Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ice Ice Baby

Now that you are singing a little Vanilla Ice, let me tell you about something we did this weekend. Expanding our horizons, we ventured out to the Alabama hockey game. I like to call myself a hockey fan, although I haven't been in quite sometime... probably since high school when the Birmingham Bulls used to play at the Civic Center. I never understood the rules or really got into the game, but I thought it was pretty cool when they would fight. This night didn't disappoint in that department either. We had to bundle up... brr.. it's cold at the ice skating rink. I made a comment on the way in that I hope they have the heat on... Matt said, don't count on it.

Here's the team. Who knew AL had a hockey team?? I didn't until a few weeks ago and the place was packed. It was the last home game..there's always next year.

Look at this cuteness. So at half time they let the little peewee hockey team come out and play. Some of these boys couldn't have been more than 5 years old. They looked about like I do on skates.

Our buds, Danny and Casey, joined us for some fun.

Here we are towards the end.. Matt wants to go ahead and beat the crowd so we stop to watch it at the glass. Now, this is where the action is.

Up close and personal. This was right before 2 of the guys were slammed into the glass right in front of me and I nearly peed my pants and dropped the camera. I did let out a little yelp too, Matt moved a little further away from me, I guess so people wouldn't think we were together. Fun times at the ice rink.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fabulous Friends

Nothing too exciting going on this month of January... but last night we got together with our small group to celebrate our friends, Jonathan and Melissa, and the soon arrival of baby Maya.
Me with my buddy Ian. What you can't see in this cute picture is the yellow sticky slobber all over my hand from this lovely sucker he has.

Love these girls!

The sweet couple... they got lots of good stuff. Sidenote... I should never be the one to write down the gifts again because I didn't know what half the stuff was and I couldn't spell some of it.

The girls! See that sweet baby next to me.. that is Lydia.. last time we all got together for a shower it was for her!! She is adorable.

Awesome cake that Hope made.... she does a great job.. and very tasty too. I don't think I would be able to cut into my hard work like that.. but that puppy had to be eaten.

Me and the hubs. This guy is awesome... he made some killer chili and some mean grilled cheeses for the group last night.. he's a keeper!

Saturday, January 8, 2011


So I am flipping through the channels over Christmas break and I start telling the hubs that they just don't make TV shows like the used to. We don't watch much TV in our house and when we do, it's mostly TLC, Food Network, or HGTV. Now, Matt loves him some ESPN, but as for sitcoms, there aren't really we are into. So, it made me reminisce over some of my favs when I was younger... let's take a walk down memory lane. Do you remember these? Full House. I love this show--hear that.. love, as in I still watch it when it comes on. I always thought it was cool that DJ and Stephanie shared a room and I knew sister would never have shared a room with me. Favorite episode is when DJ starts dieting and passes out at the gym... so intense!
Growing Pains. I love some Kirk Cameron... this guy is a strong Christian and speaks out on his faith a lot these days, which makes Growing Pains even cooler. Poor Carol, she was so smart and her glasses were so thick.

Punky Brewster. Oh goodness, I really wished I was Punky. I mean not the whole orphan part, but I loved her "style." She always wore those 2 different colored shoes and had the coolest room ever. Favorite episode is when they were playing hide and go seek in the back and she hid in an old fridge and got stuck. That one had me on the edge of my seat.

The Wonder Years. I sort of remember watching this one around dinner time. That mans voice that talked for Kevin always sort of creeped me out, but I loved Winnie's hair. Poor Kevin, his brother Wayne was so mean.

Saved By The Bell. I saved the best for last!! I love love love this show and still watch it at 6:00 every morning when I am getting ready for school. If they take this off the air, I will cry. There are too many favorite episodes to name, but one of my favs is when they have to make their own product and one of them makes "buddy bands." Why didn't I think of this?!