Wednesday, September 29, 2010

You Can Never Have Too Many

Jeans that is. It's getting about that time.. cool crisp air and my legs are getting cold at night. So, it's time to pull out the jeans. At the first sign of warmness each Spring, Matt and I put the jeans up, shove them to the top of the closet and don't put a pair on until that coldness comes back in the Fall. I hate wearing jeans in the summer. Cannot stand it. So, it was time to pull them out and I thought they probably needed a good cleaning before slidin' the ole wranglers on again.
This was just one load... now I will admit, I have a little problem with jeans. The last count I had 18 pair. I know, that is a little ridiculous. But, let me explain. Not to long ago Old Navy had this great sale for $12 dollar jeans. I really like this one style, so I thought, why not? Some people just wear their jeans for a short time and then off to the salvation army they go. Not me, I keep these puppies till the threads are bare. And then I cut em off and make some blue jean shorts.. just kidding, not really... but that would make good Christmas presents. Now, I will leave you with this... what's your favorite pair of jeans from long long ago? Mine, well, it was a pair of Bongo and they were teal.... you got that right... teal. I loved these bad boys and wore the heck out of them in the 7th and 8th grade. Don't be jealous?!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Our Master Bedroom

It's Show Us Your Life at Kelly's Korner. I am sure you've read her blog... everyone does. Right now she is doing a home tour for the next several weeks. I missed out on last week, which was living rooms, although you have already seen ours a million times with the pictures I put on here, but I thought I would try to join in this week and maybe again if you are lucky. Besides the Tide is in a close game with some Razorbacks right now and my heart is palpitating and I need something to take my mind off it. So, here's our master bedroom. This is the view from the door off the hallway. Let me give you a play by play. This furniture has been around. My parents got me this furniture when I was in high school (it was my first big girl set--precious), so it came along when we tied the knot 6+ years ago because if you had seen Matt's furniture you would agree that we should stick with mine. But I do love this furniture... it has held up great. Back to the point, sorry, this bedding was a wedding gift and has served its purpose. Although, I often get the itch to change it up.

Here's a view from Harley's corner of the room. The piece in the corner was swiped at my parent's house and it holds the ole 19 incher. Next to it is my jewelry cabinet that I got from a friend who was selling it when they moved and then the dresser. This random chair was given to us and my mom found another one of our spreads on sale many years ago and used the fabric to cover the chair to match.

Here's a view from the corner looking towards the bathroom. You may have noticed our heavy drapes in the picture above. Those suckers are usually closed because the sun rises on the backside of our house, right where our bedroom is and if you want to sleep any minute past the beautiful sunrise, you better keep em closed. Thanks to momma senorita for those. Before we go, let's just be honest here for a minute... I had to make the bed before I took this picture. No, we do not make our bed in the morning.. that is a dirty little secret you now know about us. We pull the sheets up and straighten it but that comforter stays down and the pillows are off. What's the point anyways? That's a whole 'nother blog. Anyways, there's our bedroom.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Get Togethers

We have had several shin digs at our house lately... so, let's catch up... Now, isn't this a pretty picture?! It sort of got me in the Halloween mood. Last week we had a impromptu spa night with some girls from our small group. Chrissy (2nd from right) pampered us with facials and satin hands. My hands were smooth as a baby's bottom after that... loved it.

And Saturday night we hosted a baby shower for a sweet couple in our small group who will become parentals very soon. This is Adam and Lindsay and inside that little belly is baby Lydia.

And here's my kitchen table again.. lovely. Look at this fab cake made by Hope. You have seen a few other cakes by her before and I tell ya, she's getting good. I don't really have a reason to get a cake right now, but they are so stinkin cute I just want to get one for the fun of it with my name across the top.

Here's the group that came to celebrate. I know it looks like Harley took this picture or some elf, but we had to make do with the ole self timer.. it's the best we could do. See Lindsay (momma to be) in the back?? To her left is her twin sister.. freaky huh?

A picture of the girls. It was a fun night celebrating.. it started out as a baby shower and quickly turned into a football party. Matt kindly reminded me before it started that there were some really good games on Saturday night, so the TV would be left on. I still can't figure out how to get that silly ole ESPN blocked from our TV. Happy Wednesday!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Flashback Friday

I know it's Saturday... but Fridays are always jam packed with getting to a football game, so this one is on Saturday. Do you want some randomness today? Well, here is a dose for you. I was organizing the office closet a few days ago and came across some pictures from long long ago. This was found in a stack of Matt's pictures from high school and freshman year of college. Remember how I once showed you a picture of Matt with that looonnng hair. Well, he and some buddies went camping during their freshman year of college and Matt got somebody to put his hair in corn rolls (I am not sure if you are supposed to call this rolls or rows-whatever). He was so proud of this. Unfortunately, I didn't know him then or I would have told him how "precious" he looked like this.

And then since Halloween is just right around the corner here is a real special one for you. Matt and I have dressed up as many things over the years, and I will say this wasn't one of our best ones, but it was a fabulous thrift store find that I think we spent a whole 2 dollars on. In case you aren't familiar with these characters, I went as a California Raisin (I think this was a kid's costume--little short) and Matt was Mr. Potato Head. A little side note on MPH--I wore this to school a few years ago because we still dress up at our school--and yes it is a middle school. So, there you go, a little blast from the past. Hope you have a radical Saturday!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fabulous Football

It was another weekend filled with football games.... Friday night Hoover played Oak Mountain and I hate to say it, but it was almost a little bit of a uninteresting (to say it nicely) game. Hoover won 60 to 0... now, do you know what I mean.
Here's the coach coming off the field... it was a hot and sweaty night.. but grateful for a win.

Sweet friends... David and Jennifer came to support Matt... they even wore their orange and black to support. It was great to have them there.

Mom and Dad came too and endured the heat.. Such faithful fans they are. Go Bucs!
And Saturday, we headed to Tuscaloosa again for the Alabama vs. Penn State game. Now, Matt has been talking about this game for a long time. He has been so excited to see Joe Paterno. So needless to say, we were up early and headed for some tailgating fun.

Now, it was another extremely hot, muggy, at some points very wet, day... so no pictures were taken because if only I had a bag on my head like this sweet lady, then my hair might not have looked quite as bad as it did.

Matt wanted to head into the stadium early so he could get a picture of Joe Pa (that's what you are supposed to call him I was told) coming out of the tunnel with his team.

I went on up to our seats and rested my puppies while Matt staked out a good spot to get a picture. Bless him, he stood here for almost an hour so he could get a close up. He said he almost missed this picture because Erin Andrews (you know the ESPN reporter) came out right before him and he was trying to get a picture of her.

I took several of him on the field, so I will just share this one with you. I just think this sweet old man is just precious (Matt says I should quit saying that, because he wouldn't want to be called precious), but anyways if he wasn't married I would try to set him up with that sweet old lady with the bag on her head. But speaking of Joe Pa's wife.. Matt told me why he wears his pants hemmed up so high... because when he first started coaching years ago his wife got mad because he kept coming home with that backs of his pants dirty from dragging on the field, so she hemmed them up and he has been wearing them short like that ever since. Now, isn't that the sweetest thing you have heard all day.
On another note I went a restraint training for 2 days last week.. I learned how to take people (or students if necessary) down to the ground... I keep trying to practice this on Matt.. but he keeps resisting... I must catch him off guard.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Football Is Here

Football season has started and it was a weekend full of it. Now that summer is officially over, I am ready for Fall to be here... with some cooler weather. Friday night Matt had his first home game and it was a good one. They started out with some crazy jumper guys that jumped out of this plane and landed on the field.. it was really cool. One had this huge American flag, one had a Hoover flag, and the other had a Spain Park flag. You would have to pay me a lot of money to do this.

The cheerleaders never disappoint with their enormous signs.

And here's the guy in action. I keep telling Matt if he would turn around I could get a picture of the front of him. He kindly reminds me that the game is the other way and he probably won't be turning around. Whatever...

Mom and Dad came to support as always. They are such loyal fans sporting their orange. Mom always reminds me that it is hard for her to wear orange (you know the whole Auburn thing).. I agree.... but we try not to think about that.

And here's my man after the game.. it was a good one. Hoover 44 Spain Park 0. Go Bucs!

And Saturday it was off to Tuscaloosa for the first Bama home game against San Jose State. Where do they find these teams? We headed to the tailgate to see sister and her new hubs.

Steven and Matt at the tailgate.. it was actually pretty nice yesterday.. got a little warm at some points, but overall not too bad.

Look at these precious cupcakes that sister made... minus 2 that had been eaten. I mean they were just (almost) too cute to eat... although that didn't stop me. They were seriously tasty too and guess who put those A's on there.. Steven. Yep, that little Mr. Betty Crocker has been holding out on us.

Sister and Steven got to the tailgate to help them set up so early they might as well had brought breakfast too... they sure do make a day out of it.

Matt and I roamed around the quad a bit and stopped by to see our friends Jonathan and Rachel at their tent. They have a nice set up with a red grill and all... they are hard core tailgaters too.

Matt was so pumped for the season to start.. he couldn't wait to get into the stadium. I sure wish he would talk to me more during the games, but I think he is concentrating. And he tells me I should pay more attention too. I get so distracted by all the people around me and I start people watching and before I know it, half the game is gone.

Mom and Dad were pumped too for the season start and even drove from the lake to the game and then back to the lake afterwards.... now, that's some fans for you.

Mom and me at the stadium waiting for the game to start...and have I ever mentioned how great my parents are?! We are so blessed to be able to go to the Alabama home games and we don't thank them enough. Thanks mom and dad!!

And last, but not least... here is the packed out...full to the max stadium. You can't see the new endzone, but now Bryant Denny Stadium is a complete bowl. It is awesome. Love me some Alabama football. Bama whooped up on some San Jose State. And by the way, guess who else won yesterday... Jacksonville State.. yes, mine and Matt's Alma Mater(along with many family members) .. they beat Ole Miss... so sad for the rebels, but way to go Gamecocks!

Adventures In Babysitting

Last weekend Matt's team had their first official game of the season and it was a far far away game in South Carolina. I decided not to make the trek for the game and my sweet friend and fellow coaches wife, Paige, decided to go and I offered to keep their daughter Cassidy. It was a fun time!! Friday after school we headed straight to the lake. Cassidy was so excited all the way there, she just could not fathom where we were going... she kept asking if other people would be there, would we spend the night, could you swim from one side to the other... all these fun questions. As soon as we got there, she couldn't wait to go swimming. So we went for a little sunset swim.
And then it was off to the next adventure... giving Harley a bath. Now, we don't usually make our guests give our dog a bath, but Cassidy had been asking about this for a long time. She was really looking forward to it... Harley, not so much.

The next day, after some restful sleeping (a 1 am wake up call, several jabs in the side, and some early morning cartoons) we were ready for some more fun in the sun .

We went for a ride on the jet ski... safety first.... must wear that life jacket at all times. I know she was like "Aunt Kristen is so not cool because she will not let me take this silly brown vest off."

And then for a boat ride... where this sweet thing just sat in the front of the boat all stretched out and relaxed. She was loving it! She wanted to stop in the middle of the lake and go for a swim. She is a tough little girl!!

She really was like, Kristen, stop taking my picture. But she just kept smiling!

And she did some jumps off the side of the boat and wanted us to give her scores for each of the jump. I loved it! We had the best time... and I am so thankful that her sweet mom trusts me enough to let her come, because I loved having her there. Fun weekend!