Saturday, January 24, 2015

Circus Week

It's been a week full of circus activities around here. 

On Thursday Fulton had circus day at school and chose to dress as a clown. We don't really own any clown attire so a quick trip to the thrift store and this outfit was created. 

I stepped over to his room and snapped a quick picture of him and his buddy Elijah. 

After all our kids arrived we headed upstairs to have my first ever Circus Day! Complete with roller coaster rides, bowling, face painting, and bean bag toss. Not to mention popcorn and cotton candy for snack. The kids loved it. 

This morning we headed to the real circus that was in town. We waited patiently 
for the doors to open. 

We got there early for the pre-show where you can go down on the floor and see some of the acts and meet the clowns. Fulton must be taking after his daddy because he was quite frightened to sit near the clown and refused to take his picture with one. 

He was mesmerized by the up close view we had of these two acrobats. 

Love seeing him in awe. These are special moments. 

And look who else was there. Our best friends!! They were excited to see each other. 

So we took a quick picture and it was time for the show to start. Fulton loved it!! He asked a million questions. Stuff like.. why does the elephant have a star on his hip, why didn't all the tigers lay down when the guy told them too, why are the clowns jumping on the trampoline with their shoes on. I love his curiosity. So we are walking back to the car and we asked him what was his favorite part? He said... the monster trucks. Umm.. that was last week buddy. Bless him. He simply loved the monster truck show. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Long weekend

Before we get to the weekend, last Monday night we celebrated Pete's birthday!

Sister made a delicious meal and we had Gigi's cupakes for dessert. Happy Birthday Pete! 
We loved celebrating with you!

It was a busy week last week and we were looking forward to the weekend. Fulton was packed and ready to go because he had a spend the night date with KK and Pop. 

Which meant mommy and daddy had a date. Whoop Whoop! We had dinner at a new restaurant and then a little ice skating. 

We haven't been in about two years, so we started out slow. Didn't want anyone breaking any bones. 

We had such a great night!! Thank you KK and Pop!!

Saturday we got this little guy back and the weather was beautiful. We spent the afternoon outside soaking in the warmer temps. 

Today was another really warm and sunny day so we decided to go to the Shelby County Airport and watch the planes come and out. They have some picnic tables right beside the runway and we took a lunch and just enjoyed the sights. 

Several sweet pilots came and sat down with us and one asked if we wanted him to take Fulton for a ride in his plane. Say what?! I seriously would have done it had it not just been a two seater. I wish one of us could have gone with him. 
But instead, he let us sit in his plane and play around. 

This little guy quickly felt a little too comfortable. He told us all about the buttons and gadgets inside. He called on the radio for several planes coming in and got them to pull right up in front of us. Fulton thought this was one of the coolest days ever. Another day filled with great memories. 

Monster Trucks

Last weekend we took Fulton to the Monster Truck Show. We told him about a week before that we were going and he started seeing the commercials on television and couldn't wait. 

We tried a new place for dinner before we headed there. We went to Melt. It was yummy!! Fulton was a fan of the lemons. Doesn't take much to impress him. 

We got there a little early and the doors weren't even open yet. Thankfully they were having a spa and pool expo next door so we just walked right on in and warmed up inside. F loved 
looking at the hot tubs and he might have tried to take a swim if we would have let him. 

Yay the doors were open and we were excited to get in. Have I mentioned that this is now mine and Matt's second adventure doing this. We went once before Fulton and I really enjoyed it. Shocker right? Don't knock it until you try it. 

KK and Pop let us use their official racing headphones and boy did we need them. 

 I am not exaggerating when I say that this kid didn't make a move the entire time. He was simply amazed. He sat like this the entire time. 

This may have been his favorite part. There were two trucks that flipped over and that meant they had to bring out a tractor and he enjoyed that just as much as the trucks. 

 My favorite.. the school bus. 

We stayed until the very end. Way past our bedtime, but it was totally worth it to watch how much Fulton enjoyed this. He is all boy and loves everything about trucks and dirt and this was right up his alley. Fun memories!!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Christmas Break

We had a great Christmas break. So blessed to have Matt home with us for two weeks. We had some good times. Here's a little of what we were up to after the Christmas festivities. 

After Christmas, the rain came and came and came. And we started getting a little cabin fever and I suggested we paint the laundry room. We had some extra paint from our kitchen and it was just enough to liven up this white space. Matt finished this in record time and I like it. We want to add some cabinets above the washer and dryer eventually. 

Fulton got some bathtub crayons in his stocking and he is in love with these things. They are so much fun. I have to admit, I kind of like them too!

We played many rounds of Go Fishing. Fulton kind of cheats and we are learning the rules slowly. 

Mid way through last week we took a little mini road trip to see some of our best friends that moved away about 6 months ago. Has it really been only 6 months? Feels like forever. We have missed them so much. It was a fun day seeing their new home and catching up. We love the Baccus fam!

Saturday we helped celebrate our sweet friend Andrew's 4th birthday at the bowling alley. It was raining again, so it was a great day for an indoor activity. Fulton had a blast!

Sunday afternoon the sun finally returned and we met some friends at the park for a little fresh air. 

Photo credit goes to Fulton for this picture. We enjoyed the park and then headed to mom and dad's for dinner with the family. 

We have been working on the alphabet. Fulton isn't really into sitting down and learning much. It's kind of painful some days, but he has learned the alphabet, but is still working to identify letters when they are singled out. We will keep pressing on. 

Fulton was so excited to get back to school this week. This is "his best buddy" Elijah. That's what they call each other. They practically ran into each other's arms like long lost friends. These two snuck over to my room while my kids were having circle time. Love having him right next door!

And last but not least, yesterday we had our first ever "friend comes home from school with us" day. Oh it was the sweetest thing. Laylee and Fulton immediately held hands and walked all the way to the car like this. We skipped naps and played all afternoon. They were worn out by the end, but it was an afternoon well spent with a great friend. We had a great Christmas break and now the temperatures are literally freezing. At least the sun is shining though!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy New Year

Now that New Years has been nearly a week past, 
I think I will finally get around to talking about it. 

New Year's Eve was a good day. Matt spent the morning chopping some wood we had gathered at the lake the day before (need to blog about that too) and Fulton and I ran a few errands. 

We enjoyed good naps and got ready for some sweet friends to 
come over and celebrate the New Year with us. 

The Tuck family came over and these two enjoyed each other's company for sure. 

Clara, Hallie, and Fulton were getting into the New Year's festivities 
complete with horns and crowns. 

We don't usually promote violence in our family, but they ended with a little 
sword fight before calling it a night. 

We had a great night. Good fellowship with great friends while the kids had a blast together. I can't say I stayed up to watch any fireworks, but I did hear some and maybe that counts for something. 

Thursday morning Fulton and I went over to visit Grandma for a bit while daddy stayed back because he said he had some things to do. We got home and this man, my man, had cleaned the house, complete with scrubbing the kitchen tile and grout by hand. He is so good to me! We spent the rest of the day at home gearing up for the Alabama game, which didn't turn out quite like we hoped. Sniff sniff. 2014 was a great year, with ups and downs for sure, but God is so faithful and has never left our side. My prayer for 2015 is that we can run to Him and pursue Him like never before. 
Happy New Year!