paint. 

So the process began. I started by cleaning the cabinets with the denatured alcohol. Matt then took all the hardware and doors off. The rest of that day while he was at work, I started the priming. I got almost all the doors primed before he came home. I was so proud of myself. 

This was Friday night as the Thanksgiving break began. We moved the party inside and started priming the attached parts. 

We made a little make shift painting area in our garage.

We took Saturday off because we were at the AL game, but as soon as we got home from church on Sunday we started again. We got everything taped off because we were going to spray the big parts. 
Had either of us ever worked with a paint sprayer... no, but it was a great time to learn. 

And this guy was a pro!! He did awesome!! 
Matt spent literally the entire day Monday painting. This is where I broke the news that I really wanted to paint the walls. But it worked out good because the sprayer went over just a bit and we would have needed to touch up anyways. 

Tuesday started with a quick trip to Lowes to pick out wall paint and then it was back to it for the second coat. We finished the second coat and started painting the walls. Dad was feeling sorry for us trying to do all this and keep a three year old from swimming in the paint, so he came in for reinforcements and helped us on the walls. 

We went from green to gray. Total transformation and I love it. 

This little stinker pot loved "helping" during the process!!

We took most of Wednesday off to visit with Matt's family, but Fulton went to KK and Pops for the night and Thursday we woke up and were determined to finish this thing. Last step was to put the top coat on. We worked all morning to finish that last step. 

We added the hardware back the next day and slowly started to put the room back together. 

I am so pleased with the final product. Matt is so tedious and meticulous and I am thankful for that. He took his time and was determined to do a good job. Can I just tell you that last year when we started getting quotes on someone to do this for us it was up in the $2,000-$3,000 dollar range?! Say what?! We did the whole thing, walls and all, for less that $200 dollars. I am so proud of it too!!

And I completed a little mini project too. Our napkin holder, salt and pepper shaker, and paper towel holder were all a light brown that was the color of the cabinets. I really wanted a change but didn't want to go out and buy new ones because these were perfectly fine. So I followed the same process for the cabinets and used some of the paint for the walls to give them a new look. Fancy right?!

Here's a little side by side comparison of the before and after. We still want to change out the lighting and I would love to add some molding around the ceiling. There's always a project, but I am thankful I have a pretty handy hubby that is always willing to try something new!