Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Night Football

We didn't make it to the Hoover game tonight.. but we had our own little tailgate at home. Everyone was sporting their Bucs attire... including our little man. He was loving the shakers and really didn't want to let them go. He kept begging me to let him shake the cow bell, but I told him we needed to take it one step at a time.

As I type, Fulton is watching the game on the computer with Aunt Keri. He is cheering daddy on and telling them to bring home a win!

In other news, our little fella turned 2 weeks old yesterday. Today was my first day flying solo and we both survived. And we actually got out of the house and didn't have a breakdown. Yay for us!!

Earlier in the week little buddy got to do some good couch snoozing with daddy. Fulton is pumped about watching some Alabama football tomorrow.... he is ready for the Tide to beat the Gators.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


We've had a few firsts this week... and first things first....we have survived our first week at home. It was touch and go there some nights, but we are still alive. This little stinker does not like to do much sleeping at night and it's wearing down his mommy and daddy. I may have to start looking for a night shift job.
Tuesday we had our first doctor's visit and Fulton did great. We actually made it on time, with a few minutes to spare. It didn't help that I was moving extremely slow and still needed to sit on my doughnut (and we aren't talking about Krispy Kreme here people).

Rockstar of a dad held the little guy and warmed him back up after they made us strip him down to his skivvies to weigh him.

Little buddy had to get some blood drawn and here he is with his very first band-aid. I told him if he did really good we could get an ice cream cone afterwards and since he can't eat it yet, I would take one for the team and eat it for him.

Aunt Keri has been amazing this week. She is like Super Nanny and keeps coming to the rescue at just the right times.

Pops and KK are fabulous!! They have stayed up some late nights to console us and encouraged us when we didn't think we were going to make it. We really don't know what we would do without our family. I keep asking each of them if they want to all move in with us, but no one seems to take me up on the offer.

This little stud turned one week old on Thursday... wow, one week already?! Where did the past week go... oh I will tell you where it went... feeding, changing diapers, crying (me and him), washing clothes over and over, and the cycle continues. But it's all worth it for this sweet face.

And Friday Fulton had his first real (well sort of real) bath since coming home. I know... our kid hadn't had a bath in a week... but I just kept sponging him off in the meantime. Matt and I are learning quickly... not quickly enough... that the woowoo can seriously shoot far. We just keep forgetting to cover that up and boy did it shoot to the ceiling and back down to the floor...all over the kitchen. Matt and I just stood there dying laughing. We will learn eventually... hopefully.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Fulton's Arrival

Here's a quick (not really, sorry for the millions of pictures) post about our little man's arrival. Like I said in the earlier post, things began at school and moved quickly from there. We checked into the hospital at 12:30 and the fam arrived shortly after to visit for a bit. This was after the epidural, because before that I was starting to get a little violent and probably would have thrown that camera across the room if someone had suggested a picture. Yay for pain meds.

My water had already broken when we arrived, but I was only at 3 cm, so pitocin was started and a little under an hour later, we were at a 10. Stinky part was, I pushed for over 2 hours and the poor little guy was just so big, he was struggling to come into the world. Finally, with a little help from the doc, he arrived at 8:34 pm. Here he is just minutes old.

My sweet little man was just perfect! They immediately encourage skin to skin contact, which was great... took my mind off the fact that I knew there was some serious damage to the southern region and the doc was having to get the duct tape out to fix me.

This little guy weighed 8 lb, 8 oz and was 20 inches long. He has a head full of dark hair with one blond patch on the top side. It's a unique little mark. Matt did an incredible job encouraging me the entire time, holding one leg and taking pictures too. Super dad!

The fam was so patient to wait forever on us to get to my room so they could meet the little guy. Everyone had to take a turn snuggling with him.

His room was all ready for him!

Over the course of the next few days, Fulton had lots of visitors. I'd like to think these people came to see matt and me, but we know the truth. The fam is absolutely awesome and didn't leave our side. They are a huge help. Fulton got to meet 2 of his great grandmothers, one of his great aunts and uncles, and lots of our sweet precious friends who love us dearly enough to take time to come see us.

Sister brought Fulton his first birthday cake and since the little guy can't eat sweets yet, we enjoyed it for him. He loved it though.

Mom and Dad (also known as KK and pops) stopped by on their way to the AL game and Fulton was already suited up and ready too. He just couldn't seem to find his shaker.

We enjoyed the day visiting with friends and watching lots of football. Fulton kept falling asleep through most of the games, but we filled him in on all the scores when he woke up.

I love these sweet toes.. I cannot get enough of them.

We were finally able to go home Sunday morning and we took a quick family picture before loading up the car.

Little guy was probably nervous he was having to come home with these 2 crazies who have no idea what they are doing. God's grace and mercy are sufficient and we pray every day for wisdom to raise this precious child.

Mom and Dad were so gracious to come up the hospital that morning and help us get ready to go, while sister had lunch ready at our house and did a little decorating to welcome us home. We were all squinting a little because we hadn't been out in the sun in a few days.

And the decorations didn't stop outside... he forever has this fabulous birthday banner to use for his parties!

We ended our first day back at home staring at this sweet little face. Oh how blessed we are!! We survived our first night at home last night and lived to tell about it today. This is just an amazing experience and journey that God has allowed us to take and we are savoring every moment of it. Happy Birthday Fulton!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fulton Is Here!

Our little man arrived Thursday, September 15th at 8:34 pm. Here's our first family picture, so it's a little rough looking. This little booger weighed 8 lbs and 8 oz and was 20 inches long. It was a long day...starting with the fact that I began having contractions that morning and then my water broke at school. Yes, you heard that right... at school. My students are probably forever traumatized. After that, I figured I better head on to the doctor. We checked in, got settled, begged for pain meds, and after about 2 1/2 hours of pushing, and our little Fulton finally arrived. We are so blessed and thankful to the Lord for this gift of life He has entrusted us with. Stay tuned my friends..more pics to come soon!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Low Key

We had a pretty low key weekend....nothing too exciting, but I will share anyways. Friday night I made it to the second game and sister came with me this time. I thought it would be an easy game for the Bucs, but they kept us on our toes and I told Matt if they continued to have games like that, I could go into labor in the stands.

Hoover came out with a win at the last second... I had to check the battery in my pace maker a few times because it was a nerve wracking game. This little storm that came through this week has made the nights a little cooler and it felt so good outside... I actually had to break out the jacket.

Saturday morning I hit up a good consignment sale with a friend and got my little man some cute stuff. We watched the Tide play and win, yay! Matt built us a little fire in the fire pit and we missed out on the smores this time, but I ate some oreos instead.

We had a nice little set up and watched a little football from the fire pit. There aren't many more nights of "just the two of us".... so we are enjoying it. Pretty wild and crazy Saturday night for us.

Here's a little preggo picture from this week. I am 38 weeks now and the dr said it could be any day now... could be 2 more weeks, could be 2 days.... wow... I really don't know how much more the ole belly skin can stretch. I think arms and legs may start coming out my mouth and nose. Can't wait!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

School Shower

My sweet teacher friends at school threw me a fabulous baby shower last week!!

Look at this cute table that they did!! It was all sweet stuff.. my fav!! Some delicious strawberry cake, chocolate cake, brownies, cheesecake.. oh it was all so good. Makes me thankful I passed that glucose test a few months ago or I would have been sad sad.

Mom got come and celebrate with me. Sister couldn't get off work, we missed her being there.

These sweet teachers at my school blessed us with so many great things. We are just overwhelmed from each of our showers how incredibly blessed we are!!

They made me sit in this chair in the front like Mother Goose. I felt like I needed everyone to gather around on the carpet for story time or something.

These are the precious special ed teachers that hosted the shower for me. I love each of them dearly!! I am very thankful to work with such great people. It's beginning to get to the time of doing a little nesting around the ole casa. Just trying to get things in order for little man before he arrives. I guess he will come whenever he is ready, whether I am or not!

I Made It!

Friday night I finally made it to my first game of the season. I really wanted to be a trooper and be there to support Matt and I am glad I went... but boy were my feet huge by the end of the night. Here's our sign.. these cheerleaders always amaze me at how big they make these crazy signs.

There's my good lookin man after the game with his enormously large wife and boy am I looking rough. I thought about soaking my feet in the gatorade jugs of ice on the sidelines after the game... you know, just to take the swelling down. But Matt said absolutely not!

My sweet friend Paige who stayed back with me when I couldn't keep up with the crowd and she was my buddy for many trips to the potty. I think we missed nearly a whole quarter of the game going back and forth to the restroom... but at least I was there to support!

And on another note... almost 2 weeks ago my sweet friend Ryan Lee had her baby. Our due dates were only 2 weeks apart, but she went a little early. Sister and I went to see her the day she was born, here is sweet Laylee. She is beautiful, just like her momma!! Makes me so excited for my little Fulton to be here... very soon, we are in the less than 3 week countdown. Hooray!!