Sunday, April 26, 2009

Stadium Fest

Well, if you are wondering what that is and who might be in that costume.. well, it's me!! It's Hermie, the caterpillar. Ever heard of him? I hadn't... until yesterday. Matt and I volunteered at StadiumFest yesterday.. an evangelistic outreach at Samford University. We got there and the guy said "You are down to be Hermie." I thought.. how bad could this be? Please let me remind you that yesterday it was like 89 degrees here and this costume weighed like 20 pounds and was made of straight up wool! So they dressed me in Hermie and off I went to the field to meet and greet the kids and take lots of pictures. Matt said no thanks to the costume and he was my "escort." The kids were great.. they were coming up to me saying (imagine this in a 3 year olds voice) "Hermie, I watched your movie this morning and Oh I love you Hermie." Here I am making my way out of the building. I do admit I started to wig out a little when they put the thing on because it was a little claustrophobic.
And here we are with the never ending line of photo ops and hugs...sweet Hermie. Matt had to come up to me several times and say "Hermie, ya got a visitor down below" --I couldn't see real well. And he passed a few bottles of water up through the bottom for me as well.

After I took that costume off you wouldn't believe it... I really didn't know my body could sweat THAT much. It was gross!!

After Stadium Fest and a shower we headed to a shower for our sweet friends in our small group, Jonathan and Rachel, who are getting married in a few short weeks. We are super excited for them and after that it was time for bed for Hermie man!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Baseball Action

Friday night we went to the Hoover baseball game where they are now in the second round of the playoffs. Pretty exciting stuff if you are a fan of baseball. We did get to meet up with our dear friends the Kurvin's and Danny and Casey (soon to be married). They played 2 games, so in between we headed to dinner and then were a little delayed getting back and well, we only missed the first 5 innings of the last game. It was fine with me... less we had to watch. Matt gets real intense when he is watching sports.. we all know this.. and he kept ignoring me so I just decided to take pictures of him since he wouldn't talk to me. Despite the fact that we were at a sporting event that you aren't supposed to be real loud at--we had a good time. I love these friends!! PS---this is my second baseball game of the week...maybe that is why I wasn't so pumped up...our whole school went to the Baron's game this week--crazy!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Visit With Sister's Friends

Christie and Meredith came in town this weekend and they are long time friends of Keri's. They also brought along a few kids. Matt and I stopped by to visit on our way to the Hoover baseball game and boy was that interesting. We won't tell them that we had to take a nap in the car before going because we were worn out :) Those kiddie poos are fun!! We tried to get all of them in our laps to take a picture, but Lanie would have no part in it. She was scared of Matt! Keri, Meredith, and Christie were roommates some when I was just a measly ole high schooler. I always wanted to "hang" with them because I thought they were all so cool--little did I know back then. :) But anyways, it was good to see them and finally meet their cute kids! PS can you tell someone has been to Mardi Gras... Emmie or Lanie?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

He Is Risen!!

He is risen! He is risen indeed! " They found the stone rolled away from the tomb, but when they entered they did not find the body of our Lord Jesus....He is not here, he has risen! " Luke 24: 2-3, 6 We are so unworthy of the price that Christ paid for our sins. Thankful, more than words can express for what Christ did for us so that we could have life and have it abundantly! We had a great Easter with family and great friends! This is a little before and after lunch photo session we had. Our sweet friends Emily and Eric (you may remember Eric from Christmas pictures) came to have lunch with the fam since their families live so far away. They just jump right in with my crazy family--they are so much fun!!
Of course Keri, Steven, and dad hid 90 Easter eggs for us to find. Well, it looks like my winning streak is over since Matt won the hunt. Although he started before it was officially time, so technically he cheated. There were 3 prize eggs and my mom got 2 of them--little booger! I did bring bubbles for everyone and my dad thought they were silly, but I caught him blowing him by himself in the front yard! What a fun day!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Such an original title.. I know. We started off the day stopping in Oxford to see our friends, Mark and Carrie, who just had their little boy Kaedan this week. That is their other little boy, Ashton, who is my buddy. Carrie was a dear friend of mine when we were in Oxford and we were excited to visit with them and see the new baby. Of course I brought Ashton a prize too (in his hands) it was a big thing of bubbles-Carrie is probably going to kill me because he was using it as a sword when I was leaving. Sorry!! From there we headed to Jacksonville so I could meet my awesome long time friend Jessica. Jessica and I headed to Gadsden for one of our sorority sisters wedding shower. (Matt went to visit his parents--no showering for him) Amy, the bride, was one of our pledge sisters and we haven't seen each other in a while, so it was a fun time to catch up. We even played a game... where you had to find things in your purse.. and guess who won... ME!!! I knew I carried around a lot of crap in my purse for a reason. That is 2 weeks in a row that I have won a game... I am on a roll!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The House

There have been a few requests from those out of towner friends to see the new house. So here you are. Nothing special, nothing fancy, but we really love it here. When we bought the house it was all the same color--khaki. So we painted the dining room, kitchen, and guest bathroom. It also had carpet in the dining room, halls, and den. We pulled that up and put down hardwoods. No curtains are hung yet and the bonus room is a little bare... but it's getting there. So a few projects later and the boxes's our home. Harley is getting adjusted. He was a little stressed out the first few days....but I think he feels right at home now... since he has already left us a surprise in the floor. Enjoy!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Game Night With The Tucks

Saturday night we went over to our sweet friends house--the Tucks. David and Amanda are in our small group and we have become instant friends--they are so much fun!! Amanda fixed us a yummy meal and then it was game on. We played a round of Would you rather.... Have you played this game?? Well, it's a good one. At one point we had to make up our own Would you rather question... Amanda made a great question--so I leave you with this to ponder on... Would you rather have a peg leg and live in a house infested with termites or have a glass eye that won't stay in the socket? David and Matt strategizing over the next move
Amanda dramatically reading the cards--makes it more fun

David with their pug --Penelope

Me and Amanda after my big win--did I tell you that?? I won that stinkin game--I rock!! I should be a professional gamer

Their dogs are so cute and funny--Jackson and Penelope. Jackson is a wild man--catching Frisbees in the air and chasing tennis balls. Poor Harley--all he does is eat and sleep.