Friday, November 23, 2012


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday celebrating with family. We are so blessed and have so much to be thankful for. We have had such a wonderful week and it has made my heart full to spend so much time with the man I love and the little man I love. 

We went to my parents yesterday to spend the day celebrating. I could list so much that we have to be thankful for. Let me try to name a few. Thankful for these two loves of my life and the beautiful creation that God has allowed us to enjoy every day.

Thankful for smiles and laughs. This guy keeps us on our toes for sure, but he keeps us laughing too. He has brought much joy to our lives.

Thankful for an amazing Aunt Keri and Uncle Pete that we love spending time with. They love him to pieces. Please don't let Fulton's serious look make you think otherwise.

Thankful for delicious foods to fill our bellies. We have never been or gone hungry compared to others in this world. Everyone came together to put on a heafty spread for dinner and KK even had a special plate for this little guy.

Thankful for things to keep us entertained. It's the little things that get him excited. He completely re-organized (or maybe mom would say unorganized) the tupperware cabinet after dinner.

Thankful for family. Simply great family. We were blessed to spend time with Matt's precious family this week too and see his grandparents. Missed seeing my other Grandma, but we are so blessed to still have our grandparents in our lives.

More family. My Aunt Ann and Uncle Greg made the drive to visit too. We were thankful to catch up with them. And our little Harley too. He was our first child and has given us many hours of love and kisses.

Thankful for wrestling matches on the floor and we aren't worried about what might get broken (KK might not say that one day when Fulton wails one of her porcelain dolls across the house). Fulton had a blast playing.

Thankful for clothes on our backs and shoes on our feet. We will  never go cold because the Lord has provided for us in abundance.

Thankful for two awesome sets of grandparents that love us and this little man to the moon and back and would do anything for us. This was Fulton by the end of the night. Pretty pooped out, but full. Full of food, love, family, fun, and memories. It was a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Early Turkey Day

Happy Early Turkey Day!! We started celebrating today with Matt's family. 

Fulton made this incredibly cute craft at school this week. He was super proud. That's his wee little footprint in the middle. I simply love crafts that he brings home. I need a good system for storing these things. 

Back to today. We met up with Matt's fam at the ole Cracker Barrel where we were by far the youngest in attendance there today, but that's ok. This is Matt's pawpaw who will turn 86 next month. He is sharp as a tack too.

 Thankful for the outdoor area here to keep this wildman entertained. He loved the rocking chairs and I thought we may have to either pry him out or purchase one. Finally he pulled himself away. As a side note can I just mention that Fulton was called a girl 3 times today. 3 times. This has never happened. Is it the hair, does he really need a haircut that bad? Matt said it was the shirt. Aunt Keri gave him this cute shirt and I love it. I don't think it's girlie, but Matt pointed out the one pink feather on it. Please.

And Matt's Nanny and his mom. We enjoyed a yummy hearty lunch with family and then decided to make a quick last minute trip by the outlets on the way home. Fulton crashed on the way home and I think we were all due for a nap, too bad Matt had to drive. We will continue the Thanksgiving celebrations tomorrow. But for now, Happy Early Turkey Day!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

He Is Still Capable

Matt thought these days were over. It's funny (or maybe not funny to Matt) but just a few hours earlier Matt had been playing with Fulton on the changing table and I made the comment that he better finish putting his diaper on before he gets an unexpected shower. Matt's response... I think he is over that stage. 
He is clearly NOT over that stage. This happened after Matt took off his diaper and was heading to the tub. He said oh I feel a little warm on my shirt. This was the result. Wow that's a lot of tinkle.

In other news, someone got some new shoes this week. Our sweet neighbors went to Guatemala this week and brought Fulton back some handmade cowboy boots. Love Love. He still has a little time to grow into them, but these suckers are too cute.

He thinks he is hot stuff and he loved playing in them. These boots definitely are made for walking, now if someone will just start walking.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Finally Got In

Are you sick of seeing Alabama football yet? Nah, one can never get sick of that. 
Well, after a few weeks of tailgating and then having to go home, boo, Fulton finally got to go in the game. Yes, call us crazy... I may have called myself that at one point today. It was another early morning with a nearly 11:00 am game Sheesh.

This was a little scaled back form of tailgating from weeks past. We grabbed some chicken at Publix and made a quick picnic before heading in. From this whole experience I was most nervous about him having a dirty diaper inside the stadium. There are clearly no changing stations in the restroom and ugh even if there were. Please keep that chicken in son.

We had been practicing Roll Tide all week so he would be ready for the game. Our best word to date, cracker. Can't wait to write that in his baby book.

 We tried to let him get the squirminess, if that's even a word, out of his system before we went in.

We spent some time down by the field and he loved doing some people watching, looking for Big Al, and of course watching the cheerleaders.

We waited for Big Al to come on our side, but no luck. Maybe we'll just stop at the zoo on the way home and take a picture with an elephant there. Not quite the same.

Mom and I spent a good bit of the first quarter down closer to the field and Fulton quickly made friends with some sorority girls who just happened to be ZTAs. That's my boy. Anywho, they gave him a shaker and he thought he was big stuff. We came up for the second quarter and settled in with a snack.

By half time he was done. Simply pooped out. I think he did pretty good for the first half of the game. So I would say it was a success for his very first trip to an Alabama game. And yes, this little 14 month old had to have his own tickets... crazy huh?!

Friday, November 16, 2012

What To Read

So, for Christmas this year Matt and I decided to do this..... Trying to make it simple and easy. But I cannot think of anything for the read category. I have been so into Karen Kingsbury books for several years now and I am all caught up on her latest books. What do you suggest? Any good authors, devotionals, or Bible studies that you have read lately that you would recommend?

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Cheering Them On Again

We have been busy cheering on the Tide again lately... although we are still in slight mourning from the ending of last night's game, but let's not go there. 

Last Saturday we had some awesome high temperatures again and spent some good time outdoors with our game day gear on.
 The game was a little late for this guy. But he enjoyed snack watching some other games with daddy.

While we are on the subject of milk, or not really, Sunday morning I turned around for a minute and found Fulton like this. Oh nelly. I mean the guy won't take but a few steps on his own, but he climbs all the way to the top of the couch. Bless.

We have been working on trying to give kisses, this isn't quite working out like we were hoping. We'll keep trying. Hopefully he won't go in on his wife like this one day or it could really freak her out.

Random, but whatever. Obviously we haven't missed a meal. Although someone is being a bit of a picky eater these days. Things barely get into his mouth and he pushes it out with his tongue. It's mostly vegetables. He loves all kinds of meat (like his daddy), loves fruit, anything crunchy, cheese, etc, but the boy hates his veggies. We are trying to be sneaky about it, but he is too quick for us. Any tricks you know?

We went to Tuscaloosa again yesterday to tailgate for the AL/ Texas A&M game. It was a  beautiful day.

 The guys enjoyed watching the other games and you know, doing guy stuff. Whatever that is.

We practiced our walking at an incredibly slow pace, went in some shops, visited with friends from church, and snacked way too much.

It wore somebody out. I looked similar. Matt stayed for the game and sister and I took Fulton home. Which by the way, mom and sister were there, but I missed taking their picture. The camera seems to be getting pushed aside these days in hopes to keep up with someone and hoping they aren't climbing some tree somewhere. Here's to looking forward to a day off from work tomorrow!! Happy Veteran's Day!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hope It Continues

Our little guy has been all into sharing lately. Not so much with other little ones, but with one certain little four legged furry fella that lives with us. 

Doesn't this sweet face make you smile? He had to stay home from school with daddy one day last week for another ear infection. Yikes. Where do these things keep coming from. Ugh.

But while they were home having some daddy/son bonding time, Fulton did what he likes to do best these days... shared his snack with Harley. Harley doesn't mind one bit... but he does get a little frustrated when Fulton holds out the snack, Harley goes for it and then Fulton thinks it's funny to snatch it back. Not so funny on the other end.

 Here we are again... caught in the act.

He was quite proud of himself this time. I am glad they have become buddies. It worried me a year ago when Harley wouldn't come out from under the bed for several days after we brought Fulton home from the hospital. He was in mourning. In other news, Fulton attended his first basketball game this week as we went to Matt's school and supported the team. I thought he may get a crick in his neck from watching the ball go up and down the court. He was hooked.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Our Halloween

It was another fun filled Halloween for the Howards. Our little guy was dressed as one of the favorite zoo animals, none other than a giraffe. 
Good thing it turned out to be cold this week. This sucker was nice and toasty for our outdoor adventure that we were about to embark upon.

We tried to take a few pictures before leaving home, but someone was more interested in playing int he planters instead. Lovely. Nothing like a little bark in your teeth when you smile for a picture.

We headed to Hunter Street for their trunk or treat. As soon as we got there we ran into this sweet family. My dear friend Sara Katherine with little chicken Mary Greer and big sister Olivia Grace. How cute are they?!

Aunt Keri and Uncle Pete came soon after and Fulton was thrilled to see them too, even if his expressions don't show that.

 KK and Pop's Sunday School class had a car in the festivities, so we were excited to see them too.

Our best attempt at a picture. Fulton was distracted. There was so much to look at. I have to admit, I really needed to call myself out on a stop staring when I saw an old man walk by with walker, neck brace and a bandage on his eye. I really couldn't decide whether it was a costume or he really was injured. I tried to get Matt to ask him, but he wouldn't. I don't know why not.

 We did go to a few trunks and get some candy and Fulton tried to share with KK. Such a sweet boy.

 It was about this time that we decided it was getting time to leave. How could you tell, right?

He had one last smile left in him and we stopped by the Baccus's home for a quick picture with his buddy Avery, the flower. How cute is she?