Monday, January 28, 2013

Thrill Seeker

We have quite the adventurous one on our hands these days. 
Not that it comes to a surprise to anyone, but he uses his toys for other purposes sometimes. Fulton got this tricycle from his sweet babysitter and doesn't always use it to ride on. Recently we caught him in the act.

 He is concentrating hard to see if he can stand all the way up and still reach the handle bars.

 Nah, I think I can do it without holding on. Little stinker.

And now he realizes we are watching him and he is quite proud of himself. Makes me a little nervous. He is a climber for sure... and doesn't seem to have a lot of fear. Maybe this is just a boy thing?! Obviously I am a first timer here so I don't know, but I know we have to keep our eye on this guy at all times or I am afraid he may climb on top of the entertainment center.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Move

Last weekend mom and dad, or also known as KK and Pops, moved. Crazy thing... their house wasn't even on the market. Really? How does that happen? Anyways, someone wanted to buy their house.... they loved their home, weren't attached to it, so adios... start looking for a new one. Hooray for them. 
They were set to move on Saturday, so Friday night we went over to help pack some last minute boxes. Help is a strong word to use... we, as in Fulton and myself, didn't do much helping. He did enjoy playing in the boxes though.

 Aunt Keri and Uncle Pete came too and Fulton was pumped to have lots of people to entertain.

The highlight of his night was probably attempting to escape from me and making a beeline to the ramp going up in the truck. Talk about mad... he sure was when I pulled him back down. 

He stole Pop's gloves and was determined to help... and to keep me out of this picture too. He succeeded at one of those things. 

 Saturday morning we were back up and ready to help unload at the new house. Pops had a little shadow trailing behind him most of the day.

But again... we weren't much help. Someone was more interested in having lunch. It was a successful weekend of moving and we love their new house.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Little Helper

Our little buddy is growing too too fast and has become quite the helper these days. 
Matt was busy trying to put a piece back on the bottom of our fridge (one that Fulton had actually managed to pull off) and someone decided he would get down there and see what he could do to help.

 He is looking intently to see what the problem is.

Then he gave up and decided to make a game out of it. Once Matt finished and got up, Fulton got back down to the spot and made sure he fixed it right. We need to get him his own tool belt.

In other happenings, we were in Target the other day and Fulton was talking very loud. I put my finger up to my mouth and said shhh. Now he likes to do it too. It's funny, unless he is telling us to shhh.

 But sometimes his finger misses and this happens.

I could just eat him up. We love this guy to pieces!! He is so much fun.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Lunch Date

We had nothing on the schedule for today and it was glorious. Fulton and I headed south for some good company for a lunch date. 

We went out to Matt's school to meet him for lunch. After some good ole fixins at Papaw's Fine Dining, we went back to Matt's office to see what we could get in to. After woohing all the office ladies, we played at daddy's desk.

Not many toys to play with, but he found a few things that kept him entertained. At least these were better than trying to turn on the shredder machine which he kept doing.

Look at this stud standing next to all his hard work. So proud of my man. And to make the day complete, we stopped by Sonic on the way home for an ice cream cone. I guess I shouldn't say "we"-- more of just me. I was probably the only person getting a vanilla cone when it was 39 degrees outside. So much for eating healthier in 2013, I have already failed. Oh well, fun day anyways!