Saturday, April 21, 2012


 Simple. That's how our day has been and we have enjoyed it.

 Look who is trying to be matchy matchy again?! Little buddy had a good nap and was ready to go.
 We headed to the Preserve and met KK and Pops for lunch at The Boot. Aunt Keri had been raving about this place and I literally drive by it twice a day on the way to and from work, so we finally took the plunge and went. We ate outside and it was fabulous. I had fish tacos... yum.
 Stinker was loving being outside.
 The fire truck came by and gave buddy a honk and after that we had a nice dirty diaper. Well, I mean I guess the dirty diaper was there before that but maybe we will just say the horn scared him and caused him to poop his pants.
 Mom was dying to walk back into Moss Rock to the trails... even though we weren't quite dressed for hiking we decided to be spontaneous and go for it. Wild and crazy, huh?!
 I dared mom to go into this cave.... she took a few steps in and turned around.
 Booger did some rock climbing himself. Wanted to be like the big boys there.

 Fulton loved it and I think he would have stayed all day. Too bad we didn't bring our spray paint.
In other randomness I just like this picture and have nothing exciting to say about it other than this guy is so much fun!
Now I do have something to say about this. Look what our friends gave us for FREE!! So excited. We met mom and dad over there last week and dad and Matt started taking it apart. Much fun to be had on this in the future. 
 And last but not least.... Fulton tried a puff for the first time this week. Wasn't quite sure at first, but he choked swallowed a few down and hopefully they will grow on him.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Two New Fun Things

Before we get to these 2 new exciting things in our life, let's talk about today. We dressed in our Alabama gear in honor of the A Day we wouldn't be attending, but were there in spirit. Roll Tide!!
After a few stops around town and thinking we may never reach our destination, we arrived at Mt. Laurel for the Spring Festival. We went to this back in the Fall and enjoyed it so much we made sure to attend for the Spring too. Doesn't take much to excite us. Lots of cute stuff, yummy food, and tons of people watching. A tragic event did occur there.... we lost our beloved Sophie. This is Fulton's absolute favorite chewable giraffe and he must have thrown it out somewhere along our stroll, because we never made it home with sweet Sophie. I hope some sweet child is taking care of our precious chew toy (washed first of course). It's on the top of our list to get another one asap (sorry Aunt Keri).
Ok, on to our new favs. Aunt Keri got buddy this bath ducky and he is in love!! The first few nights we used it he just giggled and laughed like he was at Six Flags or something.
Now, he just enjoys relaxing and reading a good book while soaking in his bubble bath.

And KK and Pops got little man this awesome flooring for a part of our den. These lovely hardwood floors aren't so sweet to the noggin when you go tumbling. So we are loving our new patch of floor and Fulton says thank you, no more tumbling to the floor. Matt was wanting just to tile the whole living room in this stuff.... I don't think so. So, thanks to the fam for my new Easter prizes... we are loving them!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Our Lord Is Alive

"They found the stone rolled away from the tomb, but when they entered, they did not find the body of the Lord Jesus.....He is not here; he has risen!" Luke 24:2-3, 6.

What a glorious day celebrating the resurrection of our Lord. Our pastor really challenged us this morning (as did some other events this week) to think about what Easter really means to us. It really made me think about how we want to raise our son. We want to rear him to know the true meaning of Easter. That even though eggs, baskets, and a cute outfit on Sunday are fun, it's not what it's really about. I am here to say it is so so hard not to get caught up in it. I am the worst at letting this stuff take over. But, it's about our Savior bearing the ultimate sacrifice for me, for us, taking the weight of my sin on his shoulders and then rising up 3 days later to be a living God for you and me. So awesome!!Fulton had an Easter party with his friends at school. They are some of the most gift giving kiddos I know. They love to shower each other with happies. He wasn't too crazy about the mask, but he humored me for a picture.

We had a good Saturday with some consignment shopping, a stroll through Sams and lunch on the mountain overlooking the valley. This morning someone decided to sleep later than he has in a long long time, so we snapped a few shots with the basket and hurried along our morning so we weren't late to church.
We left the service and headed to KK and Pops to have lunch with them.
Aunt Keri and Uncle Pete (or shall I say just Keri) helped mom to get everything ready for lunch and we pretty much just showed up to eat. Slackers we are!
Fulton enjoyed his Easter baskets from Aunt Keri and KK. He loves all of his goodies. He got some cute outfits, monogrammed eggs, and KK hand painted this basket for him. Love it all!! He also got some puffs that we can't wait to try. Speaking of puffs... he got some from one of his friends at school and I tried a few on the way home the other day... and I have to admit I nearly ate half the can. The peach-mango flavor is delish.
He enjoyed reading and eating his cards too.
Look what sister made. These are little birds nests with some eggs in them... she is so creative. Ok it's not really a birds nest with eggs, just cereal and jelly beans. I know you were fooled for a minute though. They were yummy too.
Fulton almost destroyed KK's necklace... he loves to grab anything he can get his hands on these days.
We tried for a family shot, but I think we had already used up all the happiness this fella had in him for the day. He had barely had a nap and was running on empty. I pretty much look like a slouchy frumpy mess too. Geeze.
Blessed day celebrating with family.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cheap Entertainment

We have learned that we don't need to spend a bunch of money on expensive doesn't take much to entertain this little booger.

In true redneck fashion we played in the driveway. We had all these toys out to play with and what did Fulton choose and should I mention had the most fun with? A burp cloth.

And we got caught. Look who came walking up for a visit. Sweet Avery! She is an absolute doll. We love the fact that our precious friends live 3 houses up from us.

This has nothing to do with playing and in my often randomness, here is a picture I just liked. Fulton and daddy decided to match one day. Matt says he picked his clothes out first, but I know Fulton had his laid out the night before. By the way, this is our new face... the whole "suck your bottom lip in" look.
And this guy loves him some watches. He is fascinated with them. I am going to teach him to tell time so he won't get up so early in the mornings.

And this entertainment just tops it all. Matt got his guitar out and played for Fulton. He simply loved it. Let me give you a quick history on this fine guitar. Matt saved his pennies and purchased this a couple of months before we got married. He learned how to play and taught himself a song so he could play it for me on our wedding night. I know I know.. wipe the tear from your eye. It was b-e-a-u-tiful!!! So sweet.
Buddy wanted that hat so bad he couldn't stand it. Doesn't quite go with the bumble bee outfit, but whatever works for you, I guess. How about them rolls? No sister shuberts here... just plain ole skin, like his mommas.

And our night ended like this. Too much fun for this little guy.