Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fulton's Nursery

The nursery is finally complete. It's been 99% complete for a while, we were just waiting on the chair to arrive. Do you want to see it? Well, just humor me and let me tell you all about it.

I want you to get your money's worth, so I will give you every detail. Mom finished off the curtains with some of the fabric that matches the bedding and made that quilt that is over the chair. Impressive huh?! You know we are all about some refurbishing of furniture and the small end table in the corner was from the thrift store, Matt sanded and painted it to match the other furniture. We found the bed on the side of the road, no I am kidding, really, it's new.

This chest of drawers came from Craig's List, Matt sanded and painted it to match the bed too. We just added new knobs and it was like new. I saw this canvas at a fun little shop and just decided to copy it. I know, I didn't do as good as the one I could have bought, but it works. Cute frame was made and given to us by our friends Drew and Whitney.

I love this above his bed, but boy was it a booger to get on there. I ordered the vinyl letters off Etsy and we bought the frame and had the glass cut to fit. Well, it took me, matt, sister, and steven to get this stinker on there straight..lots of sweat and an hour later, we finally had it on. I really like it though.

Here's a little closer look at the little buddy's bedding. I am so pleased with his bedding. It was hard to find something that matt didn't consider "too girlie." Another cute frame to the left that sister gave us.

Another refinished piece by the hubs.... found on Craig's List again, sanded, painted and new knobs. Matt is a rock star with refinishing furniture... he has done this to so many pieces we have found over the years. He made and painted the shelves above the dresser too. So, there you go... here's our little bambino's pad. I hope he likes it!!

On another non baby note, our football season started today. The Bucs had a big game on ESPN today, but sadly, the big belly and I decided to stay home because it's just too stinkin hot. The off season goes by way too quick!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

More Fabulous Showering

Saturday night we had a wonderful baby shower with our small group (which isn't so small anymore) at church. These couples are so precious to us and we couldn't be more thankful to each of them for coming to help us celebrate Fulton's upcoming arrival.

Sister was in charge of the camera, so she didn't make it in many of these, but here are some random shots. We had such a great time getting to catch up and visit with everyone. And not to mention delicious food! Obviously you can tell in the bottom picture that I haven't missed a meal lately. Geeze!!

What kind of party would it be without a fantastic cake by my friend Hope. That is me on top :) And I didn't get a picture, but there were some yummy cake pops too... I sampled all the sweets.

Cute plates... They did such a good job with all the cute decor!

Did you think the fam wouldn't come?! Bless them.... they are all so sweet to keep coming to all these showers and helping us celebrate, nothing like 2 in one day for mom and sis! Dad was such a trooper too, he had knee surgery the day before and still came, doped up on pain meds and all.

Oh goodness... we are so blessed!! We were showered with some wonderful things that are going to be a huge help when little bambino arrives. And some really cute stuff too!!

And we had to play a quick game too. A few of the guys had to change a baby's diaper blindfolded, but first they had to find it in the diaper bag. Let's just say I think Matt's diaper changing skills will be better when he can actually see.

And sweet friends!! Hope and Whitney did a lot to make this a special day for us and we appreciate everyone being there to help celebrate!! Fun day !!

Celebrating Fulton

Saturday was a big day for celebrating little Fulton. I started the day with a wonderful lunch shower with the coaches wives. Aren't these the cutest Buc cupcakes to celebrate with?! They were from Edgar's Bakery and oh they were delicious!

We were so thankful to get a generous gift card to Buy Buy Baby that will help us get a few more things that we need before the little buddy arrives. Mom gave us these cute AL burp cloths and onesies. He will be ready for football season!

Sister hooked him up with more precious stuff again! Someone said the other day, what if it's really a girl?! I said, well, "she" would have a lot of blue clothes with Fulton on them because sister loves the monogrammed stuff!

Here are some of the coaches wives. We were missing a few, but it was such a fun morning getting to fellowship with these women.

Mom and sister are always there to support!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Little Painter

Let me just give a big warning before you read this post....there is a lot of skin showing in this next picture, I hope you don't lose your lunch. So, my sweet friend Ryan Lee who is due about 2 weeks before us, had someone paint her belly and it just looked fabulous. So, I told the Matt and the fam about it and I mom and keri were going to paint something fun on the big ole belly, but the hubs got all excited about it this past weekend and decided he wanted to do one too... so, here you go!
Matt was very serious about this whole thing. He kept saying, don't move, you will mess me up. He was concentrating real hard and as soon as we finished, he started talking about the next one and what else he could paint.

Here's the final product. He did a flower. He did pretty good, I was impressed. No worries, this is non-toxic body paint. Don't let the back of the bottle fool you, it said it comes off easily with soap and water... I thought I would have that purple on my stomach forever. So, I know... the belly is freakishly huge and I really cannot believe I am putting this on here... but if anyone tries to use it against me, I will deny it's me.. that's why I cut my head out.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Last Hoorah

I guess you can consider this past weekend our last hoorah of the summer before school starts back. Our family, the Bouchillons, all came in town this weekend and we enjoyed a long weekend at the lake seeing family that we don't get to see enough.
My cousin Mark and his wife Katie have the newest member of the family. This is me with sweet Caleb. He is almost 10 months old and even though he is a Clemson fan at heart, he was sporting his Roll Tide outfit just for us this weekend.

We finally had everyone together at the same time for a delicious steak dinner, so we used the opportunity for some good ole family picture time.

And here's our sweet fam. We almost missed taking one together because we were photographing everyone else, but we got a quick pic before the sun went completely down.

And here's the whole crew. That's mema and papa on the couch surrounded by their kids, grandkids, and now great-grandkids. We usually only get one or two of these pictures a year... it is pretty painful for everyone and lots of complaining is involved, but it's all smiles once the flash goes off.

This is my cousin Amber and her fiance Patrick. They are getting married in just a few short weeks and we had a little mini shower for them. Poor Patrick flew straight from East Asia into this family madness weekend.

Matt finally got to open a baby gift... of course he said, what is this?!

We spent the next day playing in the water and it was a million degrees outside and ole momma senorita and little bambino just can't take the heat anymore, so I camped it out in the shade for a good bit of the day. Good weekend on the lake with family, hate to go back to work.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Our Week

This past week was our last week to have a vacation and we took full advantage of it and headed to Gulf Shores with the fam...or at least part of the fam. We missed Sister and Steven, but somebody had to stay home and work. I guess I am saving up for when little man is born, but I just didn't take many pictures at all. We ate out every night, of course, you can never have too much seafood. This was at Tacky of my faves.

Matt and dad both ordered the garbage nachos. As you can see this is a huge plate of nachos with all this madness piled on top. The waitress was a little concerned that they were both ordering one and not sharing. But these guys don't share. You can see the before and after, they did pretty good finishing most of it.

Much time was spent on the beach, relaxing in the sand. I realize it won't be like this next year, so I was trying to soak it all in. This was right before a storm blew in and Matt, dad, and I kept trying to "hold out" and not go in... but once the sand started pelting me in the legs, I cashed it in. This is random, but you see that girl laying out in the back of the picture. I started thinking, do you ever wonder if you are in the back of people's pictures like that... freaks me out.

We got to come back out later for a little more time before dark and the waves were huge... that leads us to this....

This guy is crazy! Matt didn't wear his swimsuit back down since it was late... mistake. He kept watching all these kids swim and laugh and have a good time, he couldn't stand it any longer. He ripped his shirt off like David Hasselhoff and ran straight into the ocean with his shorts on. He loved it.

Harley man almost didn't get to come on the trip.... he was really sick last week and we took him to the vet the morning we were leaving and they wanted to keep him. I just couldn't stand the thought of the little buddy staying in the vet all week by himself... so we took the meds with us and nursed him back to health on the coast.

The last day the hubs decided he wasn't going to wear any sunscreen... but he is proof that sitting under the umbrella will still get you burned without your handy dandy SPF.

Last night to soak up the all you can eat shrimp platter and grease up the insides real good! It was a good week at the beach... sad summer is coming to an end...makes me want to cry.