Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Have You Seen This?

This is our new favorite thing. It's called The Red Box. Maybe you have heard of it...but we've got some first timers here. Now matt is a huge movie lover. Me on the other hand... cannot seem to stay awake through one. It's like instant tylenol pm for me. Anyways, so we went to the movie store the other night and I was totally shocked how much one silly movie cost. Get this... $4.89. Crazy!! So we are at Walgreens the other night and matt says let's check this thing out. You can get a movie for $1.00. Only a buck!! And they are good movies too.. not old school stuff like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory or anything. So anyways, that is the excitement for the week.. doesn't take much for us!! I was so excited... I said please take my picture by this fabulous thing.

Matt stood here for a while... such hard decisions...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What a Day!

This may seem like such an innocent piece of plastic. Yesterday, it was more than that. What a day it was. Since nothing else too exciting is going on lately, I will share this little fun we had yesterday. So we are off to class last night.. as we do EVERY night.. I am a little bitter. We never take 2 cars. But we did last night.. and thank goodness. Matt only stayed in class for a bit then had to drive back to the high school for a parent meeting while I stayed in class and suffered through it. Several minutes after he leaves he sends me a text saying my truck won't start, bring me your keys so I can get the jumper cables. What?! So I run out there and he is all flustered and wants to jump it off. I said just take my car, you are already going to be late. So after much convincing he finally took my car. He finishes his meeting and drives all the way back to our school (good thing he didn't forget I was there stranded). I finally get out of class about 8:45... out to the parking lot thinking oh he is all ready to go. No!! Won't even turn over. Stinker!! After many good citizens stop by and to help...all the while matt with his head in the hood and several sorority girls that felt necessary to sit at the picnic table that was 2 feet from our car watching the whole thing... we finally decide to call for help.

We had to get a jumper guy come and with his industrial size cables he jumped us off. What a blessing though--he was a Christian guy who didn't rip us off and we sat and talked about the Lord with him for a bit. Sorry this is getting a little long. By this time it's just us and the janitors on campus. We head to the Wally World and I sit in the truck while matt gets a battery.. off to the house where my dad finally met us about 10:30 to put the new battery in. $150 dollars later.. I guess I won't be getting any new school clothes....What a night!!! PS.... I didn't even mention how I started the day with a steroid injection into my shoulder and argued with the tag place because my new tag hasn't come in and the darn paper thing is expired... I guess it could be worse!! God is really so good to us.. this is really nothing!!! Hope you had a great day!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to the parentals!!! Today is their big day. Guess how many years?? 35!! Woohoo!! Hot dog!! How can it be 35 years when they only look 29? They are just too cute aren't they?! Hope you have a wonderful anniversary!!! We love you!!
PS.... my dad said and I quote " I am going to take mom somewhere real nice... gotta find some good Captain D's coupons"--gotta love him!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Can We Go Back?

This weekend we had a little mini vaca for our anniversary. We couldn't take a big trip this year because of school and football so we squeezed a little trip to Ross Bridge in. It was so nice and such fun. We did get to hang by the pool for a good while after we checked in.

Now let me just tell you about the slide there. It rocks!! Please notice that matt is the only person over 3 feet tall in line. I guess adults were allowed to ride. Who knows.... but we couldn't pass it up.

And here he comes. Matt really wanted to go down face first but I said that would not be a good example for the kids behind him.

And of course I had to try. It only took matt 7 times to get this shot. I will make sure I have the camera when our kids decide to take their first steps.

We went to eat at Brock's that night. This is a very nice restaurant that is way out of our league. One of those places where you look the menu over and I am just looking for something that says chicken is in it ...or pollo or something. Great weekend... can't wait to go back!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

5 Years!

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband! 5 years ago today we got hitched!! This is a picture from when we were in college and had just started dating. This was after matt cut his hair. I will try to find a picture where he had the afro. When I first took matt to meet my parents I know they are were like woah!!! But that didn't last long after they got to know this little charmer. (PS--see that thing on matt's that a friendship bracelet..ha!!!!!) And here we are on our wedding day. What a great day!!We always have so much fun together. We are always getting into something and always manage to have fun even if we are just shelling peas. Matt is such a great husband to me and such a Godly man, who is the spiritual leader of our home. I thank God everyday for bringing us together and this marriage he has given us. Matt is so good to me. He's a keeper!!

Happy 5th Anniversary and many more to come. I can't wait to grow old with you big guy!! God has blessed us far more than we could ever have imagined!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July

I hope everyone had a good 4th. We were at the lake this weekend and had a great time. Matt and I slipped out of class a little early Thursday night so we could head up early. Friday there was a full crowd on the dock. Greg and Ann (aunt and uncle) came over with their boat and were determined to help me and Keri learn to wakeboard. Sister did great!! I really did want to learn. I only got up for like maybe 2.5 seconds. Saturday was a much better day and I stayed up for a good few minutes. It's difficult to hold on to the rope and adjust your swimsuit...but I do feel it isn't necessary for the whole lake to have to see that.

Friday night we shot some fireworks and played with some sparklers. Sometimes the pyromaniac in me comes out--I sure do love some sparklers. Matt screamed when I was swinging them and one brushed his leg. He didn't lose too much hair. Saturday was another fun day with family and friends. Our newlywed friends, Danny and Casey, came up and we had fun playing on the lake with them. It was a fun 4th!!