Friday, November 25, 2011

With A Thankful Heart

Fulton got to experience his first Thanksgiving and he enjoyed it. We have so much to be thankful for and I am always convicted that I not more verbally thankful to my Father throughout the year. I pray we can teach Fulton to praise his Father and thank him for our blessings all through the year and not just on Thanksgiving. God is still working on my heart, thankfully he is a God of grace and mercy and won't give up on me. We spent the lunch portion of the day with our sweet friends Justin and Elizabeth. They invited us over for lunch for some deliciousness and we left there with smiles. Here's our little turkey all bundled up and ready to go. He's looking forward to next year when he gets to actually eat turkey.

We rushed home in time for Aunt Keri and Uncle Pete to fly in from sunny Florida and we had dinner with them. The rest of the fam were all down at the beach for the week... Matt's team is still in the playoffs, which meant we were stuck here... thankfully sister came home that night and we celebrated some more with them.

Our Thanksgiving family photo... best we could get. There was only about a 2 hour difference in between our lunch and dinner... at dinner Matt actually pushed his plate away after only a few bites and said he couldn't do anymore. What?! I have never seen this guy push his plate away. Just too much food for one day. Hope you enjoyed the day with your family and reflected on how blessed we really all are!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Just Don't Get It

This morning on the Today's Show they had a concert with Justin Bieber. I am just amazed at all these girls screaming and grabbing out at him just to say they touched the snowflake leather jacket of Justin Bieber. They said these girls had been lining up for days, in the rain, to see this guy. I just don't get it. Last year one of my students had "I love Justin Beiber" written all over her notebook. I asked, in all seriousness, does he go to our school? I had never heard of him... obviously I had missed the newest issue of Teen Beat. Look at this goofy guy!! Who, by the way, slacks his pants... and that drives me crazy.

So this got me to thinking when I was that age, was there a singer that I would scream and yell over and sleep with the pillowcase that had their picture on it?! Probably have to go with New Kids on the Block with this one. I always thought Jordan was the cutest... remember him?? Now, sister was an even bigger fan and I was jealous because she actually got to go to a concert and see them. I would love to dig up the picture from that one, complete with the t-shirt, crimp ironed hair and hairsprayed bangs. Love you sister!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Enjoying Life

Lately, we have been enjoying our time with our little man..... let me recap the last few days. Daddy enjoyed showing Fulton his very first Christmas ornament on the tree. He seemed to enjoy it--he said he can't wait until he can walk and then next year he can pull the ornaments off the tree.

Friday night Aunt Keri, KK and pops came over to see little man and visit while Matt was at his football game. Which by the way, they are still playing and this is the last week of the playoffs, so Go Bucs!!

The fam loves to come over and spoil Fulton and I think he enjoys getting to look at other faces besides mine all day.

Look at this sweet face that we got to wake up to on Saturday morning.

Look at big boy in his overalls for the first time.

Saturday night we hosted a baby shower for Justin and Elizabeth, complete with a monkey cake by Hope.

Fulton was excited because that monkey was just his size. I think it brought back memories of his Halloween costume.

We were celebrating the upcoming arrival of baby Peyton, who should be here in the next few weeks.

They got some cute stuff...even his first St.Patty's Day outfit. I didn't get a picture but Peyton got a Christmas ornament just like his buddy Fulton.

A few of the girls in our small group with the mommy to be. It was a fun weekend and we are looking forward to Thanksgiving this week! Much to be thankful for.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

2 Months

Our little man is 2 months old today... or if you are a week person... he is about 8 1/2 weeks. Going by weeks makes him sound more like a baby...which I don't want to end, so we'll just say he's 8 1/2 weeks today. This little fella has started sleeping through the night some... and I say some... because he likes to keep us on our toes and sometimes he will still surprise us with a 2:00 am wake up call. He is not a fan of doing his tummy time on his mat, but is working hard to hold his head up. If Fulton had to make his resume today, he would include napping, eating, drooling and gazing at the lights on his list of hobbies. Speaking of lights... we put our Christmas tree up last week (a little early I know and we are totally not trying to skip Thanksgiving) and Fulton loves to look at the lights. We may just leave that puppy up until March.

Sorry not to have any more exciting pictures and news, but we have just been pretty low key lately and haven't flown to the moon or traveled cross country or anything picture worthy. Life has been so fun with this little guy. Matt looked at me just last night and said, can you believe we are really parents to this little man? God is so incredible to let us experience this journey. Happy 2 months to our little bundle of joy!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Bama Game

Saturday we loaded up the U-Haul (at least that's what it felt like) and headed to Tuscaloosa to let Fulton experience T-town at its finest... the Alabama vs LSU game.
Sister and Dad pumped and ready for the game. The campus was absolutely crazy!! It was packed with more people than I have ever seen down there before. Thankfully most of it was crimson and white and not that ugly purple and yellow.

Our best attempt at a family picture with all 7 of us. It was a beautiful day Saturday and obviously you can tell the sun was shining bright, since everyone was squinting.

Sister, mom and me... the three of us were a little worn out because we had spent the whole day Friday at Christmas Village (Fulton too--poor guy was a trooper though).

Aunt Keri and Uncle Pete with sleeping beauty.. little man doesn't want to let go of that frog for the pictures.

We decided to brave the madness and actually walk away from the tailgate for a few pictures in front of the stadium...I think Fulton was the youngest fan there Saturday--he should have gotten some kind of award for that.

KK and Pops made the trek with us too.. we missed the ESPN gameday stuff but did get to see the big bus. Maybe next time.

We finally made it back to the tailgate and Fulton was thinking... goodness this place is wild. But he did get to see the world's largest pot of gumbo at the Ferg. I couldn't actually see the gumbo, but the pot was pretty big.

Look at our sweet little man. He just loved looking around at everyone and I think he watched a little football on the TV too.. he was perfectly content the entire day.

After a long day, little buddy was pooped and ready to take it to the house. KK and I packed it up and headed home and let daddy stay for the game. His first tailgating experience was a success, complete with 2 dirty diapers and all!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween

This first picture doesn't appear to show that we had a very happy Halloween night....but don't judge by just one picture. I guess you could say we had a little mad cow disease going on here. Fulton had 2 costumes this year, so he went from the monkey this weekend to the cow (thanks to KK) for Halloween night. By the looks of all the costume pics I am not sure which one he disliked more.

Harley wanted in on the action and quickly came to the rescue to see what was upsetting little brother. I think he was telling him not to cry and he will just have to get used to it because we will dress him up in these silly outfits every year. Harley says he knows from experience and if you will just smile and get it over with then they will stop taking pictures a lot quicker.

Happy family thankful daddy made it home early from football to play with us. Remember when Matt and I dressed up as cows last year for some free food from Chick-fil-A... well, we are just teaching our son to follow in our footsteps.

Look who came to join in on the fun...Aunt Keri. She was a big help passing out candy to the millions of trick or treaters that came by. We finally ran out of candy and turned the light off.. guess what.. those crazy kids kept ringing the doorbell.. like, I know you are in there and if I ring this enough you will come to the door and give me a bag of chips or something. Aunt Keri put a sign on the door that said we were closed for business, no more candy. They still rang it.

Little rascal needed a nap before the second adventure came.

Remember how I told you we turned the light off and quit answering the door... well our sweet friends up the street came by to visit and finally Claire called the house and said why aren't you answering the door. Sorry, didn't know it was them or I would have. Look at the cute lobster they brought with them. Avery is so adorable!! The first picture was good and then it sort of went downhill from there.

Look at sweet Avery... she is touching Fulton telling him not to be a sad cow and hang in there for just a few more minutes.

I love this one...Fulton finally decided to break out a little sort of smile and Avery is petting his little cow arm. They were so sweet to each other. Little guy had a pretty good first Halloween. He was a trooper after all we put him through just to get some lasting memories through pictures. Unfortunate for him, it probably won't get any better because this momma loves to take some pictures.