Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Momma Senorita's Birthday

Today is mom's birthday!! Tonight we celebrated with the fam. Matt and I did a little cooking and luckily it was all edible. Mom and dad...they are just the best
Mom opening some of her gifts...

Dad got her some buoys for the lake... mom has been talking about wanting these buoys for years. She opened the box and said... you got me these for my birthday?? You'll see some more of these buoys in a minute.

And then she got her real gift... an Ipod. She was so excited.. and here's how awesome dad is.. he already had 1,799 songs loaded on it for her. She is good to go.

And the 3 is becoming a better picture taker isn't he?! This was only the 3rd try.

And the men supporting the Tide which by the way won against AU in the SEC baseball game today.

And here are those buoys I was telling you about. Matt and Steven went ahead and blew them up and they were the perfect size for a little fun.

Keri and Steven sporting the buoys.. nice look

Matt and Steven played a little kick ball in the front yard.. who would have thought mom's birthday buoys would be this fun?

And the birthday girl must take a picture with them.. Hope you had a great birthday mom. We love you dearly!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wouldn't This Be Fun?

Saturday as we headed home from Matt's spring football game (which by the way was extremely hot.. thanks to the fam for sticking it out in the heat) we saw this hot air balloon right over our neighborhood. Now, this isn't the first time I have seen one near our house... and I don't know what it is but I just get all giddy and excited when I see one. Makes me think of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or something. I have never been in one, but have always wanted to.. just afraid I might have to go the bathroom once I got up there. Have you been in one?? Last week we had a dinner with all the Special Education teachers at my school (minus a few that weren't able to be there) to celebrate my dear friend Mary (front on right) and her fight against breast cancer. This was a celebration dinner that she has finished her chemo. She looks fabulous!!
Today we took dinner to some friends that just had the most precious baby boy (no pics). I was too busy holding that cute tiny little booger. This is officially our last week of school--yippy!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Outside All Weekend

We spent a lot of time outdoors this weekend.. and what a beautiful weekend it was. Friday we jumped in the car as soon as school was out and headed for the lake. We are itching to be in the sun and enjoy the water. Summer can't get here fast enough. Saturday we went out on the boat and took a forever long boat ride... nearly 3 hours and it was fabulous. Disclaimer.... most people have to pay to have this "David Hasselhoff" hairdo... not matt.. just a few hours in the wind and he comes out looking like this.

Dad was a great captain and at one point the rest of us were snoozing in the back as he cruised along.
Me and the madre.. let me tell you that people had to put on the sunglasses for this pale skin that hasn't seen the sun in quite a few months. Mom and I got a little more sun that we needed on the first day out, but oh well. We flew home from the lake to get together with some of the coaches and their families for a dinner at one of the coaches house. We had a great time hanging out and it not being at a football game.
Sunday after church we met up with mom and dad again and went to the Regions Charity Golf Tournament. Thanks to sister and dad we had some free passes and you can't pass up free.

One quick picture in front of this beautiful golf course at Ross Bridge.

And then the rain came. So much for that beautiful weekend right... anyways we had literally been here 5 minutes and long enough to take the 2 above pictures and it started pouring. We high tailed it over to the hotel and found a good spot under the cover to wait it out. Thankfully it was a quick shower and we were back out for some more "exciting" golf.

Now in the years past mom and dad have lucked up and found some awesome tent passes where you get in an a/c tent and free food. It's fabulous... we didn't have any today but the Lord is good and mom and dad ran into some friends that hooked us up. We chowed down on some yummy food and were able to sit here the rest of the tournament at the 18th hole and watch it.

This was the view from our little seating area. Now, I cannot tell you who won or anything else about this event. I just came for the social aspect. I did enjoy doing a lot of people watching and got to eat an ice cream drumstick, which is my fav!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

Sunday we had a relaxing, laid back Mother's Day with my fam. We went to see Matt's mom last weekend and enjoyed some time with her as well. Just a quick photo break .. can never have too many of these (but Matt would probably say otherwise)
Me and Keri with mom. We enjoyed a yummy lunch together and then...

Mom got to open her gifts. Matt and I got her these pearly earrings... oohhh ahhh

Keri and Steven (which I didn't seem to get a picture of yesterday) got mom the cutest polka dotted glasses from pampered chef. They match her polka dotted bowls... love it!

Mom and dad. Aren't they the cutest?? Dad always picks out great gifts for mom. He picked out this cute houndstooth elephant necklace. He has good taste. Mom, I hope you had a great Mother's Day--You deserve it -- After putting up with Keri (and me I guess) all these years!! We love you to the moon and back!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Graduation And A Festival

Saturday was a big day... we graduated with our Educational Specialist degree in Administration from Montevallo. Woohoo!! This has been a long year and a half, but we accomplished what we set out to do. Lots of long hours, dedication, and missing out on a lot of fun stuff... but it will be well worth it in the long run. Anywho, we didn't actually walk at our ceremony.. we did that for our master's degree and decided to pass this time. But we had to have some pictures in our cap and gown.. so here you go. Here's the graduate in our house.... we had our own ceremony and I bet it was a lot shorter than the actual ceremony.
And here I am.. woohoo thumbs up because I am pumped. Let the party begin!!

Now I could only find this one cap and gown in the closet from our other graduation.. so we had to split it up. Matt got to wear the gown and I got the hat. I think I have the hat on backwards... or maybe the hat just looks weird because my mind is so full of knowledge now... probably not.

We also worked and enjoyed the Buck Creek Festival. We worked for a few hours at our church's booth and passed out fans. Then we headed over to the Crocker's booth where they were selling some t-shirts.

Matt and I consumed a lot of junk yesterday... but it's so hard to resist these festival foods... dippin dots, corn dogs, ice cream, fried pies, steak sandwiches... delish!!

And look at this sweet family! The kids were such troopers for the day. Hope you had a good Saturday!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco de Mayo

Happy Cinco de Mayo once again! It was a fun filled day celebrating the 5th of May. I had dinner tonight with 2 very special friends. Sara Katherine, Ryan Lee, and I met up for some mexican food on this special day. Let me give you a little background... the 3 of us became very best buds in high school and have kept in touch through the years and we actually all live very close to each other now. Fun time with old friends! Let me give you a little Flashback Friday... even though it's Wednesday. I dug up a few old pictures from the can I buried out back. This was our senior year of high school... homecoming week and it just happened to be toga day. Oh those were the days. Please excuse my fro.
And here we are before our senior prom. Don't be jealous of this full beaded ankle length formal gown. I think I still have this puppy lying around somewhere.. although I wouldn't be able to fit my left thigh into it. That's our limo in the background.. here's a funny story. We all wanted a limo so bad and my sweet parents went around everywhere trying to find one and the last place they found one was a funeral home. So here's our sweet ride from the graveyard. We loved it though!

And here we are today... awww sweet memories. I think I have actually gotten shorter over the years. From here it only goes downhill.

And another very special event happened today. It's Harley's birthday!! Yay!! He turns 10 years old today.. man he's getting to be an old fella with a lot of gray hair. You can see above that he did get a birthday card from his girlfriend Esmerelda. He was so embarrassed to read it in front of me. He was pooped out from all his birthday festivities and well wishes from family and friends! Hope you had a happy Cinco de Mayo... go eat a taco!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Good Laugh

And that's just what we had as we had dinner with friends last night. We got together with the Warrens and Crockers for dinner at Jubilee Joe's and a little Hershey pie at the Warrens. Whitney, me, Hope. We first tried to get Asher to take our picture because they guys were busy... but he only got Whitney's leg in the picture, so we decided we better ask an adult.

And the boys, Matt, Drew, and Nathan doing manly stuff.. or whatever they are doing

Asher entertained us when he found Hope's "sunglasses" in the diaper bag.

And the 6 of us. We had a great night hanging out with dear friends.

And on another note... the hubs is a little under the weather and we had to make a visit to the doc in a box after church today. I can't take any chances these days with school coming to a close... so I needed to take full advantage of these free face masks they had available. This could come in handy when you are confined to small areas... say planes, elevators, hot air balloons... etc.