Sunday, January 25, 2009

POD Packing Party

Well, the ole' casa has finally sold. The closing date is quickly approaching so we figured we'd better go pack our house. The fun part. We had some fabulous friends from our small group at Grace come help-and we couldn't have done it without them, my parents. and my sister and Steven. They were all huge help! We even got to see some cute kiddie poos that we haven't seen in forever and a new baby, Hannah, that has been added to the class since we left. People were packing things like little ant workers-I have them trained good... and well, I know where nothing is now, but that's ok! We have awesome friends and family-thanks to all!! Now, we must look for a new home.....
P.S. to those that came to help--I promise I do clean our house--despite all the dust you found when you started moving things! (Thanks Kristy for the title of the post)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Going For A Little Walk

Unfortunatley, there is nothing too exciting going on around here lately. It's ridiculously cold, so the other day we decided to take a walk (Matt and I are doing Scale Back AL and Harley is beginning to become a little chunk) So anyways, we had to bundle up...even Harley. He loves his fur lined jacket. When we go for walks, Harley gets really tired fast and is usually panting by the time we are half way down the street--he did pretty good this time. Harley is a great dog but Matt feels so unmanly walking a 10 lb dog on a leash. I love this dog!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Big Pete's Birthday

Happy Birthday to Steven (sister's bf)!! We had a little party time for him yesterday. Keri made a little gumbo, that stuff will set you on fire, and we had a little cake. And you can't forget the chips and french onion dip-who can have a party without that?! We all contributed to the Wii Steven got for his birthday.. and it's a good thing.. because we were fighting over playing that thing. Here are a few action shots. I think I threw my hip out on that bowling, but when it came to the golf--I was so stinkin good it was scary. I knew all those putt-putt days would be put to good use one day! Happy Birthday Stevo!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sugar Bowl

Matt and I were already in New Orleans and Friday mom and dad came down with another couple. Before heading to the dome we went to the Riverwalk. Along the way you would never believe who we saw---ok well, I siked that up to be pretty exciting so I hope it doesn't let you down--anyways we saw Tyron Prothro and I pushed Matt up there to meet him and honestly I think we freaked him out a little. I did get a picture to prove it. So that was the highlight for that hour. We headed to the game a little early so we could soak up all the fun. The last time I was here was for the Sugar Bowl in like 1942--really I think it was like 89 or something. Matt has never been so he was about to pee in his pants. We had a great time, despite the fact that Alabama played like the Bad News Bears. **** For the record, sister did have an opportunity to go with us but she had to work, so sad we missed her, but you make the big bucks when you work the weekends in her line of business.

Visit With Friends in New Orleans

We decided to go down to New Orleans a day before the Sugar Bowl to visit our dear friends, Matt and Celeste. We love us some Flummers!! They moved to New Orleans last year for Matt to go to seminary and we miss them so much. They took us around the city and down to the famous French Quarter. My Matt forgot his beads so it wasn't near as fun as it would have been. We stopped at Cafe Du Monde' for coffee and beignets--Matt definitely got his money's worth because he left with powdered sugar in his hair. I didn't know what a beignet was before we went here --in the words of Matt Flummer- it's a funnel cake in the shape of a pillow. Thanks Matt and Celeste for a great visit and a nice place to stay!!