Sunday, September 30, 2012

12 Month Photo Shoot

We had Fulton's 12 month photo shoot last Sunday afternoon and our wonderful photographer, Stacy Hart,  gave us a sneak peak from a few of the pictures. 

Fulton had his newborn pictures taken in this same crate, so it was cool to see him standing behind it this time.
This little ham was eating up the camera.

And we attempted a family shot. Wasn't sure how this was going to turn out because he was a squirmy wormy and just wanted to crawl and play in the grass. But he did good.

He was thrilled to have another smash cake. The farm owner said the goats would enjoy the leftovers. 

There was this huge tractor sitting on the farm and we weren't planning to do any pictures with it and just impromptu like we sat him in the wheel and he thought he was big stuff.
And this was the photographer's idea and it turned out so cute. He wasn't a big fan of the water, but he sure did enjoy the duck. We were out there for almost 2 hours and this little guy was a champ! Special thanks to Aunt Keri for coming and making someone smile during the shoot. There are tons more that she took with different outfits and poses, so I cannot wait to see how those turned out too. Hooray for 12 month pics!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Spreading The Love

We have been spreading the love through different cultures this week
Thursday night we loaded up with the fam and went downtown to the Greek Festival. Matt and I didn't get to attend with the rest of the crew last year because our Fulton was just a wee little one at that time.

The food was delish. I had some pasta something or another and I loved it and so did Fulton. We even sampled these fried doughnut hole things. Very low fat, I am sure.

Fulton kept himself entertained with a plastic spoon because he was waiting patiently to watch the dancers and hear the music.

 Sister was so good and took him to the stage and just let him so some people watching.

 Our lovely attempt at a family photo.
 Take 2. A little better. Maybe.
Friday night we had Mexican with our sweet neighbors. Graysen entertained Fulton with this straw in his hair. He thought it was hilarious. Doesn't take much to make him laugh. After dinner we did what every cool family does on Friday nights. Went to the Dollar Tree. Don't be jealous. Today we sampled some American food with some good ole hamburgers and fries from Green Valley Drugs. Ate it at Star Lake and Fulton fed the turtles his animal crackers. We are just making sure Fulton is experiencing all kinds of culturey foods.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Green Thumb And A Dr's Visit

I came home from work one day last week to find this sign in our yard. Hooray for the yard boy, otherwise known as Matt. 
 Matt works so hard in our yard to keep it looking fabulous, so I am glad he got to enjoy this honor. I made him pose with his certificate and Lowe's gift card. Hooray for him!

 In other happenings this week, we recovered from the big birthday bash and had our 12 month appointment mid week but unfortunately our little man had his very first illness. Boo. He had had a little runny nose and a slight cough this week, but when the dr looked in his ears for his check-up, he said uh oh we have a little ear infection. It's his very first one and the first time he has ever had to take medicine. I guess we are very thankful we made it 12 months before getting officially sick. He didn't really miss a beat, so we had no idea he had this. No screaming, no ear pulling, nothing... just went on as normal. So, no shots this week, but we will go back in a few days and hopefully be cleared and finish our 12 month check-up.

 Aunt Keri, KK and Pops came over for dinner one night this week and we had a little time enjoying F's birthday present. His new wagon has been a big hit and sister got her workout going up and down the street.
 I think I am clearly over the weight limit times three, but Fulton let me get in anyways.
 This boy is a mess and so much fun. He is already wanting to wear daddy's ties.. just not in the correct place.
Still no walking solo for this guy. Just keeping it safe pushing our car and cruising around the coffee table. We are gearing up for another fun day of Alabama football!!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The First Birthday

Today was the big day... Fulton's first birthday. I don't know where the year went. Too too fast. I was so glad his birthday landed on a Saturday so we could celebrate the first one on his actual day. 
 His birthday was centered around the book "The Very Hungry Caterpillar." I found lots of cute ideas on Pinterest and the cuteness was endless. Including this number 1 I made for the front door. Just wanted to remind people how old he was.

 If you have read the book, and if you haven't you really should, it's super cute. But anyways, Fulton's babysitter cut out (with her fancy cricut) all the foods from the book and we covered the walls with them. It started making me hungry looking at all these delicious treats.

 I made this handy dandy extra large caterpillar out of his monthly pictures. Oh how fun it was to look  back at each month and see how much he has grown. I thought it was such a great idea that I would put it up earlier this week one night after Fulton went to bed. Not such a great idea the next day when he starting ripping them down and eating them.

 Aunt Keri made the awesome cute Number 1 on the fireplace... out of cupcake wrappers. What a genius. It was too cute. And mom made some fabulous water bottle labels that said "The Very Thirsty Caterpillar."

 This was the favor and book signing table. The favors were a collaborative effort between mom, sister, and myself. And all the guests were asked to sign Fulton's caterpillar book with a special birthday message. I thought it was a neat way to have a keepsake of who came and a way to look back on it.

 The outside eating area. It turned out to be an absolutely beautiful day in the mid 80's, but the tent was nice to shade from the sun in our backyard.
 Here's the food table. Aunt Keri made the lifesize caterpillar and I love it so much I might just keep it up for decoration for a while. We had some yummy foods thanks to mom and Keri, including: cocktail weenies, chocolate chip cookies, goldfish, watermelon, strawberries, sausage balls, chocolate dipped pretzels, grapes, cheese cubes, apples with dip, rotel dip, cake pops, and chocolate oatmeal cookies. I think I gained 5 pounds today from all the deliciousness.
 Fulton's fabulous caterpillar cake. Mrs. Vin, his babysitter, made this precious creation. Let's just say some mommies are probably going to be scrubbing green icing out of clothes for a couple of days.

 And she made his smash cake too.

 We finished setting up a few minutes before the party started and took a few family photos before beginning the big shindig. Fulton was not in the smiling mood because we actually had to wake him up because he was taking such a long morning nap and people were about to arrive. I never like to be woken up from my naps either.

 Random shots of the festivities. We were able to have the AU game on outside for our friends that root for the other team.
 Sweet friends and family.
 Lots of people that love this little man and came to help us celebrate.
 Now it was time for cake, the best part. Fulton was not having any part of this hat. We should have practiced this week...maybe next year. Or I guess not since it has a 1 on it. Maybe when he is 10, I can add a zero and make him wear it.
 At first this little guy just ate the fondant fruit off and just chewed it.
 Then the fun began. He was loving it.
 Made a huge mess, had cake in all crevices of his face and his hair. He was a hot mess.
 We cleaned up and played with our friends and when everyone had gone we had a little gift time. Now, on the invitation we asked for no gifts, and if you wanted to bring something, then you were asked to bring a donation for The Foundry. We just don't want Fulton to think birthdays are about gifts, and he truly didn't need anything anyways, we would rather collect items for others. With that being said, some people didn't follow the rules, including my family. Aunt Keri and Uncle Pete got Fulton this super cute chair and he had a ball playing with it. It's just his size. Now if we can just get him to sit still, I think he will enjoy it.
 KK and Pops sported Fulton with his first set of wheels in his very first Cozy Coup. He wore himself out helping Pops and Daddy put it together. Man that thing came with some parts.
 He loves it already and if gas prices keep rising, he may have to share with us and I might start driving it to work.
We opened a few more things, he got some cute new clothes that I am sure mommy is more excited about than he is. Can I just say that we could not have done this without the huge help of my fam. They are awesome. My mom and sister have spent hours and hours making things and helping us prepare. And the guys have put in some sweat and muscles to help us get ready for this big day. It was a wonderful day to celebrate Fulton's 365th day!! He isn't even officially one yet, but at 8:34 we will sing a quiet Happy Birthday to him from across the house and hopefully he will be sleeping soundly. Happy Birthday to our sweet Fulton! We love him to pieces.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Ladies Man

Matt's school had a football game this week and we went to cheer on the wildcats. This is what Fulton did the whole game. He loved watching the cheerleaders. We are really working on SS. Code word for "stop staring." He totally gets this from his momma. I love to people watch. If he would keep his sunglasses on it wouldn't be so obvious, at least that's what I do. If these sweet girls love cheerios and slobbery kisses, then he's your man.