Saturday, March 30, 2013

Egg Hunt

We have had a great day. Fulton had his very first Easter egg hunt today. But we also had another first. 

Sidewalk chalk. Sweet Avery gave Fulton some sidewalk chalk for Easter and we broke it in last night. 

Little buddy was covered in the stuff, but he had a ball. More chalking to come, he loved it.

Now, on to the egg hunt. Our church had their Easter egg hunt today and thankfully the weather was perfect. Last year Fulton was just a wee little one, so we didn't participate, but this year he was the perfect age.

We were trying to take a quick picture before the madness began. He had already seen the action and was ready to go.

Just a minute later our friend Becca arrived. She wasn't really in the picture taking mood, but she took one for the team  here.

We did the jumpy thing and Fulton wasn't too sure of that. He went in with no problem and then the big kids started coming in and he was ready to get to safety.

Then it was time our our egg hunt. At first he just walked around the eggs and wasn't too sure what to do.

But he looked around, saw what the others were doing and caught on pretty quick.

He filled his bucket up and then started taking them all out. I guess he wanted to share with the others.

We were thankful to play with some of our sweetest friends. He got to see David and Victoria too, but we lost them when the madness began.

I love all these little ones.

And last but not least we had our face painted. The line was a bit long. Matt was a champ and stood in line for us, while Fulton and I did the cake walk. And won by the way!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Day At The Park

We spent the morning at the park with some of our sweetest friends (and neighbors). I just love having some of our closest friends right down the street. Just makes life fun. Now if some of our other buddies would move to the neighborhood, we would be set. Anyways, back to the park. 

On the fourth day of our Spring Break week it finally decided to warm up. Oh how glorious that sun has been. This was actually the second park we went to because the first was taken over by a massive Easter party that we obviously weren't invited to. By the way, this is Avery and Becca.

Fulton loved these holes in the side of the play set. Thankfully his head wouldn't fit all the way through or we probably would have had to get some grease to get him out.

Right after that hole shot, I let him slide down by himself (me at the bottom) and of course what did he do. He went head first. And he loved every minute of it. From that point on he would only go down head first. Crazy boy.

There was a tad bit of static in the air today. Just a little.

These guys are best buds. Not long after we arrived another Easter party group showed up. They started hiding eggs and it was all we could do to keep Fulton and Avery from picking them up.

Fun day at the park. Little buddy is up from his nap and we are about to go for a walk now. Spring... I love you!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

McWane Center

We ventured out to the McWane Science Center today. First time Fulton and Matt had been... for me it's been a good 8 years or so. Things have changed a little.

I think Fulton was a little overstimulated at first. We walked in and he started running and waving his arms like someone at a New Kids on the Block concert. Then he calmed down and started trying out a few of the things. I call them "things" because I don't know what you call the stuff there. 

He loved the disco light up floor. There was one lady there that was getting a little serious about it, shaking her tail and all,  and I think he was cramping her style a bit.

These big blocks were a hit too. We weren't sure if there was going to be enough for him to do there, but he walked right up, pushed the big kids aside and tried everything. Really no pushing involved... we  are anti-violence in our family.

This water table was probably his favorite of the day. This sweet and innocent picture was taken right before he dumped and ENTIRE cup of water on a lady's shoe. I felt absolutely terrible. I offered to hold her shoe up to he blow drying station, but she declined. We left this area shortly after.

We drew straws and I was the one to go down the slide with buddy. It was a little tight and I have a slight crick in my neck now, but it was all worth it.

It's never too early to start learning the safety of driving. 10 and 2 buddy... just remember that.

We really had a great day. I think Fulton would have stayed longer, but the parentals were pooped.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Happy Birthday Aunt Keri

 Today is sister's birthday... woohoo... let's celebrate.

Well, we have been celebrating since Sunday. The fam met up after church for a birthday lunch at Firebirds. Oh how I love this place... haven't been there since BC (before child). I have to say I was a little nervous when sister picked this place because it is way nicer than our normal Chick-fil-A. But it was a success and they actually had high chairs. 

 KK helped entertain little buddy. He was getting a little restless and kept trying to eat the crayons. I know wax is good for braces and all, but not sure if it's good to eat.

They have the best sweet potato fries. I don't even like sweet potatoes.. at all. But these are delish. I stuck with the chicken quesadilla  and it didn't disappoint either. 

We actually got a full family photo in front of the burning fire place which was keeping our buns nice and toasty during the picture taking. 

Today is sister's actual birthday and mom and I had a little surprise for her. Mom took off today and we  went and got a yummy cookie cake and surprised her at work. She was shocked when we walked through her office door. She even let us snag a bite of her cake before we left. Happy Birthday sister!! We love you!!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

18 Months

This little guy turned 18 months old on March 15th. I haven't monthly post in a while, so let's catch up on the stats. By the way, when do you stop counting the months. When someone asks how old he is, I don't want to say like 42 months. Anyways, back to the topic. 

Our little cutie pie was 27.9 lbs and 32.5 inches long. Woohoo big boy. That's still only the 50th percentile. He is built like his daddy and maybe we have a future linebacker on our hands here. He is wearing 18 months clothes and wears a size 4 1/2 shoes... although we have slid into some 5's and those were pretty good too. He has little sausage feet like his momma.

He is a pretty laid back fella. This picture describes him perfect. He goes to bed about 7:15ish and a few months ago finally started putting himself to sleep. Hallelujah  This was a milestone. Until then we would have to rock him completely to sleep (partly our fault for spoiling him in this area). He will wake up anywhere from 6:00-7:00 am, but gave us a real treat today and slept until 7:45. It's the small things in life. He is starting to lose his morning nap and just take a really good afternoon nap. Sometimes he still needs a little morning power nap though. 

If he had to fill out a profile on eharmony he would include these as his faves: screaming (not in a mad way, but just to hear his beautiful voice), long soaks in the tub, climbing on anything available, fruit lover (grapes especially), playing with cell phones, giving slobbery kisses, and being outside waving to the neighbors. Some of his dislikes: veggie loather (green beans especially) and being told no.

He is such a joy to us and we are blessed to be able to raise him. Above all these milestone, likes and dislikes, we just pray he will develop a heart that longs to know his Savior.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Rest Of Our Day

After our first hair cut on Saturday we had a busy day planned. I parted ways with Matt and Fulton and headed to a fabulous consignment sale that my sweet friend gave me her pass to use. Woohoo for shopping before the crowd. 

 I met back up with the boys for a birthday party for Fulton's sweet friend Becca. She was turning 2. The Benton's are our neighbors and now in our small group at church. Fulton loves his many girlfriends. And guess who else was there... his buddy Avery.

Look how cute they are. Fulton looks like a little man here. Boo. Where did the baby go? He loves to hang with the women.

They had a bubble machine and he loved it. We may have to invest in one of these for the summer. It was nap time and we didn't have far to head home... just a few houses down.

After nap we headed to KK and Pops to grill out. It was a gorgeous day Saturday and we wanted to take advantage of it. Here I am with my man. Love this boy.

KK and Pop's house is cool because they have a playset and we don't. This guy loves to slide these days. He can't get enough of it. He even let me go down with him, but my thunder thighs got us a little caught up half way down.

Aunt Keri and Uncle Pete came too.

The boys manned the grill and Fulton provided the entertainment.

Do these things bring back any memories for you? Let's just say sister had a slight obsession with Beanie Babies a few years back. Mom couldn't bare to part with them and thankfully she didn't, because Fulton has found some great entertainment with them. His favorite thing to do is pour them all out into the floor and dive into them. At least they are good for something.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Our Very First Hair Cut

Today was the day... the day for our very first hair cut. Let's use the word "cut" lightly here because I was more in the market for a minor trim. Nothing to extreme here. 

This was at breakfast this morning. We will call this our before picture. Do you think it may have been time for a trim?? I will admit it was starting to get a little out of control, but I just couldn't bring myself to get it cut. I just love little buddy's hair. But I think he was starting to wonder what all the strings in his eyes were that he always had to look through to see stuff... that would be your hair buddy. Sorry.  

We did our homework and researched the best go to person for little wee ones hair cuts. Sister's friend recommended a girl and we arrived early to get this painstaking event over with. I will tell you that Matt seemed to take this a little more serious than I did. I was nervous for sure, but he was really nervous. He just wanted to make sure they didn't get out the clippers or anything and we would leave with a buzz cut.

It was finally our turn. This guy was a champ. She offered for me to sit in the chair and hold him or let him try by himself. He went right in the chair with no problem, sat as still as could be and didn't make a peep the entire time. Maybe he was in awe of all the hairdryers and curling irons or maybe he was just scared to death?!

And the cutting began. Slow and easy. Here you can really see how long it had gotten in the back. It curls so much in the back you couldn't see the rat tail we were starting to form.

This girl was amazing. She would cut a little, dry it and then we could tell if we were pleased. Not that you could put it back after it was cut, but you know what I mean.

A quick family photo op in the barber shop. Maybe he's still in shock here? 

Fulton even got his very own certificate. I am glad it's over... sad that it really was time for our first hair cut, but glad it was a success. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


With a boy comes superheroes. I am new to this. Growing up I would have considered myself girlie/tomboy. I loved some Barbie Dolls, loved to play dress up, and loved the most wonderful board game ever Mall Madness.... but I also loved playing softball, riding 4-wheelers, and getting dirty. All that to say I was not up on all the superheroes, but it's time to start learning.

We are trying to spread the love amongst the different ones. So far we are supporting Batman and....

Spiderman. Matt is very partial to Batman and says that he is definitely the best. Whatever "the best" is when it comes to superheroes.

Fulton's babysitter made him this superhero mask because the boys at school love to play heroes. We haven't quite got it figured out and sometimes it doesn't always make it where it should, but he loves it anyways.

He even let momma try it out. So I guess there are way more superheroes out there these days, but right now we are sticking to the classics. Still have a few to explore and see who ends up being our fave.