Friday, February 28, 2014

Five on Friday

It's been a busy week and I never blogged from last weekend. Here's a quick five on Friday to recap what's been going on. 

I am hosting a shower at my house this weekend and wanted to try out a new recipe that I was going to make. Let's just say that I am glad I tried it out before the event. I made homemade doughnut holes. The first batch burned to a crisp in about 10 seconds. This was the second batch before the icing went on. I am not a grease cooking kind of gal and I don't think I will become one. I hated the way our house smelled....for days. 

Saturday we had a birthday party and these two are superheroes in training. It was a dress as your favorite superhero kind of party and Batman won out in our house. Laylee and Fulton are best buds!!

Saturday night we made our own pizza. Complete with wheat crust, turkey sausage, and turkey pepperoni. It was pretty good for these first timers. 

Sunday was our day to keep Fulton's class at church. I really do love when we get to do this. First because we are getting to serve and second because I love seeing him interact with his buddies. He usually isn't one for sitting at the table long, but he was enjoying his craft that day. 

And last.... this guy is such a joy. Despite the challenging days that we sometimes have, he is such a blessing. We just love watching him grow, learn, and soak in the love that he is surrounded by. This was before school one morning this week when we were laughing so hard we nearly cried. I love moments like these. Here's to a great Friday and fun weekend!!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Happy Heart Day

I love Valentine's Day. I am sucker for all things red, hearts, flowers, 
and sending cute goodies to your friends and family. 

Fulton and I worked hard on his Valentine's for his friends at school. 

This was one of the goodies inside. Their party is postponed until this week, but I know he will enjoy giving them to his little buddies. 

Thursday night KK came over to visit and brought Fulton a little Valentine's prize. He was excited. 

Kiki came bearing gifts as well and got Fulton this cute Valentine's shirt. They don't make these heart day shirts very manly, but he had to be dressed for the holiday. 

We finally went back to school on Friday and I came home to this sweetness. My man is good to me. 

We had dinner with sweet friends and made the night about being with family. 

Sister made us a life size Hershey kiss but it's really a rice krispie treat. Isn't she creative? Saturday night KK and Pops kept Fulton and Matt and I celebrated with dinner at Sumo, hibachi style. 
It was fabulous. 

Did it really snow last week? It was mid 60's today and we took full advantage of it. We skipped naps and opted for playing outdoors. We went walking on the trail and enjoyed God's creation. 

We came back home and played with sweet friends. 

Our driveway often becomes the meeting spot for good times with friends. Fulton enjoyed several buddies playing with him this afternoon. He had a ball. 

More Weather

We just came off another three day weather event where we only went to school two days last week. This is wild that it has happened twice in about 3 weeks time. 

Tuesday night it finally started snowing. We got out of the bath and watched from the window. We were planning to wait until the next day to play in it some. 

When we finally got ready to go out in it on Wednesday, it had already melted too much. We bundled up and headed to KK and Pops to see what they had left. 

Daddy rounded up enough snow to make a little mini snowman. It was the best 
we could do, it was melting fast. 

We headed to Kiki and Pete's house and left them a little surprise too. Matt took one for the team and rolled that snow man in his bare hands. What a man!!

We enjoyed a quick lunch at Steak n Shake. 

We enjoyed the next two days and actually were able to play outside some. You would never have known it actually snowed that morning. 

We even made it to the mall one day and enjoyed the restrooms of Von Maur. We are frequent visitors in there these days. So, it was another unexpected break, but we had a blast being home together as a family. Much better than the last snow days we had. Now, here's to spring coming quickly. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Puppy Love

Our family is home for a snow day today and this is my kind of snow day. One with no snow and we can get out and about. So, let's catch up over the last week or so. 

Last weekend we did a quick trip to the lake and I realized I never mentioned it. My mema got a new dog, Teddy, and he is a maltypoo. He is so cute, but a handful. Fulton and Teddy became friends quickly. 

But Fulton's number one four legged love hasn't changed. Harley is so tolerable of 
Fulton's lack of gentleness. 

We had a blast playing at the lake. We rode the four wheeler, fed the cows, visited with mema and papa, and saw all of papa's tractors. We stopped by Grandma's on the way home and the guys took on a quick afternoon job of cleaning out her gutters. 

We are trying to be so intentional with him and bathing him in the word of God. We pray together every night before putting him to bed and he actually prayed himself this week. It was pretty cool to hear what he has on his little heart. 

Friday night I worked our middle school Valentine's Dance. It was a night filled with awkward middle schoolers, watching them run around and chase each other. Please don't tell me I did this in my middle school days, but I am afraid it may be true. 

Saturday we went to an art show with the fam, which was totally not toddler appropriate and we didn't stay long. Fulton was anxious to eat. He is just like his mommy. 

We had a great day at church on Sunday learning about envy. It's not something you like to admit... hey, my name is Kristen and I am envious. But it's true... I began to examine my own heart and realized it's there more than I want to admit. Whether it's something small or something big, it's still sin and it is separating me from the Lord. Our pastor reminded us--don't focus on what you don't have, focus on what the Lord has blessed you with. 

We were itching to get outside after nap. We knew it would be a cold week and we were trying to enjoy the somewhat mild temperatures. Our sweet friends gave us a motorized John Deer gator and Fulton spent the afternoon riding that and his yellow car. We are all so ready for warmer temps so we can play outside. We just aren't indoor people... bring on Spring!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Who's Playing?

There was a big game Sunday... the good ole Super Bowl. I am really not into NFL football. Something about these grown men running around getting paid millions to play football just doesn't entertain me. But you know what does entertain me... good friends and good food. And that's just what we enjoyed. 

We went to our sweet friends Alan and Ashley's house for the game. I did have to ask Matt on the way there what teams were playing and he told me who to cheer for. Not sure why Matt looks like he has been at the beach in this picture, but he hasn't. 

Fulton loves to eat with the ladies. He sure loves his sweet friends and these two girls are so kind to him. 

Looks like someone got into the girl dress up attire. This sure makes Matt proud. 

So the kids played, the guys watched football, and the girls chatted. The fellowship and food were great. Now, it's back to a regular work week after our little unplanned break last week.. it sure was nice though.