Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend With Friends

This weekend we had our dear friends, Kent and Debra, up to the lake. Kent and Debra were our sunday school teachers when we were in Oxford and we have been friends for about 5 years. We became instant friends when we both started going to Grace and they were like our adoptive parents. They took good care of us since we didn't have our families close. Here's the sad part..they are moving to Texas. We will come visit .... I am all into rodeos now!! Kent is an avid diver so he brought his snorkeling stuff and wanted matt and I to see what we could find. I semi-freaked out and said that if I saw fish or the bottom I would probably never get in again. Happy times with friends!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Danny and Casey's Wedding

Saturday night we left the lake a little early with Kristin and Jason to go to our sweet friends--Danny and Casey's wedding!! We got there a little early, but thank goodness because we had to go to the restroom to get butterfinger off Kristin's dress. It's never a dull moment when we are together. The wedding was very sweet and we were pumped about the reception because we were all starving. After stuffing myself with 14 cocktail weenies we decided to head out. We had a nice little drive back. On the way out we did stop for a photo shoot beside the car they were leaving in. I really wanted to get in the car and take my picture but the driver who was standing inside started staring at us and Matt said --Kristen that is enough! I hated that we didn't get to stay until the end--so I threw birdseed on Kristin and we had our own party. Congrats to Danny and Casey!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Party At The Lake

This weekend we went to the lake and our friends Jason and Kristin came for some fun. Poor Kristin does not like to swim in water that she can't see the bottom of and Jason gets a little sea sick sometimes... but other than that it was a great time!!! Now for the party... well, the ole birthday is coming up so we did a little early celebration party. I think you should have a "birthday week"--so let the celebrations begin! Matt cooked up this Luau party for me and got mom and keri involved and they threw me a surprise Luau. How fun!!! I woke up Saturday morning to some music and I just swore I was in Hawaii (reminded me of that episode on Saved By The Bell where they go to the Hawaiian Hideway.. you know Kelly's grandfather's hotel in Hawaii...) but then I came back to reality. But they made it look very close!!

Matt worked so hard on my party and even got me this lovely outfit below. Grass skirt and all!! And we can't forget the yum yum oreo ice cream cake. That was something good!! Keri made a fabulous punch that we drank out of real coconut cups that mom got. We even had grilled pineapple on Hawaiian chicken. They all did so much for my party and I loved it!! Fun weekend!!

PS--sister put the numbers backwards--really I am not 72--I know you were wondering.

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to the ole pops!! We had a little Father's Day celebration at the lake... a little yesterday and a little more today. We like to party all weekend. We all got dad some new shades for the day. Mom likes the ones that she got better... see below! Happy Father's Day to a great day!! Hope it was a good one--you deserve it. We love you!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Matt!!

Well, today is the day... it's Matt's birthday. I know this is a little late but we just finished his birthday party so I had to include those pictures. We had some people over to grill out for the big day and I think it was a success!! Happy Birthday to my hubby. I hope you had a great birthday!! I love you big guy!! See that cute little guy below.. I love this guy!!! Our sweet dear friends from James and Rachel drove all the way from Oxford to celebrate with Matt and we just love to see their little boy, Wyatt. He is so much fun!! It was so great to see them!! We miss them!
We had some couples from our small group come help celebrate too. Top right is Jonathan and Rachel--the precious newlyweds and bottom middle--Heather and Gemini. Heather has herself a big birthday party coming up that will blow Matt's backyard birthday bash out of the water. Bottom right is Matt's coaching buddy Danny--who will be getting married in one short week.

And a few more snapshots. After the crowd left Matt opened his presents and he got some nice stuff. Keri got him a home improvement book that he wanted so hopefully he won't have the kitchen countertops torn out when we get home. Mom and Dad got him an AL picture and he almost peed in his pants. The Harley man was a little traumatized with all the action.. hopefully the little guy will sleep a little late tomorrow. Fun party--thanks to my kitchen crew aka keri and mom--you guys rock!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Picnic

Today we had a picnic at Veteran's Park with our small group from church. I didn't take many pictures... we had lots of activities planned. One of those was the water balloon toss. Matt, Amanda, David, and myself were modeling what to do for the contest and everything was going fine until we just got too far apart and I couldn't throw that thing as far as matt was. I tried with all my might but it fell just a little short and busted on his feet. Ooops! I am going to find me some water balloons so we can practice this and we will win next time.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Poor Guy

Poor Matty... this was last week on Memorial Day. He will give me a wedgie if he finds out I took this picture and put this on here. He was out. So matt got really sick on Sunday night before Memorial Day--Now I don't do throw up or other smells very well. I actually have a super sonic smeller and sometimes this causes me to gag... a lot. But this is the first time I have dealt with throw up in our marriage and I did survive. We had to take him to the emergency room and he got all kinds of medicines and had to have several bags of fluids. He is so much better this week.. it only delayed our trip to the beach for one day. In the ER they have these great travel throw up bags... while the nurse was out I got a few to stash in the car in case this ever happens again.