Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

This weekend we finally had a chance to carve our pumpkin. Matt and I get into some pumpkin carving. Matt is really good at the carving part and if I don't say so myself, I am a pro at pulling the guts out. This is something we started doing when we started dating and it's always a big deal when we go pickin' out the pumpkin we are going to carve. (Not sure why these crazy pictures posted in backwards order) The finished product. You get to see it first instead of last...now it's only downhill from here in excitement
We made the Harley man pose for a picture with the pumpkin. His eyes are glowing--spooky

The best part--it's kind of therapeutic to me

Matt is concentrating hard on getting this design

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Our Weekend

Our first real Fall weekend and it was a chilly one. Hoover played Vestavia Friday night and won 17-2. That makes them the region champs and now that extends our season longer--means I need to get a few more orange shirts. Saturday we decided not to go to the Alabama game and instead went to Party City to play with the Halloween stuff. You can see below we tried on a few masks and people around us were probably wondering why we didn't have better things to do. Matt and I love to play and that is a great store to do that! Saturday night we met our friends from Oxford, Joe and Kristy, at Wings as they were heading back from the AL game. We love these guys and miss them!! It was fun to catch up with them. This afternoon I switched out our summer and fall clothes--can't wait until Matt gets home and he can't find anything-it will be like a scavenger hunt. Fun!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday Afternoon Painting

I didn't have my sewing class today, so I was still feeling a little crafty and mom and I decided to do a little painting. Mom and I went to Sips n Strokes a few times before and my mom is very good at painting so has now quit going to that and painting on her own.. anyways... at first my canvas looked like someone threw up on it... but it got a little better as it went on. Mom working on the finishing touches of her painting.
My finished product.. I know it's no Van Gogh but it will do to cover a hole in the wall or something.
You can see our finished paintings look very different--but you can get the gist.

Dinner at Cajun Steamer

After a long day of working at the house we don't live in, we went to dinner with the Kervins. I had never been to the Cajun Steamer, and much like it's name it's quite a spicy place. My mouth was on fire for a good while, but it was yummy. On the way back to the car we stopped by the pet store--Kristin and Jason almost had an impulse buy to get a kitten--although I am not a fan of cats--but it was cute... luckily it was already sold. Kristin and Jason--while the guys were actually still paying attention to us.
The guys were so into watching the game on tv and talking football, so Kristin and I entertained ourselves by taking pictures of each other. If only they had a playground.
Kristin will all the napkins she used with the messy food. The guys were still ignoring us...
Look at these puppies.. aren't they so stinkin cute or what?!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Prayer Request

We have a huge prayer request for our friends and neighbors from Oxford, Janna and Richard. They had their baby, Alli, in June and she was 3 months early. Alli has been a fighter since the very beginning and they thought she was improving. She was moved to Children's hospital not too long ago and late last week began to take a turn for the worse. Matt and I, along with another couple from Oxford, had the opportunity to go to the hospital last night to see Alli. The doctors had told them that they didn't think there was anything else they could do. While we were there, the doctors called Janna and Richard in to tell them Alli may not make it through the night. The nurses were great and allowed all of us to go back to see Alli. It was so difficult to see her so sick and we all just began to cry. We prayed over her and knew God was in control of the situation. We got the news today that Alli passed away last night. Janna and Richard are amazing people with such a trust to know God will get the glory from this situation. God has great plans for this precious couple. Please pray for them as they heal from losing their child.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Alabama vs. Kentucky

Saturday we went to the Alabama game. Mom and Dad went to Gatlinburg for the weekend so we got to sit with Keri and Steven. Bama didn't play as well as they should have, so good thing Steven wore his lucky shirt. We got to tailgate with them and meet up with some great friends from Oxford that we haven't seen, so it was a great day! Quick picture before the game. After getting home in the wee hours of the morning Friday night and then leaving early Saturday for the game--Matt was beginning to get a little tired--but he always seems to find a burst of energy when football is involved. I love this guy!!
My good friend, Tatum, from our small group in Oxford. Isn't she beautiful pregnant?! It was great to see her and Daniel and catch up with them. We miss them!!
My dear friend, Pam, from the school I used to work at. I miss this friend so much. She was a blast to work with and always made me laugh. I miss all my middle school buds! She tailgates right beside Keri's spot. Great to catch up with her too.
Me and the sister. We had fun sitting together--haven't done that in a while.