Saturday, November 29, 2014

So Thankful

We have had a wonderful Thanksgiving week. We have been able to visit with friends, family, and enjoy time with each other. Wednesday we met Matt's family for lunch and I just realized I didn't take any pictures. We enjoyed a good visit and yummy breakfast with them. 

This little guy spent the night with KK and Pop Wednesday night so we were finally reunited as a family late Thanksgiving day. He had the best time and we were able to have a nice date night and finish up our kitchen project. 

Keri and Steven were flying in late Thursday afternoon so we had Thanksgiving dinner at mom and dad's after their plane got in. Did I mention that I cooked the turkey this year?? Whoop whoop and it was actually good. Only the second time I have ever attempted that but I enjoyed it. Matt loves turkey and I knew it would make his belly happy. We had some delicious food. 

I have so much to be thankful for today and everyday. My salvation in Christ, my precious family, health, and great friends. God has truly blessed us far more than I could have ever imagined. And He is so faithful to us. I am learning daily to remember my reward is in Him and nothing else.

Sweet family that we got to spend Thanksgiving with. Thankful for them!!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Game Day

Warning... this post contains lots of Alabama and a certain jersey that someone absolutely loves. 

Last Thursday they had spirit day at school. Fulton was so excited about wearing his jersey (that Aunt Kiki gave him... complete with his name on the back and daddy's number when he played football). We got to see our sweet buddy Laylee for a quick second before school started so I snapped a picture of these two cuties sporting their AL gear. 

Saturday came and Fulton couldn't wait one more day to get to the game. We told him earlier in the week that we were going on Saturday and literally every morning I got him up he would say "Are we going to the game today?" Sweet boy loves some football. Sidenote--see the huge bruise/black eye on face. A boy tripped him at school last week and he fell flat on his face. It has been pretty swollen and black, but he hasn't really missed a beat. I just feel so bad for him.  

It was Alabama's homecoming and we made it in time for the parade. 

Aunt Keri and Uncle Pete weren't going in the game but they came down to tailgate and hang out. 

We waited and waited for the parade to start. 

And finally it was here. He enjoyed Pop holding him so he could see better. However, there was one local high school dance team that I had to cover Fulton's eyes for. Yikes!!

This was one of his favorites... the team equipment bus.

After the parade, eating way too much, playing tackle football with some boys and enjoying the day with family it was finally time to go in the game. 

But not long after the first quarter this guy was spent. He had had a long day with no nap and he was pooped. We made it to half time and called it a day!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Lots of Catching Up

I am catching up on nearly two weeks worth of fun in the Howard household. 

Let's back up to Halloween weekend, two Sundays ago. We had Fan Day at church which meant we got to tailgate with our small group after the service. This little was thrilled when he saw there were bounce houses involved. 

Here are a few of the little ones that we could contain for a minute to take a picture. They were having so much fun together. 

Straight from Fan Day we had a birthday party to get to. We played and played until this occurred. We pulled in the driveway and Fulton was out. Matt decided to rest his little eyes too. I went on inside and left these two to their beauty rest. 

Now let's skip to the next weekend (last week was filled with playdates, library outings with friends, and a girl's baby shower...all of which I managed to take zero pictures). Friday afternoon mom, sister, and I headed to our annual tradition...Christmas Village. This was the only picture I took (I am losing my touch) because I wanted to remember what aisle something was on to go back and get. It's a little blurry. Lots of fun things to see and we had a great night together.

Saturday we were up bright and early for Fulton's buddy Elijah's birthday. It was at the fire station and we had such a great time. This is the first time we have been to a birthday party like this and the firemen pulled the engine out and let the kids get inside. How cool!!

All the kids sat on the drive and watched the fireman pull the engine out and raise the ladder all the way. Their jaws were just dropping. It was so precious. We enjoyed some yummy cupcakes too. 

Sunday afternoon we had some sweet couples from our class over to help wrap shoeboxes for Operation Christmas child. Fulton had a ball playing with Alex and little baby Luke. It was a great opportunity to serve others and begin instilling in Fulton about giving to others and not focusing on ourselves.

Monday we had some errands to run and I looked back and saw Mr. Coolio sitting like this. He cracks me up!! I am loving (can I say loving again) being home with him. I am so blessed to get to enjoy this season of life. His little personality and the things he says just make me smile. 

Monday night we convinced Matt to get the Christmas tree down (don't judge). I just like to enjoy it! Caught this little helper getting into something... as always. 

Just because he's cute. 

Tuesday was Veteran's Day and we are so beyond thankful to all the men and women who serve and have served our country. We are blessed to live where we do. It was a beautiful day and we went for a walk on the trail in our neighborhood. 

I guess one of my favorites about fall is the leaves. It's so cool how God designed them this way. To turn into beauty and allow us to enjoy it before they fall off. 

Later that afternoon (after we enjoyed a picnic lunch on the backporch) this little guy decided he wanted to nap in his big boy bed. He did pretty good. He laid there like a statue for a while...almost afraid to move, but finally settled in to sleep. And yes, he hasn't moved to his big boy bed yet because...he doesn't want to. Crazy huh?!?

That day we finished up our Christmas decorations inside and started to enjoy them. 

Love our tree!! We haven't put the outside decorations up yet because I don't want the neighbors to freak out (sshhh--don't tell). 

So later that night guess where this guy wanted to go back to... his crib. He is such a creature of habit and we are so thankful he has never tried to climb or jump out (Even though he is working on his yoga poses here) and he just seems so happy and content in his same old bed. I guess we will move him to his big bed before he goes to first grade.. just kidding. 

Wednesday turned freezing!!! We bundled up and headed to the library for story time. We checked out some really cool books and this guy has kept his nose buried in them. I love the fact that he loves books. The teacher in me is content!! Last night I helped with a women's dinner at church and got home really late. Today has been pretty low key as I am pooped from last night. Looking forward to building a fire tonight and enjoying my family. Have a great weekend!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween Day

It was finally Halloween Day  (as Fulton calls it). I don't think Fulton even knows what you do on Halloween, but he kept asking "Is it Halloween Day yet?"

Friday morning we were excited because IHOP was giving away a free silly face pancake. We love pancakes and since they were free, we were even more excited. 

Our best friends Laylee and Macy came too. These two!! They may not let us back here for awhile because these two together can cause quite the destruction. 

What a fun pancake!!

From there we headed to the library to trick or treat. I am so thankful for this season of life to be home with Fulton and enjoy these things that I have been missing during the day. God is so good to allow us this time. 


We finished up our trick or treating, checked out some more books (he is loving all things nonfiction- police cars, firetrucks, garbage trucks, football, and construction) and then 
ventured out onto the playground. 

Loosen your belt buckles it was time to eat again. We met up with KK and Pop at Sonic for 50 cent hotdog day. Thankful they took their lunch break to visit with us for a bit. We came home for some good naps and got rested up for Halloween night. 

Our long lost friends, Avery and Colt, came in town. Yay!! We have missed them. Fulton and Avery have taken a Halloween picture together since they were born and I was sad we may miss our tradition but they came through. 

A few of our sweet neighbor friends that stopped by. We enjoyed walking around together for a bit. 

We had two sweet families, the Mimbs and the Burgess families, and their sweet boys Luke and Andrew, came over to trick or treat and have dinner afterwards. Fulton insisted on riding in the wagon with sweet little Luke. 

We visited several houses before it got too cold and windy and this guy seems to be a pro now. We came back to the house, relaxed and enjoyed dinner and fellowship with sweet friends. 
We had a fun day!!