Sunday, February 28, 2010

Another State Title

Saturday night the Lady Bucs played for the 6A state championship and took home the win. I need to spread my Bucs love to other sports, since football seems to get all the lovin. These girls are awesome! They only lost one game this entire season and totally deserved this win. There were so many people there, it was a little over stimulating for me.... but I did get to have some serious "people watching" time. I love to people watch. Here we are in our black supporting the Bucs. It was supposed to be a "black out."

And the girls getting their trophy at the end. Now, are you ready for the best part... ok hold on to your seats. So as we are walking up the steps from our seats we run into Bob Riley.. now that's our Governor for all you non-political folks. He has no one around him... he is just walking down the steps like your regular ole Joe. So here's Matt ..."Hi, Mr. Governor." Shakes his hand like they are old pals. Here's Mr. Governor... "Congrats on the win." (Like Matt's the coach or something). I know... it's sad... I have no pictures. I just could not get my camera out in time and Matt refused for me to cause a scene and ask him to stop so we could take a picture. As you already know, it doesn't take much to excite us... life is fun!!!

On other Saturday happenings... we went to Old Towne and had a little photo shoot with our friends Nathan and Hope. This was what you would call "Over the hills and through the woods." It was quite an adventure...Hope is venturing out on starting some photography and needed some subjects to practice on. Matt was such a good sport as always.. maybe I will have some photos to share with you soon.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

My New Friend

Let me tell you about my new friend Bissell. Matt and I had to make this little purchase a few weeks ago when "Bissel The Original" just wasn't getting the job done anymore. The original Bissell I had got when I was in college, so that little puppy was sucking on its last leg. I will admit that I truly love to clean... I would probably be what you "Slightly Obsessive Compulsive" when it comes to things being clean.... so why not have the necessary tools to do it. Now, I had my eye on this beautiful Dyson for a few weeks when I caught myself stuck on the HSN channel, but just couldn't justify spending that much...yet.. maybe one day. So this little maroon "Bissell The Second" will have to do for now. One of my favorite features is that you can change it from carpet to bare floors.. no need to get that old broom out again.
And the last 2 features I will share with you... and I have saved the best for last. The tall and awkward handle folds down for easy storage... and... are you ready for this.. the cord is retractable. I have been missing out on so much.
Now, let's change gears a bit for what you could call "Adventures in Babysitting." Matt and I babysat this weekend for our dear friends Hope and Nathan's precious little boys. When we got there we thought.. we can totally do this.. how bad can this be?
Little Ian... all smiles... until the major and I mean major blowout that occurred resulting in a complete outfit change, water hose, and rubber gloves. We will just say that the little stinker is fully cleaned out now. We made it through that and thought.. ok got that over with... it's all downhill from here.

And precious little Asher playing with Matt. Now Asher is such a good little boy. Always well behaved, loves on you, and is super polite. Let me set the scene for you... the three of us are sitting on the couch watching a little cartoon.. got our jammies on, cuddling with our blankie (not me and matt.. but asher) when all the sudden out of nowhere comes the spew from the belly... not just once, twice, but three full fledged spews right on the couch. This is the part where I jump up, slightly scream, throw up in my mouth and think "Is this really happening?" To spare you the rest of the details.. it didn't stop there.
Matt gets the all time Best Husband Award and Best Babysitter Award. I am telling you that I absolutely am HORRIBLE when it comes to smells. I have the best super sonic smeller in the world and sometimes that is not a good thing.. in this case... it caused me to not be able to help very much. Anyways, we feel it was truly a test from the Lord to see if we could ever handle children... yikes...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Weekend Rundown

What a weekend... let me give you the rundown....first I want to say Congrats to Sister on her recent engagement.. we are super excited for her!! Can't wait for the big day!! Friday was fabulous... it was snowing.. this was our house when I pulled in the driveway. How fun!! The best part of the snow was the fact that we got out of school early. Doesn't get much better than that!

Then we headed to the hospital to see our dear friends Eric and Emily and baby Ellie. Ellie arrived on Thursday weighing a whopping 9 lbs.. she was a big girl. What a beautiful baby she is. We are so happy for them and can't wait for her to play with Aunt Kristen and Uncle Matt.

From the hospital we headed to enjoy Matt's Valentine's gift from me...(time to switch from baby mode to concert mode) We went to the Casting Crowns concert. This was an awesome concert. Matt didn't know where we were going...I said "All you need to do is make sure you are wearing sock." Totally threw him off... I know I know... I am good!! Until the whole world hears....

Here is Casting Crowns... we also heard Kutless. It was just a great time of praise and worship to our Lord. It was a long concert and we were up way past my bedtime.

Now, let me explain this. Matt had a surprise overnight get-a-way planned for us... I was hoping he wasn't going to drop me off in the woods somewhere. But anyways, we went to this precious little bed and breakfast called "The Secret." It was fabulous. This is the "kissing tree" and Mrs. Dianne (the owner) said it is a tradition that you get your picture taken in front of it.

And then you have to take your picture in this huge chair. You have to step on a stool to get up there. Mrs. Dianne asked if she could put one of these on her blog.. so check it out "The Secret Bed and Breakfast."

This was the view when you walk out the door. It is situated literally on top of a mountain. It was beautiful!And one more shot. Matt was a trooper for some pictures. This morning Mrs. Dianne and Mr. Carl made this huge breakfast and sent us on our way. We had a great time and a Happy Valentine's Day. Matt completed the weekend with a surprise massage appointment for me this afternoon. What a thoughtful husband! I love this guy more and more every day!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Look At These Winners

Well, sister and I can call ourselves winners. I never win anything. But sister called the radio last week and won a free breakfast for 20 people at her office. As soon as I heard, I jumped on it and entered too... and guess what.. I won! Woohoo!! Here is Keri with some girls in her office with their chicken biscuits and free t-shirts.

And here are some of the special ed teachers I work with and our free breakfast. Now you get 20 biscuits and there aren't 20 of us, so I made my list of all of my best buds at school and hooked them up with a biscuit. It doesn't take much to pump me up--especially a chicken biscuit from chick-fil-a. PS... it's snowing outside!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Who Dat?

Our small group takes any opportunity to get together and fellowship and what better time than the Super Bowl. The Tucks were so kind to host this shin dig.On the way, I did have to ask Matt who was playing and remind me who I was supposed to be cheering for...and my team, yes "my team" won! Go Saints!! I really didn't care, but whatever. I still don't really get the title of this post... that is just what I kept hearing others say. It probably means something bad. My fellow cake decorating friend, Hope, made this fabulous football cake. Isn't she talented? We are taking a cake decorating class in a few weeks and I told her she can't take the class anymore because she is too good. And it was yummy too!!
Just hanging out watching the game.

We had to get a quick girls shot before parting ways. Amanda, Whitney (with Asher), Hope (with Ian), me, and Misty. Love these girls!

Now this was about try number 8 with this because the guys just couldn't get serious for a picture. At least one turned out normal.

And here we are! PS... I love this guy

Saturday, February 6, 2010

What An Exciting Saturday Night

Matt aka "Ricky Bobby" got home from a football clinic tonight and decided he was ready to shave the ole beard. Really, he only grew the beard out because we are trying to cut down on our power bill and he wanted to keep warm. One side is gone... and this is where I ask... are you sure you want to do this? I guess it was a little late for that.
Now, who doesn't love a good crustache? (I don't even know how to spell this word) All he needs is his wife beater and some cut off shorts and he would be ready for church tomorrow. I have always loved a man with a mustache.. argg!!

Or a half of a mustache.. this is a new look. Just leave 2 small patches.. keeps things interesting. On another note, momma senorita taught me how to knit today. Maybe this will be what I stick with... we'll see!! I have started a scarf..I have worked on it for a while now and it seems like it would be a perfect fit for a caterpillar... geeze, you have to be patient with this stuff. Maybe it will be ready by next winter. Happy Saturday!!