Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Face Lift For The Blog

I had a little free time today and thought the ole blog deserved a face lift. What do you think? I am not too savvy with all of this so, we'll see! And just to make you smile, a little picture of the Harley man. This was before I sat down to start working on the computer.
And after. He was bored and pooped out. He does this when he wants you to scratch his belly.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Grandma's New Crib

My Grandma closed on her house this week and we did some major move-in, put away, and sprucing up today. Of course everything she has is new so we had lots to take out of boxes and wash and put away. It's starting to look like a home now that things are in their places. We worked in the yard a good bit and if you look closely, yes you will see me cutting the grass. This was my first time and I have a new respect for Matt and all the other men that cut their grass. (p.s. I didn't enjoy it and will not be participating in this activity again). My dad is so excited for Grandma to have her a nice house and he's calling it the "party pad." Matt said to Grandma--I like your new crib--she said what?! baby crib?! I love her!


Friday night was Homecoming at Hoover. There was a lot of good "people watching" action with all the interesting dresses that the girls had on. They don't make them with much fabric these days. It was a good game and Hoover came out with a win over Oak Mountain. These banners are outrageous that the cheerleaders make. I personally couldn't stand to work on something that huge and then have someone rip through it, but whatever...
Keri graced us with her presence. Thanks for coming sister!!
Me and Kristin. We had great seats to comment on all the dresses.
I tried out some new functions on our camera.. you can capture a certain color and then everything else is black and white.. too cool! I should have read the book earlier.
And the "after-game" shot. The bus was about to leave so Matt was like uh who cares about the picture, I am about to get left.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Alabama Game

Saturday we went to the Alabama vs. Western Kentucky game with mom and dad. It was quite toasty at the beginning, but cooled off and ended up being nice. Alabama wooped up on some WKU, hopefully we can continue that this week! Roll Tide!

This is Matt's "stop taking pictures and don't bother me during the game" look. He is serious about some football.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Grandma's Birthday

Thursday, September 11th, was my Grandma's birthday. It has been a tough last few weeks for her so we wanted to do something special for her birthday. My dad went and picked her and her sister up after work and we all met at Cracker Barrel. She also got the great news on her birthday that it has worked out that she is able to buy a house a few towns over from where she was living. It is such a nice house in a good neighborhood. What a blessing!! Her sister, Gin, Grandma, and Keri. For her birthday I took some very old small photos and had them blown up and framed. The first is of Grandma and my dad, then my Grandma and Grandpa and my dad, and my dad when he was about 4. She absolutely loved them.
Mom and Dad in the rockers out front. Aren't these AL rockers cute?!
Grandma and Dad
Me and Grandma (Grandma says "Kristen, why do you take so many pictures?")
I got stuck with the kid size rocker.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Little Bit of Everything This Weekend

And that's exactly what this weekend was.. a little bit of everything. Friday night Hoover played Homewood and came out with a win. Saturday morning we had to do the adult thing and skip out on going to the Alabama game so we could pack some things in our house. It was fast trip of packing, but we even managed to have a little visit with Matt's parents while we were there. I worked so hard Matt even got me a slushi on the way home! We then headed back into town in time to head to eat and watch the AL game. This morning we visited another church and small group and then off to practice for Matt and I started my Sunday afternoon sewing classes. My good buddy Doretta (who refused to be in the picture) is teaching me to sew. A few of the coaches wives are pregnant, so today I started with a burp cloth that she is going to monogram for each of them. Now I can start making Matt's clothes! Coach Jordan's girlfriend (Casey), me, Coach Kurvin's wife (Kristin)
I know Matt gets sick of taking these "after game photos" --but I just love it!
Watching the AL game at Full Moon BBQ
A little Harley man shot. We found this cowboy hat on a doll and it was the perfect size for the buddy.
The burp cloth I made, minus the monogram. I knew I should have taken Home Ec in high school.