Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Great Outdoors

One of this things on our summer to do list was to go camping. Summer is officially over, 
but we did finally go camping this weekend. 

We loaded up the car Friday afternoon and met the Baccus fam out at Tannehill State Park to do a little camping. Here is our site all set up and ready to go. 

The RVs and campers don't play around. They decorate their little areas for Halloween and go all out. We strolled through with the kids and enjoyed the decor. 

Don't try this at home. Lighter fluid on the fire will sure get it going quick. 

Sweet friend Claire! I know many people thought we were crazy taking our two year 
olds camping, but why not?! 

We got our little camping stoves and grills going and cooked hotdogs and hamburgers for dinner. 
The kids loved it. 

Our little camping crew. Please excuse the belly shot Fulton is giving. 

The best part... after dinner dessert. Smores!! 

These two monkeys snuck away and were jumping on the bed. After this it was lights out and time to see what the night would hold. 

Fulton has never slept with us and now I know why. We sleep vertically, Fulton sleeps horizontal. Yikes. Matt ended up on the sleeping bag and Fulton and I shared the air mattress. At one point he was sleeping across both our pillows with his elbow in my throat. Precious memories. 

This momma was a little tired the next morning. 

But no time for resting, these two slept great and were ready to go.

We made our way up the museum, perused a bit, and then down to a little 
craft festival they were having. 

Then we made the trek through the trees to an old antique car show they were having. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery, played a bit, crossed a creek, and then it was time to pack up and head home. We had a great time and are already talking about when we will do it again. Fulton gets his own tent next time. Other adventures of the weekend included two birthday parties, a picnic with our small group after church, and some sand volleyball. Busy but fun weekend. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sneak Peek

We had Fulton's two year pictures made last Sunday afternoon. We love our photographer, Stacy Hart, and she has taken Fulton's pictures since he was a newborn. He was actually her first official newborn client. 
She sent us a little sneak peek with a couple pictures and here a few of my favorites. 

Thankfully she was able to photoshop out the busted lip incident from Saturday. 

This little guy did absolutely excellent!! We were so proud of him. He even had a wardrobe change and didn't mind stripping down to his undies in the middle of everyone. 
Looking forward to seeing the rest of the pics. 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

First of the Season

Alabama had their first game of the season and we decided to head down to 
Tuscaloosa and enjoy the day. 

Not without some sweet friends though. Daniel and Matt were going into the game, so Claire and I decided to take the kids and make a day out of it. 

A family photo in front of the stadium. 

This guy had a ball!! Fulton and Avery enjoyed running around everywhere while we chased them. 

We got to meet up with KK and Pops too. They were roughing it with their box seats last night. 

Claire got the kids their very own face tattoos. On a side note, I thought I might not get that thing off last night. I might have taken a little skin off with it when I was rubbing it so hard. 

We made it over to the Walk of Champions to see the players and coaches come in. 
Fulton had the best seat. Right after this sweet moment, Fulton and Avery were playing and he fell and face planted on the concrete, busting his lip open. Thanks to complete strangers for the ice from their tailgate we finally got it to stop bleeding. Should look great for our two year photo shoot this afternoon. 

We parted ways with KK and Pops and the guys were ready to head into the game. Mom and Dad had their other two tickets and we decided to let the guys take the kids into the game for a bit and then Claire and I met them at the gate when they were finished. The kids loved it. The guys stayed for the action and we headed home with the little ones. Fun day in T-town!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Fulton

Happy Second Birthday to our sweet Fulton!!! Today is your birthday big boy!!!

We started off the day with strawberry muffins and sang a good round of Happy 
Birthday and blew out some more candles. Some things about you at 2 years old: You weigh 27 pounds, you are 2 feet 9 inches tall, your favorite book is The ChooChoo book, your favorite food is oatmeal and you would eat it for every meal, your favorite toy is your push lawn mower or golf clubs, your favorite place to be is outside. You go to bed at 7:30pm and usually wake up around 6:30am. You wear a size 6 shoe. You have all the sudden gotten an attachment to a stuffed puppy and won't let him go. If we turn on the music, you will wiggle and dance to the tune. You are a water boy and 
love all things associated with it. 

Two years of precious pictures sitting in this chair with our little chalkboard. We had a great day at church and got to keep Fulton's class and his little friends sang (or sort of sang) 
Happy Birthday to him again. We were trying to clean up the toys at the end and I said --Fulton, let's help clean up and he responded with--Birthday. I guess he meant he didn't have to do anything on his birthday. Gets that from his momma. 

We met the family at Iguana Grill to keep the celebrations going. They sang to him and 
he even got to wear the big sombrero. 

They brought him his own special dessert. Like I have said, Fulton doesn't get sugar... ever..I know... we are mean. So he has had his fix the last two days. He lapped up that whip cream like 
it was going out of style. 

Our little Fulton from newborn, to one year, and today. Fulton, you are such a joy!! God has blessed us so much in being your parents. I know we have a huge job to raise you, rear you, and point your heart towards the Lord. We can sit here and think about what you will become one day, who you will marry, and what you will enjoy doing, but our biggest prayer is that you come to know the Lord as your personal savior. He is the only true hope, joy, satisfaction, 
and completeness we will ever have in this life. Happy Birthday sweet boy! We love you!

Saturday, September 14, 2013


Happy 2nd Birthday Fulton!! Well, not officially until tomorrow, but we celebrating 
with his birthday party today. 

Sister did this cute 2 for the door made out of cupcake liners. Isn't she creative. 

It was a circus theme since that is what our life looks like a lot of the time. We had animal masks and clown noses for the little ones. Popcorn galore and fun little tins to eat it out of. 
Our friend Ford let us borrow his F balloon. We even had special Fulton Birthday 
water bottles that KK made us. 

Pops and Fulton tried on the clown noses to make sure they fit right. 

This little guy was pumped about his party. He couldn't wait for his friends to get there. We have been practicing saying how old we were going to be. He's not good at performing on cue, so sometimes you just get the stare look when you ask him. 

Kiki and Pete were there to help us celebrate.

And of course KK and Pops too. 

Sister's creativeness flowed over into the dessert area too. She made these cute cupcakes that look like popcorn in tins. I know, adorable right?

The most important part... the food table. We grilled hotdogs, had cheese dip, fruit and dip, goldfish, animal crackers, cheese cubes, popcorn, chocolate oatmeal cookies, and fiesta dip. I can't say that I actually ate anything during the party, but it sure was yummy afterwards. 

Fulton's babysitter, Mrs. Lavina, made his cake. Isn't it the cutest. She did a fabulous job. I never told her what I wanted, just told her circus theme, and she came up with this. It was a fun surprise to see it today. He even had his own cake, which did come in handy later as you will see in a minute. 

Our sweet friends... they are the best. 

Each of these families are so special to us and it blessed us that they took time out of their 
day to come celebrate Fulton's life. 

Time to sing Happy Birthday and blow out the candles. 

More precious folks. See that cute wooden bench? Mrs. Lavina made that for Fulton for his birthday. It is made from pallets. Too cute ! We can't wait to use it on the back porch. 

Oh and did I mention the cake was polka dotted inside. Love! Kiki and Fulton got one more jump in the bounce house after everyone left. Yes, that bounce house is pink and purple. The guy was running late, so to make up for it he left two bouncy houses for us, but the extra happened to be for a girl. 
No complaints here. 

Although we continued with our tradition and asked for no gifts, just bring a donation of peanut butter and jelly for the Oak Mountain Missions, the family (and some sweet friends) didn't abide by the no gifts policy. KK and Pops got Fulton his very first tricycle with helmet and all. He loves the bell on it! Kiki and Pete got him a cool shopping cart with food. He also got a bubble blower and a firetruck. Some of his friends gave him magnet animals, an F cape, bowls and plates, and water color books. 

So the party was absolutely wonderful. Beautiful 80 something degree weather, not a cloud in the sky. Great friends and fellowship, yummy food, and a blessed day. So, we were all working hard to clean up the aftermath and we come in the kitchen and find this.... someone sneaking himself a little cake, safety first of course. 

Saturday, September 7, 2013


About two months ago my sweet friend Claire talked us into signing up for the Monkey See Monkey Do 5k. It raises money for Camp Smile a Smile, which is for children with cancer. 

After we officially signed up I started trying to get back into running. In college and early in our marriage we both ran and really loved it. But it had been a while. I have been more of a walker type gal over the years. But I knew I wanted to actually run this thing and not just walk it. Friday night Fulton spent the night with KK and Pops because we had an early start this morning. That meant date night with my main squeeze. How refreshing that was!! Love this man to pieces. 

So we made it out there bright and early this morning with our sweet friends Claire and Daniel and Lindsay and Josh. I have finally decided (Claire too) that this whole running thing is a mental thing for me. When I don't actually "think" about it, I can run a lot longer. So I have been running each day, but had not really worked up to running the whole 3.2 miles yet, so I was interested to see how I would actually make it today. Trying to find time to run was the hardest. During the summer Matt would run at 5:00 am and then I would run at 5:30 when he got back and before he left for work. Once school started back, I just couldn't swing the mornings and I have been running at night after Fulton goes to bed. Ugh. It's hard some nights. 

We made it to the finish line. I had 2 goals today: to run the whole thing and not to come in last place. I achieved both of them. My time was 30:32 which Matt totally kicked my tail with his time, but I told him from the start, don't wait on this chunky monkey. I know a 5k isn't much to most people, but it was  a big accomplishment for me. Someone who is clearly way out of shape, 
but trying to work her way back in. 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Quick Get Away

We usually spend Labor Day at the lake and we were still planning on it up until just a few days ago. Mom and Dad had a cancellation at their condo and had a few small projects and asked if wanted to come along for a quick weekend at the beach. Sure we did. 

We were up early Saturday morning to make the drive down. We jumped out of the car and into our swimsuits as fast as we could. This little guy was eager to get to the beach. 

He picked up right where he left off from earlier in the summer. 

Failed picture attempt. He is mesmerized by airplanes these days 
and couldn't take his eyes off of it. 

Pops has found him a new snacking buddy and Fulton has found a new love... 
dill pickle chips. Right in his momma's footsteps. These are my absolute favorite chips. Between 
these two guys, I didn't get but a few crumbs though. Saturday night we 
ordered take-out and watched our Tide win the first one of the season. Sweet. 

Sunday we were out and ready for some more fun. 

We couldn't keep these two out of the ocean. Getting in the ocean is not my favorite. 
I am not a fan of the saltwater myself.

All that swimming will wear you out. 

We went to dinner at Tacky Jack's... our fave. Which by the way I had a 
grilled shrimp wrap. Oh my, why haven't I ordered this before. It was delish. 
Maybe Matt can re-create it for me because I really want another one. 

This certain little guy doesn't do too well sitting after he is finished eating, so KK took him on a little walk to watch the boats. I think they were supposed to be entertained by the boats, but it was more like Fulton entertaining the boats going by. He had to wave and say hi to each one. 

It was a nice little spot to sit and relax after dinner. 

Pops had been saving his quarters and we went back to the famous money pit jet thing across from the condo. Matt couldn't stand it and wanted a quarter for his too. 

We met some new friends too. As if we hadn't consumed enough, we headed to Hope's Cheesecakes for dessert. This is where we each got our own slice. No one was willing to share with the others. I had red velvet and my stars it was fabulous. 

Today we decided to stay a little longer and play some more. We are just so blessed to be able to enjoy God's creation like this. I realize some children may never see the sand and ocean in their lifetime, so I pray we never take this for granted. 

We played our little hearts out until we turned around and saw this behind us. Yikes... time to head in. We had a long, long car ride home today. Seems everyone else in the surrounding states were heading home from the beach too. Lots of family bonding in the car. Sweet memories from this weekend!!