Sunday, November 28, 2010

It Was A Good One

It was a good weekend! Too bad the break is over, but it was a fun one. Matt had a game Friday night and it was absolutely freezing!

Paige and I sat in the box. We didn't even attempt to try and sit out in the stands because I am a total wuss when it comes to the cold. Seriously, I think cold weather is when it gets about 75 degrees.

Here's dad and I waiting in the tunnel for the game to end. Mom and dad are troopers. They came straight from the AL game to Matt's game. They must want good Christmas presents!

Even Cousin Scottie came for the festivities. Mom said she just could not bring herself to wear any orange after the heart break in Tuscaloosa.

Here's Matt with his good buddy and fellow office friend at school, Eric. Eric got the privilege of guarding the steps by the band, poor guy can't hear now.

And here's the hubs and I. So proud of him! Hooray they won. This leads us to the state championship this week. They will play Daphne, which will be tough. However it turns out, I am super proud of the Bucs and my man. He has worked so hard this year!

Saturday night we decided to make our first fire of the season. This guy loves to make fires (little pyro streak in him). Hopefully our dental insurance will be available soon so we can get his teeth cleaned.

Look at that fire... it was gooood!! Nice and toasty!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Much To Be Thankful For

It's the day after Thanksgiving and today I have as much to be thankful for as I did yesterday on Thanksgiving day! We are so blessed! Thankful for my gracious Savior, my Godly husband, my never a dull moment family, my always making me laugh friends, and the list goes on. Matt and I went to Oxford to visit his fam this week and the whole way there we sat with the radio off and talked about what we were thankful for. God is so great! Yesterday Matt and I were able to cook our 2nd turkey ever for the 2nd year in a row. Gotta love a good butterball.

We hosted my fam this year and I tried to make the table festive with Thanksgiving decor since Christmas decorations were surrounding us. If you look closely, you can see I did use the pirate napkins sister gave me. We must celebrate the Bucs! So sad not to be at the AL/AU game today with the fam, but that just means that Matt's team is still in the playoffs, so we couldn't go. But I am pumped for the Bucs!

Let me explain this eery picture. So I am at the thrift store the other day, looking for some very special items for an upcoming shin dig and as I am leaving the parking lot I see this... yikes!! Hopefully this is as close as I will ever get to one of these again. Hope you are enjoying your Thanksgiving holiday!!

Give thanks to the Lord, call on his name; make known among the nations what He has done
-1 Chronicles 16:8

Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Favorite Room

This week at Kelly's Korner- Show us your life, it's all about extra rooms... and your favorite rooms. And this has to be my favorite space of our house... our screened in porch. I am way late on this, but yesterday was filled with putting up the Christmas decorations... and boy was that fun. I love love love this outdoor space. We just had this porch put in back in the Spring, so we are just starting to fully enjoy its benefits. I am sort of in a routine... every day after I walk, I sit out here and read. It is so relaxing. We are so blessed to have this space. We got this furniture for an awesome deal plus a coupon at Bed Bath and Beyond. See that crooked broken pot in the corner, got that sucker for 25 cents. My mom has some creative ideas for what to do with that. Matt kept questioning me on why I bought a broken pot, I mean come on, it's a quarter.

We love to eat out here too. During football season there aren't many nights we actually get to eat together, but when we can, we take it outdoors. Our dear friends, Jerry and Wanda, who moved to Texas gave us that table and chairs set. They were moving and couldn't fit it in the trailer and we just happened to be standing there. Worked out good for us!

And look who else loves the porch. Since, the Harley man is like our child, we can call this his room. Seriously, this guy is a mess. We leave the door open a lot and he just roams in and out and loves to lay in the sun. He likes it warm...after all, he is from Mexico. It's almost Thanksgiving... which means no school-- Hip Hip Hooray!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Flashback Friday

I know... it's Sunday, but Flashback Sunday just didn't sound right. The weekend has been busy with football Friday night, AL game Saturday, so just go with it. Sometimes I just love to sit down and go through old pictures and laugh. I found some good ones for you this time. This was from college. This is me (left) and my little sister in my sorority, my best friend in college and her little sister. We all dressed up like KISS for Halloween. Before you say anything, you avid KISS lovers, I know... we painted our faces the same thing, but the star was the easiest. And just for added fun don't be jealous of that plywood TV cabinet in the background. This was my apartment in college...sweeeet... and that puppy went over the balcony and into a million pieces when I finally moved out my senior year.

Changing gears completely this photo will take you to Matt's 21st birthday. Oh what a day! We celebrated at the lake as usual and my mema was in charge of getting the cake. This is what she came back with. Matt's face was priceless!! Gotta love a man in a speedo with blue roses around him. I really think they took some 80 year old birthday cake and put some risky figure on it to spice it up. This was just a few weeks before we got married... I thought Matt may make a run for it after this happened.

Why not pose for a photo with these raunchy figurines....Let me tell you something good... my dad got a cake for his birthday about 25 years ago almost just like this except his guy had on a red speedo... and I believe it was from my mema too. She's a wild woman.

And this is kickin back ole ole school. This is my 11th birthday party and we had just moved to a new area, which means new school. Did I really think I was going to make friends by having this kind of party!? But boy did I love being the bride... and I made all my friends dress up as the bridesmaids. Sister really wanted to wear this dress for her recent wedding, but it had a stain on it.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sweet Friends

That is just what our weekend was filled with... Friday night our precious friends from church, Heather and Gemini, came to Matt's game. They has been asking all season about coming to a game and I am so glad it finally worked out this week. Gemini came complete with hot chocolate and all....he's my new friend.

Look at this crazy cat... he calls is "No shave November." All the defensive coaches are not shaving for the month and Matt is all over this... not having to shave in the mornings. He looks like some mountain man or whatever you call it. I love this guy!
Saturday was filled with oohing and ahhing over our friends new baby, Lydia. We were able to take them food and see this precious little girl. No pictures... just imagine an adorable little 4 day old baby with the cutest Roll Tide dress and houndstooth bow on. Presh!

Today was filled with some serious shopping. Sister, Whitney, Hope and I headed to Christmas Village after church. It was shop till you drop and my legs seriously feel like I ran a marathon or something. I don't know why shopping makes you so tired, but somebody's gotta do it. This was taken on our way out, quick little photo op...look where I got stuck, the little person snowman. Fun weekend with great friends!