Saturday, October 31, 2009

Harley Says...

Arrgghh Matey... Happy Halloween. Harley man is a pirate this year.. fits our family well. I really wanted him to wear a patch over his eye or a hook on his hand, but Matt said no and that was animal cruelty. Here is Harley posing with his costume on
And seconds later trying to get it off.. I am guessing the little guy doesn't like it.

This has nothing to do with Harley's costume or Halloween, but is kind of funny and random. My parents were leaving the game the other night and they looked back to get out of the row and this man was asleep. Sound asleep at a football game. I took his picture and I guess the flash woke him up because he starting moving around after that. Must not have been that exciting for him. Hope you have a great Halloween!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

He Is So Good To Me

Let me just brag on the hubby for a minute. It's been a rough and busy week for me at school. Today was not the best day in the book... until there's a knock at my classroom door. In walks this man from Edible Arrangements with this fun prize below. He walks straight to my aide's desk and I asked her if it was her birthday and I missed it. He then realizes I am the teacher and not an 8th grade student sitting there. Anyways, get to the chase right... so the sweet hubby sent this to cheer me up. Of course my students were like bust that thing open we want some... so half of it had already been eaten before I took the picture. But don't you just love this.. I mean flowers die.. but this baby goes straight to the belly. Matt is so great to me! I have the best husband!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Roll Tide And A Velcro Wall

Well, we headed to Tuscaloosa for the Alabama game yesterday. Did a little tailgating with sister, saw some old friends, and celebrated a win. You may have watched the game and if you did you would know it was a close one down to the last 4 seconds. These football games are starting to give me chest pains when this happens.

I just came from our church's Fall Festival where our class worked the Velcro Wall. We signed up for the cake walk... but they gave us this instead... now I know why. It was a workout and you have to touch a lot of kids stinky feet. No time for pictures there... those kids were eager to throw themselves onto the wall. I think Matt and I will rent one of these sometime for the backyard. I could totally see us enjoying this.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

This Is What I Work With

Nothing else blogworthy to share at the moment, so fellow friends I will share this with you. A few weeks ago I had this box in my classroom. One of my students (umm.. the one in the box) kept begging me to let him get in this box because he says "I know I can fit." I said No... that would be the one second the principal walks in and sees what I have let my little boogers do. I turn my head for 2 seconds and that stinker has put himself into the box. I told him... please wait right there so I can take your picture and when your mom calls to ask me what you have been doing at school I can show her this. Now I love these precious kids, but every day is an adventure. You just never know what will occur!
PS don't worry I haven't violated any privacy things with his picture--you can't see his face. He is practically suffocating himself to fit into the box.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Little Pumpkin Carving

Saturday night we had some couples from our small group over to grill out and carve pumpkins. Matt worked so hard Saturday to get the fire pit ready so we could have it in the backyard, but it ended up just being too wet. So we moved the carving into the lovely garage. Nothing like bringing company into the garage. Yikes!! We had to twist the guys arms to get to carving because they were way more into watching football. Matt and David disappeared for a bit.. claiming they were "cleaning the kitchen"--whatever!!
Matt worked so hard on our pumpkin. The only thing he let me do was clean the guts out.. that is my favorite part though. Our design was of course a pirate for the Bucs!!

And here are the finished products. Drew worked so hard on his MS State pumpkin.. which turned out really good. We let Asher, who is almost 3, pick the winner. David totally brainwashed the poor kid and told him to pick the biggest one, which just happened to be him and Amanda's. It was rigged!! It was a great night of fellowship with good friends!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Backyard Project

Friday night we played Spain Park and it was quite a game. Mom and Dad came to support and they got their money's worth--actually they got in free, but you know what I mean. We stunk the first half and actually went into half time 21-0 LOSING! We came back to win 24-21. Matt had to give mom and dad the play by play afterwards. Woohoo! Now on to the big project for the weekend. We left our firepit in Oxford when we sold our house so we were eager to get a new one. We finally found one and have started a patio area for it in the backyard. Matt was so into this project and I said what can I do? (Never should have asked that.. I was enjoying laying in the hammock more than what he gave me to do). We had the slat that the stone came on and Matt handed me the axe and told me to start chopping it up. Sounds a lot easier than it really was. Safety first--must put the goggles on because wood was flying everywhere. So here's a little before picture and hopefully soon....very soon.. we will have some after pictures.