Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Little Spring Break Beach Trip

It's Spring Break around here. Hooray! 
We decided to take a quick little trip to the beach with KK and Pop 
and we sure missed Kiki and Pete. Friday morning KK, Fulton and I headed on down and the boys came after work that day. 

This ugly cold front decided to come through and the temps were freezing. Well, at least to me it was freezing. Saturday morning Pop found us a great little Sausage Festival to attend while we waited for the beach to warm up. We had some delicious sausage dogs and 
enjoyed some music and good times. 

KK and Pop opted for the red beans and rice and said it was delish too. Fulton was content because there were bounce houses and food. 

We headed back towards the beach to see if we could stand the weather. The day was simply beautiful, but the wind was crazy. So, needless to say, this is how I sat on the 
beach until I couldn't stand it anymore. 

This little guy wasn't cold at all and was just content being in the sand. 

We came back in and cleaned up for dinner. 

We enjoyed dinner at Desoto's and some fun after.

After dinner we headed to The Track for a little fun. 

Fulton was so excited about getting to ride the go carts with daddy. 

These two had a blast!

We went inside to burn some more money. 

Sunday the temperatures were a little better, but still pretty cool. Pop and Fulton tried to stay warm under the towel and then we decided to take a walk and warm up. We found a great condo construction site with a crane and several bulldozers. It's the little things that warm his heart. 

Time to eat!

This little guy was going to dinner with KK and Pop while
 mommy and daddy had a date. 

Matt and I enjoyed dinner at The Oyster House where I have decided I really love crab cakes. Why haven't I been ordering these all along? We met up with mom and dad for some cheesecake after. 

Monday sure was a glorious day. The sun was out, the temps 
were great and all was right. 

We decided to stay out for a while and then pack up to leave later in the afternoon. 

There were even crazy people in the water. No thanks, that was still a little too cold for me.

He said his favorite part was "getting messy in the sand." He was covered head 
to toe and loving every minute of it. 

We didn't leave heading home until late afternoon and it wasn't long before this guy was zonked out. He was worn out from a fun weekend!!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Easter Party

Fulton had his Easter party and egg hunt at school 
yesterday and it was such a fun day. 

I love this sweet picture. He was so excited to give Ms. Juliette a little 
Easter happy and watched closely as she read the card. 

For Fulton's first year in preschool, he has had an amazing teacher. I am so thankful for Juliette and her frienship as well. She is very special to us. 

Juliette and I took our classes outside for a little Easter egg hunt. 
They were all lined up and ready to go. 

And Fulton was off. He didn't play around. He was on a mission 
to collect as many eggs as he could. Don't worry we divided them evently 
between the kids at the end. 

After our egg hunt Fulton had his class Easter party. They had Chick-fil-A
 kids meals and were content. 

KK even came to his party and helped celebrate with him. 

He was having too much fun with his friends, but I made him stop for a 
second to take a picture with me. 

And the day was complete when we got to spend some time with our best buddy Laylee. These two can just pick up right where they left off. Fun day at school!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spring Musical

Fulton had his very first Spring Musical performance last night. 

The theme was "What I Want To Be When I Grow Up." When we first started talking to Fulton about this he immediately said--worker man. That's what he wanted to be and hasn't veered from it since. So worker man it was and he sure was a cute one. 

Here he is walking on stage so proud!

And this is a little grainy, but notice how all the other kids are standing still and ready to sing. Well, Futlon spotted his cheering section and cannot resist giving them a little love. 

And after 3 cute little songs they sang, it was time to exit the stage and watch the others perform. He did a great job. He has improved so much since his first performance for the preschool 
choir at Christmas  :)

After the musical we went down to his room to see the art show. This is some of his art work from the last couple of weeks. His clwon face (which kind of looks a little sad), stained glass window, flower handprints, firetruck and his free art. Let's talk about the free art... we gave the kids white paper and free reign on the paint to create a masterpiece and then tell us what it was. He named his "Water and Flowers." It was beautiful!!

Worker Man with Baseball Man. 

Of course our family came to support and cheer him on. He loved every minute of that!

So proud of our sweet boy. What a fun night!

Kiki's Birthday

It's Kiki's Birthday Week!!

Sister's birthday isn't until tomorrow but we started celebrating Sunday. 

Of course she had help blowing out the candles. I made her a strawberry
 shortcake cake for her birthday. 

Mom made a yummy dinner and we enjoyed celebrating Keri!!

And there were gifts too! She got this super cute"Happy Everything" plate that you can attach different themed ceramic pieces onto. I really want one now too!

These two had a little too much fun with the balloons!

Happy Birthday Sister!! We love you so much!!

Sweet Times

We have had some fun days lately and I want to remember them.  

Last Monday we met some friends from our small group at the zoo. The kids had the 
best time. And the weather was so nice. I think the animals were enjoying the weather 
too because they were out in full force. 

This little guy is proud of his muscles. 

And we celebrated St. Patrick's Day in style and made sure to wear our green. 

Later that afternoon we went to the softball game at Daddy's school and 
made a quick stop at Sonic on the way home. 
It was half priced milkshakes and we couldn't resist. 

Wednesday morning we enjoyed story time at the library and then 
had lunch on the back porch. It was just too nice not to. 

We had a sweet night at church Wednesday night. Let's just talk about Wednesday nights for a minute. Up until this past Fall, we weren't big Wednesday night church goers. We made a decision last year to commit to this as a family and we have grown so much through this time. I grew up going to church on Wednesday nights and I want Fulton to do that as well. Anytime he can be immersed in the Word is a great night. We get to enjoy fellowship and dinner with sweet friends and then we took the kids out to the playground before Bible study started. Chloe and Fulton had the best time together. 

Thursday night we had to run to the mall for something and decided to just eat dinner there. This guy traded his toy in for an ice cream cone. Our sugar intake this week  has been off the charts, but they have included sweet memories. 

Friday we went back to the zoo with some sweet friends from Fulton's class at school. Twice in one week, this was a first. They had the absolute best time together. Elijah, Olivia, Anna Laura, Caroline, Sydney and Fulton. 

Sydney and Fulton had a little date in the wagon. 

We had planned to just stay about an hour or two and ended up there for half the day because the kids were having such a great time. He has sure grown to love these buddies and I have enjoyed getting to know their moms as well. 

We spent the weekend visiting some family and playing outside. Sweet memories!