Lilypie - Third Birthday

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Time With the Hubby

 Last Thursday night this guy and I had a date night. Woohoo!! We really cherish this time together that doesn't seem to happen quite as often as we would like. 

I chose Olive Garden... a trusty old favorite. I just love the breadsticks and salad. Nothing like a good hearty bowl of pasta. We enjoyed sitting and chatting while eating (at an establishment that doesn't have a playground attached). We did a little window shopping after. 

Meanwhile, these two were getting into trouble. They had a little dinner date themselves and then Kiki took him to the store. She said he could pick out any cereal he wanted. Most three year olds would go for something like cocoa puffs, lucky charms, even fruit loops. What does Fulton go for? Raisin Bran. He is a nut. Thanks Kiki for giving us a night out!

What?! Another date?! Mom and Dad were so awesome to give us their tickets to the AL/Texas A&M game and they kept Fulton all day. Matt and I really enjoyed spending the day together. We went down really early that morning and it was already getting packed. 

We tailgated with Keri and Steven for a bit and then walked over to see the new addition to the Ferguson Center. Matt and I did some serious people watching while we had some time to kill before the game started. Alabama decided to show up and played well this game. We went home with a win. Fulton had the absolute best day playing with KK and Pop. Thankful for my sweet fam!

Sunday morning everyone was tired and worn out from the day before. We were starting to get ready for church and Fulton walked into our closet. He came back out saying --uh oh daddy, the clothes fell again. Say what? I was surely hoping he was kidding. No, unfortunately he wasn't. This happened... again. Different shelf this time, but it was about a month ago that the last one fell. Maybe I have a few too many dresses?? Nah. We spent Sunday after church fixing this puppy. Fun times!!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Pumpkin Patch

It's Pumpkin Patch season and I will not let this time go by without visiting at least one. We did a different one this year and chose a small patch in Homewood that benefited the Grace House. I am glad we found one that went for a good cause. 

The weather turned out to be hot and humid, but at least it wasn't raining. 

His favorite part was the bounce house with the slide attached. 
He would have stayed in that thing all day. 

But we pried him out to get his face painted. He was already a sweaty mess by this point, but the sweet girl managed to get a spider and a ghost painted on his cheeks. 

We decided to go ahead and pick out our pumpkins "before all the good ones get gone" as Matt said. Fulton had quite the time deciding which one he wanted. 

But the highlight of the morning may have been when these sweet friends arrived. 

Fulton loves some Macy and Laylee and couldn't have been more
 thrilled to enjoy the morning with these two cuties. 

The kids jumped, ran, and played until they were worn out. We snapped a quick family photo, precious right?! And then headed to lunch. 

It was sweet Macy's birthday so we let her choose and we ended up at New York Pizza. The food was great, but the company was even better. We finished up the morning with a stop at Dreamcakes for a delicious cupcake. Happy Birthday Macy Mae!! Fun morning at the Pumpkin Patch!!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Life Lately

Let's catch up. Nothing too exciting, but here's life the past two weeks. 

Two Sundays ago (the weekend of our camping trip) we met up with our photographer for some family pictures. Mom had been wanting a whole family shot and we usually do our little family and Fulton's yearly pictures at this time, so it worked out good. You can tell Fulton is thrilled about it. Our photographer gave us a little sneak peek and I think they turned out well. 

Monday I decided to start tackling Fulton's closet. It's crazy, he is three, but can still wear a lot of 24 month and 2T stuff, so we went through everything to see what we could put away and what to keep. It was quite the mess, but we made some progress. We still haven't moved him to his big boy bed yet. No rushing this process. I want to keep him contained as long as possible. He hasn't attempted to crawl out (cross my fingers) so we have had many people tell us--keep them in as long as you can. It's all over once they have that freedom. Yikes!!

Later that morning we grabbed our rocket launcher and 
headed to the park to meet a sweet friend. 

Andrew gave Fulton the Rocket Launcher for his birthday and he has one too. So they had a ball playing with them together and throwing rocks in the creek. 

 Wednesday morning we had plans, but headed up to my classroom to change my door for October. Woohoo. This bulletin board/changing door thing is all new territory for me. In middle school, we put a bulletin board up in August and may change it once. Not so much with the little ones. But I am trying to let creative juices (and Pinterest) flow. 

From there we headed to Aldridge Gardens to meet up with the Ness family. Fulton and Ellie loved feeding the fish and had quite the discussion over what the proper name is to call a geese. We had a picnic lunch and then headed home to rest. 

Right after school on Thursday we met up with Sister, Mom, and mom's friend Ruth Ann to head to the beach. This was on Friday. We were up bright and early and out to the beach to play in the sand. It was a last minute girl's trip, but Fulton was excited because he got to tag along. 

We spent the day playing and headed to Sea N Suds for dinner. Kiki kept him entertained while we waited for our food. After dinner we hit up Hope's Cheesecakes. I really could eat a piece of this every single day. Of course I got red velvet. It's simply delicious. 

Saturday was a little overcast and breezy, but it didn't stop this hot natured child. The beach is great in September. I have never been because I would have always been in school at this point. So thankful the Lord has allowed me this season of life. 

Later that afternoon we cleaned up and headed to Lulu's for dinner. I don't think we have ever taken Fulton there, but he loved it. They have a great area for kids and he played in the 
water and sand until our food came. 

KK braved the sand too and kept us company. 

After dinner we took F over to The Track to have some fun. He chose three rides and did the planes, the carousel, and the ferris wheel. He really wants to do the kiddie go carts, but he still isn't quite tall enough. Maybe by next summer. 

We had not taken a group picture all weekend, so we snapped a quick pic before everyone got comfortable. Sunday morning we headed home. 

 Fulton and I got back in time for a little nap and then we headed to a birthday party. These two are a mess!! We sure missed daddy while we were gone, but he was the rockstar husband that he always is and went to a birthday party on Saturday to represent our family, worked nursery duty at church by himself, cleaned the house, washed my car, and did the laundry. He is amazing!! This week has been a little slower and I am thankful for that. 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Camp Howard

I guess we are making it a tradition now and taking an annual camping trip. Our camping buddies (the Baccus fam) moved away (insert sobbing), but I am so glad we 
have lots of friends that love to camp too. 

The sweet Raudenbush fam didn't hesitate one bit when we started planning our trip.  Well, maybe we did have to convince Ashley, but everyone else was quickly on board. Fulton and I headed out to the camp site early Friday afternoon to stake out a good piece of land. The others quickly joined us and we started setting up our site. 

It's some work putting everything out (like I would know, Matt did everything), but here we are breaking in our little home for the night. 

Matt loves a good fire so he was quickly gathering wood and getting it started. We cooked hotdogs, the hard way--over the fire... except I opted for mine on the grill. Something about shards of wood in my dog that doesn't appeal to me. 

We made smores for dessert. Fulton was a fan and Brynna loved the flashlights. Sweet friends!

And here we are Saturday morning. Let's do a recap of the nighttime hours. Remember those smores Fulton was eating. Disaster!! The sugar went straight to his brain and made him crazy. He flipped flopped around like a fish for nearly 2 hours. I threatened to take him home in the middle of the night thinking that would make him settle down, but he replied with "I want to go home." Well, that didn't work. He finally settled down somewhere around the 11:00 hour and we got a little rest. This guy was rip roaring ready to go at 5:30 a.m. Matt got up with him and they walked the woods...trying to whisper while doing it. 

Ashley made some delicious breakfast burritos and we warmed them over the fire. We took our campsite down later that morning and walked over to Trade Days. That was entertaining. 

By noon we were all worn out, dirty, and ready to head home. I am a one night camper, unless I had a motorhome... now that would be some nice camping. We had a great trip. It is fun to expose Fulton to these things and enjoy it as a family. Good times!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Birthday Boy

Happy 3rd Birthday to our precious Fulton!!!

As I type this it is almost the exact time that our sweet boy was born. What a joy the last three years have been. He is such a caring, funny, shy, and thoughtful young man. It's really a blessing to see his little personality begin to develop. He has a love for all things superhero, trucks, cars, and especially construction equipment. His favorite foods are anything fruit related, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and this boy loves some string cheese. He is beginning to learn scripture and has two verses memorized already. 

Daddy took off today so we could spend the day as a family. After we blew out our birthday candles on our pancakes, we headed to the doctor for our three year well visit with Dr. Cortopassi. This guy got to have his blood pressure taken for the first time. He sat there like a champ!

He weighs 33 lbs and is 3ft 1 inch. He is right on target for everything and he even braved the flu mist and didn't even flinch. I am just so amazed how fast the last three years of his life have flown by. When he was just a baby Matt and I would say--I wonder what he will look like, be like, talk like, etc when he is a toddler. Well, those days are here. Our only hope and prayer is that he will run fast towards his Lord and Savior and have a heart that is on fire for Him. 

After our quick doctor's visit we headed to the McWane Center. Fulton hadn't been here in about a year, so it was fun to see how much more he could participate in. 

He really enjoyed the sea life on the bottom floor. We practically had the place to ourselves and got to pet the sting rays and little sharks. 

These two did a little fossil digging while we were there. 

They really have some of the coolest exhibits and this one you could walk into this slanted room and depending on which way you went you were either huge or tiny. He thought it was hilarious. After McWane we headed to Saw's Juke Joint for lunch. Wow that was delicious. I had the fried green tomato BLT with okra. We came home with full bellies and took great naps. 

For dinner we met up with the family at Frontera. It was Fulton's choice. 
He loves some Mexican food. 

Kiki brought cookies from Savage's and Fulton didn't hesitate to eat the 
entire thing while we sat there. 

So thankful our family could all be together to celebrate the third year of life for this cutie!

We had such a wonderful day celebrating. But the fun wasn't over yet. 

Fulton wanted to pick out a little birthday fish. We are officially a pet family again. Baby steps. He loves this little fish already and on the way home he named it Floyd. We sat Floyd up in the middle of the kitchen table and even read him a book before bed. So, Happy 3rd Birthday to our little blessing Fulton. Thank you Lord for allowing us the privilege of being his parents. 
We love you Fulton!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Fulton's Pancake Party

Saturday was party day for this little guy! It all started with a book called "If You Give a Pig a Pancake." I love to base his birthday parties off of books and I knew this would be a fun theme. 

This little cutie woke up Saturday morning thrilled about all his friends coming over for his party. He helped with the finishing touches and eagerly watched the guys set up the bounce house. He jumped in as soon as they left and couldn't wait to try it out before the party started. 

For his party favors we handed out bowls with cereal boxes. The kids loved these!!

Aunt Keri has a tradition now. She loves making the number for the door and did not disappoint with the number 3 this year. 

Our food table filled with some awesome breakfast yummies. The main course was a pancake bar complete with strawberries, blueberries, chocolate chips, and whipped cream. We also had muffins, doughnut holes, hashbrown casserole, cheese grits, grapes, apples and dip, and sausage balls. Wash it all down with a big glass of Orange Juice or Lemonade and your belly is content. 

Are you ready for this amazing cake?! It's a cake made to look like a stack of pancakes with the syrup bottled suspended in the air. Amazing!! It was created by our precious Mrs. Vin. Not only was it super cool, it was delicious too. 

Fulton was thrilled to have Kiki and Pete there to help us celebrate. Thanks to them both 
for all their help. 

Yay!! KK and Pop were there to help celebrate too. Thanks to their huge help too. As always could not have done it without the help of my sweet family. 

Our little family of three celebrating the life of this little blessing God has given us. 
What a great day to celebrate!

Fulton loves Mrs. Vin! He kept asking if she was coming to his party!

You know how I am with pictures and I tried to get a family shot of everyone as they came in. I think I missed like two families though. 

A few more of the sweet people who came to help us celebrate. 

Have I mentioned we have the best friends ever!! Love all these families that took the time out of their day to come and fellowship with us. 

A few of the sweet girls in our class. 

It's cake time. I really hated to cut that amazing cake, but we were eager to dig in. 

Somebody loved it!! He had a little dessert date with his buddy Laylee. I wish I could have gotten more pictures of Fulton sitting still with his friends, but there wasn't much sitting still involved. 

Fulton said the best part of the day was the bounce house. He had a ball!!

Fulton had a great time with Kiki in there with him. 

The weather was great. We woke up to a cloudy day, but it was very cool and not a bit hot. 

You know how much I love to host and have people over to our house. This just warms my heart to open our home and see all these families getting to fellowship together. 

After the party this little guy convinced Pop to get in the bounce house with him. 
They had so much fun!

You know we are sticking with our tradition and ask people not to bring gifts but our family never follows the rules, so this little guy had a few things to open after his friends had gone. 

He loves his Ninja Turtles walkie talkies from KK and Pop and thinks he is super cool in the Spiderman costume Kiki and Pete gave him. 

One of the greatest parts is the huge box of donations we received and will be able to donate to the Bell Center for Early Intervention. We are really trying to get Fulton to see that it's not all about us, it's about doing things for others. We had the bounce house until 7:00 pm so the sweet Raudenbush family came back down with some pizzas and we continued the after party up until the guys arrived to take it down. The kids were a sweaty mess, but I would say we got our money's worth.

What a fabulous day of celebrating this little guys life!! This is his last night as a two year old. My sweet baby boy will be three tomorrow!