Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Going Away Party

Sunday was our last day at Grace. We thought it would be a low key day, just trying not to get sad about leaving. It all started with the pastor saying something about us in front of the congregation and then I come around the corner to Sunday School and our wonderful class has thrown us a surprise going away party. To say we were overwhelmed is the least. Of course I just boohooed. A few people got up to do a little roasting on us and one went over the top with his time. Daniel wrote a poem and even memorized it. It was too funny!! It was a special time with all our dear friends there. They fixed some delicious food and made a very special scrapbook for us to take with us. These are random pictures, but my good buddy and photographer, Ashley, took a bunch of pictures so I will post them when I see them. This is our class. Johnny didn't get to teach much because of the party, sorry Johnny.
Ashley, me, and Kristy Hunt. Kristy really wants my KHBAMA tag because we have the same initials.. but I am not ready to give it up yet.
Matt saying some goodbyes to our friends Jonathan and Mandy Edwards.
Me with my precious friends and mentors, Kent and Debra. We love us some Kent and Debra and hope they will come visit us in Bham.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Beach Trip

This past week we went to Gulf Shores with the fam. The Bouchillons, our family from South Carolina, otherwise known as "the people", came down as well. We haven't been on a true vacation with them in years and we had such a fun time. The weather was great and we enjoyed relaxing on the beach. We had one last hoorah before school starts. Thanks mom and dad for a fun vacation--we missed you keri berry!!

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad

This is a little late, but we have been at the beach and didn't have great internet access. So... a Happy Anniversary to my lovely parents. Aren't they just the cutest thing ever?!? They celebrated their 34th wedding anniversary on Sunday, July 20th. What a joyous day that was many years ago, but not as grand as when their youngest daughter was born. Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad-- Love you lots!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Curvin's Cow Pasture

Today we had a Sunday School fellowship at Curvin's Cow Pasture. It is owned by our good friend Cassie's dad. We were planning to have a picnic and then the torrential rains began. We had two big storms come through. It didn't mess the party up, just made it a little muddy and wet. We love our class and always have fun times when we get together.

The guys were trying to salvage the burgers in between storms.
Matt and his good buddy Patrick just supervising the grilling.
Some of the guys decided to have a race in the pool. This is Daniel, Steven, and Matt. Daniel and Matt put up a good fight, but Steven won!
Our dear friends Kent and Debra, and also our Sunday School teachers. We met Kent and Debra when we first came to Grace Baptist Church and have been best friends with them ever since. They are like our other set of parents and they take good care of us!
Some of the girls -Jennifer, me, Tatum, and Ashley.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Trip to Sedona, Arizona

This past week Matt and I went to Sedona, Arizona for our 4th anniversary. It was Matt's year to pick where we went for our anniversary and he wanted to go on a cruise. Well, I kind of wigged out about the boat and so he decided on Sedona. Matt is all into the history stuff, so I thought well, just show me where the gift shop is... but it was a really great trip. Arizona is a beautiful state with lots of fun things to do. I will spare you the 150 pictures I took and just hit the highlights!

This was our first day on the way to Sedona from the airport. This is Montezuma's Castle. People lived in this long long time ago. It's carved in the side of a mountain. Interesting!
Day two took us to the Grand Canyon. We took a 2 hour train ride to the Grand Canyon and that was a lot of fun. I really didn't know what to expect with what it would look like.. but it was amazing. This is an incredible piece of God's work. Matt made me a little nervous with how close he got to the edge.
More of the Grand Canyon. We had about 3 hours before our train left to head back, so we were trying to cram it all in.
The next day we took a Jeep tour through the Red Rock area. Our driver decided to get a little adventurous and I was bouncing off the seats.. out of control!! We were able to see an area we probably wouldn't have been able to see in the ole Advenger rental car.
This was the sunset from the Sedona Airport. We just happened upon this when we were driving around one night.
This was the Tuzigoot National Monument. Oh the high this day was a nice 106 degrees.
From there we went to the Blazin'M Ranch dinner show. It's a dinner in this barn where they do a show after you eat. Lots of fun. We also had massages this day, sorry no pictures of that.
Sightseeing on Thursday. This is called Snoopy Rock. Can you see Snoopy sleeping?
This was our last night and also our anniversary. We went to a nice Italian restaurant. Yum! We had a great trip. Matt already wants to go back!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

More 4th pics...

In case you didn't get enough... here are a few more pictures. We had a huge tornado storm come up and Matt had to take the opportunity to entertain us... the wind was blowing very hard.. but not quite this hard.
He got up on the wakeboard.
Keri, Jen, and mom going for a ride on the airhead race.
Matt and dad after a long day of playing hard.

4th of July

We had a great 4th of July weekend at the lake. Matt has been trying so hard to get up on the wakeboard and he did great this weekend. Matt and I went a few days early to work with mom and dad on the landscaping at the house, so it was fun to get to play for a few days too. We shot some fireworks.. or shall I say we watched Matt shoot the fireworks. He put on a nice show for us. We had a fun weekend and we are off tomorrow for Sedona, Arizona for a week for our anniversary. Fun times!! Matt is so proud of himself.. don't you love the hair?!
Me, Matt, and mom on the airhead race. This thing is out of control!
Matt and I with the fireworks.
Mom was freezing during the "show"... loved the weather this week.
Me and my Papa. I had to force him to take a picture with me (his favorite grandchild).

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Sign Is In The Yard

We put our house on the market today. Very exciting.. kind of scary, but I know God will take care of this detail too. We would have loved to sell it ourselves but we are going to be gone so much in July and then we will head to Bham for good, so it just wasn't going to happen. Of course we had to take pictures since this was our first house that we bought and now we are selling... please try to fight back the tears.