Friday, August 31, 2012

Game Day Gear

Well, it's officially the start of football season again. Matt informed me this morning that it was national wear your college team colors day. 
 So, I had to change clothes, but Fulton already had his gear set out to wear. We are just bursting with excitement that our Tide plays in about 24 hours. Woohoo! We are slightly jealous because part of our fam is already in Dallas gearing up for the game. boo.

 Alright, that's all I have for game day outfits, but I will share some other randomness, since apparently that is all the blog consists of these days. We must be very boring people. Matt had his first official school day a couple of weeks ago as an Assistant Principal, so of course I had to take his picture before his first day of school. I wanted him to hold a sign like people do with their kids, but he refused.  Such a stud.

Not looking as pretty when he got home. Rough day huh!? No, really he loves this new change and he is doing a great job.
 We ended our first week back at school with a usual weekend trip to the lake where Fulton got his fix of lovin from KK, Pops and Aunt Keri (Uncle Pete was hitting the golf course).

 We went on a boat ride and came up on the rock and Matt was eager to jump off. So we did this character analysis personality thing at school last week with the kids and I took one myself and I got the lowest score in the category of spontaneous/adventurous. Sad, I know. So... I took that challenge and decided I would jump with Matt. Pretty spontaneous huh? Good thing you can't see the picture where the 5 and 6 year old girls were jumping in front of us. But anyways, this is our sweet son wondering why his momma was freaking out on top of that rock. See me shaking in the background... keep thinking adventurous, you can do it.
 Didn't want to get too wild and crazy on my jump, so let's just keep it simple. Straight down and hold the top.

 And here's Mr. Fancy doing his back flip and all. I mean I was going to do mine, but I didn't want him to feel back because mine was better.
And let's end on this cuteness. Fulton has been pumped to be back with his school buddies and he is doing his best to start full time walking so he can keep up with them. Happy 4 day weekend!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Catching Up

No major events to share, but a few random photos to catch up on our not so exciting life. 
So Fulton's hair is getting a little long... I am starting to notice a bit of a rat tail in the back. I do want to grow it a little shaggy, not like ponytail shaggy though. I am afraid a little trim may be in our near future.
This hunk a chunk turned 11 months last week. These months are seriously flying by. The big birthday bash is just around the corner. I think he might have gotten his first taste of a little sweet something today when he grabbed a piece of this cookie I had in my hand. I didn't realize it until I saw crumbs on his face. Sneaky one he is.

We have been practicing our walking skills. This started last week. He is getting pretty good at walking while pushing his car, but hasn't been brave enough to step out without his wheels.

We spent some time at the lake this weekend and mom and dad had their supper club up for the day. I know they were ready to finally see us go home because Fulton was such a squirmy wormy on the boat, unless Pops was letting him drive.

Ok this is really random. So, we are out riding the boat, Matt is driving and all the sudden he says look at the shore.... and this is what we saw. This truck had apparently crossed the road and came down the side of the hill right before the bridge and landed upside down on this rock. Creepy sight. So then we start thinking what if someone was in there and no one had noticed. Remember all those adults on the boat (mom and dad's friends) they all suggested someone needed to swim over and check...and guess who they voted to do it. Poor Matt. He didn't mind. He loves a good challenge. He jumped right off that boat and swam over, climbed up that rock and stepped down to see in the truck. I mean he was a lifeguard at Shipwreck Island and all. Talk about freaking out, I would have peed my pants if they had voted me to do it. Thankfully there was no one in it, just praying those people made it out safely.

Today at church Fulton moved up to the big boy class. He actually has been going the last 2 weeks because the baby class was packed out (some fertile folks in our church). But today was the official start day and he enjoyed it.

Aunt Keri came to play this afternoon and brought Fulton a prize back from the Dominican Republic. Some Moroccas (however you spell that) and he was just a one man band making some music with those puppies.

We started a new adventure tonight. Brushing our teeth. We are probably a little behind on this one, considering most of the toothbrushes we looked at said 4months and up...oops. The little booger loved it. I wish my toothpaste tasted like apples.

Loved it so much he just kept going with it. So, that's what we have been up to lately...pure excitement, I know.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

My New Love

So this is my new love... Pinterest. I know, I am a little behind. But I finally joined this about a month ago and I am hooked. Love it. Matt says I am addicted, I disagree. 
Here are a few of my recent projects from my new hobby. 

 My burlap cross. Now, don't look to closely because it has quite a few imperfections but I have been wanting something burlap for our door and just couldn't bring myself to pay the prices. Good ole Pinterest to the rescue (and a little encouraging from my sweet friend Stephanie) and this was the result. Only cost me $2.99 for the burlap because I had everything else.

 Don't let the hot pink freak you out, no it's not going in our living room (I only wish I could be that daring). But I saw on Pinterest where you could spray paint old brass lamps. Well, I was needing a little pop in my classroom and some more pink to match the hanging lanterns, a quick trip to the thrift store and Lowes and this was the result. I also glued a cute pink flower to the shade to complete it. Now, there is a sad part to this... I got just a little little bit of pink spray paint on the driveway. Matt wasn't too thrilled about that part. Ooops.

And last but not least our newest activity. Saw this one on there too. I saw where you could turn the pack-n-play into a ball pit. Who needs to go to the playground at McDonalds when you can have your own at home?! We need a few more bags, but it's a start. Fulton is enjoying it so far. So I made one more thing with my leftover burlap but forgot to take a picture before it went to my classroom. I am loving Pinterest, getting lots of good ideas and I have another one to reveal for Fulton's birthday party. I fear that going back to school is going interfere with my craft time. Bummer. 

Monday, August 6, 2012

What Are Your Thoughts

It's time for another purchase... and a big one I assume after browsing the car seat aisle several times and looking at the hefty price tags on some of these puppies. 
So I need any and all advice. Several of my friends have already given me the brands they have purchased, but we just haven't bit the bullet to commit to the next carseat. Any advice?? By the way, doesn't this look just like Fulton... I mean on St. Patty's Day of course.

And here's another question for you. So the big debate is when to turn their seat around. Apparently it used to be one year and now they recommend two years old. I mean I don't want Fulton to look like this in a year. Hmm... what do you think?  Thanks for the tips!

Weekend With Family

This weekend we enjoyed an extra long stay at the lake to enjoy the company of all our South Carolina fam in town. They usually only get to come once in the summer, so we try to soak up as much fun as we can. 
Thursday night Caleb and Fulton enjoyed some fun together in this extra small wagon. They are about 11 months apart and about 2 seconds after this picture, Caleb was ready for Fulton to get out. He gave him a sweet little push to help him.

 Friday was spent visiting Papa's grocery store and coming out with way more food and items than were necessary and then we came back for an afternoon on the water.

Caleb kept us all entertained. He loved trying to drive the boat and we had to pry him off when it was time to set sail.

 I think Caleb enjoyed the lifejacket as much as his good buddy Fulton did.

 The Bouchillons enjoying a little boat ride.

Our cousin Amber and her husband Patrick brought their sweet (not even 2 week old) baby. It was a fight for who was going to hold him.

 And our beautiful fam. This is quite the crew.

 My mom and her brother and sis. Can you guess who's the oldest?

 A girls picture, minus Amber and Katie.

 Saturday we enjoyed a full day playing on the water. Fulton was being such a sweet boy sharing his pool with Caleb. Not sure if this was really made for 2 kids, but it worked. Caleb enjoyed dumping all the water out of the pool and watching the adults try to put it back in.

 Trying to look macho.

We did stop by the marina to see the fish again and Fulton wasn't too impressed this time. He was just ready to get back and eat lunch. Pops tried to entertain him.

 Saturday night we went to Mema and Papa's and enjoyed some good ole homemade fried chicken and an after dinner ride in the wagon.

KK put all the stuffed animals into the car and Fulton enjoyed trying to figure out which one to destroy first. We enjoyed a sweet weekend with family. The end to summer is quickly approaching and it makes my heart ache. Boo.