Sunday, April 25, 2010


Here's a random rundown of the last few days. Friday night we had a girl's night at the movies and saw "The Last Song." Have you seen it?? It is so sad... I had to eat a hot dog when I got home to cheer me up. Let me pump up the hubs for a minute. This rockstar cleaned the entire house while I was gone friday night. He is the bomb!! Saturday was a mess! It rained all day, complete with massive thunderstorms and's a few things from that day.... we did make a quick run to the ole postal office to put an important piece of mail into the big blue box... we paid off my car. Yippy skippy. We bought my car exactly 2 years ago... and intended to pay this booger off sooner... but I guess I made too many trips to the mall instead.
and we did a little snoozing too. Look at this Stinky McStink... he is such a lounger. What a life!

Today after church we went to eat with several couples from our class.. Asher is the closest thing I have to a child or nephew or any little person in my life... and he loves some cheetos. After that Whitney, Hope and I did a little shopping....we tried on handfuls of dresses and kept the dressing rooms occupied for a while. We at least came out with something, so it wasn't a wasted trip. From there Hope and I went to our VBS meeting where we will soon be teaching first graders... how do I get myself involved in these things?? The theme is Wild Wild West.. I can't wait to get my costume.

and the highlight of our life recently.... no we didn't win the Ed McMann sweepstakes... but we did pass our comps!! Hooray for that!! We have officially passed our comprehensive exams and are one step closer to graduating. I just hope they spell my name right on that diploma.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Cowbells And Wedding Bells

Friday we headed to the lake to do a little work for the summer. See, you have to work before you can play. But we did do a little playing on the tractor. This here is a Kubota... don't you buy no ugly tractor. Dad and Matt just had too much fun on this thing.
Matt was just insistent that I learn how to drive this tractor. Here's just another thing I can put on my resume now. I finally learned to drive this honker.

The color totally clashes with my t-shirt though. It was an adventure and you know how I am trying to be more adventurous... so I guess I can add it to the list.

Late afternoon we cleaned the grease behind our ears and put on our best and headed to a wedding for our friends Lacey and Jason. We didn't quite time it very well and skidded into the parking lot on two wheels and were the last ones seated before the wedding party came in. Nothing like meeting the bride in the parking lot because you are so late.

Me, Lacey, and Chrissy. And there is the groom in the left corner. It was such a sweet ceremony and these MS State grads had their reception decked out in maroon and white, complete with cowbells and all. I guess it kept with my farming theme for the day.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I'm Exhausted

Today, I can barely move. Literally I am having trouble walking, every muscle in my body feels like I was hit by a train. But it was all for serving others and showing Christ's love. Yesterday we worked with some couples from our small group to re-roof a house for a lady and her family. When we arrived, I thought this can't be that bad. I really thought I would be sitting on the cooler most of the day, just chatting with the girls. I couldn't have been more wrong. Rachel, me, Whitney, and Hope. This was one of our mini breaks that we took. The first part of our day consisted off shoveling the old shingles into the wheel barrel, around the house, and into the dumpster. Not that bad huh?? Well, when there are 4 layers of roofing to shovel up and a million piles, they were endless. This was straight up manual labor.
A few snapshots throughout the day. Mid-afternoon we began to get a little worried that we weren't going to finish. People began to leave and it was down to just a few of us. The guys ordered the girls up on the roof to help nail down this paper stuff. This was a first for me. But after a few scoots around on my bottom because I was too scared to stand up, I was an old pro.

And the six that remain. The Crockers, Warrens, and Howards finished strong. When it was all through, we had worked 12 straight hours on this roof yesterday. The guys worked even longer, because they started Friday.

Guess who even stopped by to help?? They felt sorry for us because we were so short handed and mom and dad came to the rescue. They were a huge help and helped us finish strong.

And this man rocks!! Matt worked incredibly hard for 2 days on this project and we practically had to beg him to come off the roof just to eat lunch. It was an insanely long and truly exhausting day, but we really had a blast doing it.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Grave Is Empty

Happy Easter!! What a day to celebrate that my sins are forgiven because of the cross. Because of the greatest gift that could have ever been given, a gift we can never pay back, except to surrender our lives to follow the will of our Lord. I am forgiven, because He was forsaken. He became sin, who knew no sin, all for you and for me. All because He died and rose again! What a blessed day! We were able to celebrate this beautiful day with the fam. The guys were troopers for the picture taking festivities. No Easter egg hunt this year, we just decided to sit around the table and fellowship instead.
We were blessed to have our sweet friends, David and Jennifer, to join us for lunch. Their families live away and they were all alone for Easter... and you know my parents.. we do not want people to be alone on holidays.

We did a little relaxing after lunch

Look at these cuties?!

And here is the greatest pops in the world!!

Sister just had to wear her bunny ears.. must be part of her halloween costume

And sister and me with the best mom in the world!! We kind of look like an Easter egg with all these springy colors.

And I will leave you with this little bunny for Easter. I hope you enjoyed the day!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

New Baby And A Life Preserver

A little shout out to our awesome buds Matt and Celeste on the new addition to their family. Introducing Cannan!! Isn't he a cute one?! We haven't been to St. Louis to see this precious little booger that was born on St. Patty's Day.. but we hope he can meet his aunt kristen and uncle matt very soon. We're coming...we promise!! And here is the question of the day.... To cruise or not to cruise?! Matt and I have been trying to decide on our summer vaca and what we will do...we have never been on a cruise...what do you think? Give me your thoughts... but if we do decide to go... this is probably what I will look like the whole time on the boat. I just keep having these flashbacks of titanic...and a little celine dion...can't get her out of my head.