Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

We had a great night last night. We met up with several couples from our small group at church and went to the Baron's game. 

We were able to get there early and save some areas for everyone. Fulton loved hanging out by the fence watching the players warm up. 

They were having a little baseball lesson. 

It was a little hard to get a whole group picture and make the kids all sit still, so I took some family pictures of those that were there. The Raudenbush fam!

The Warrens. We love some sweet Chloe. She kept us entertained. 

The Sorrells. Their sweet son Alex (not pictured)  kept Fulton busy. He is precious
 and so good with the little kids. 

The Holdens. Their blonde headed little Andrew is precious. 

The Beech Family. Rusty was good at keeping an eye out for foul balls... of which one 
came very close to us. Yikes. 

The Tapia family. They brought a few extras with them and I love it. The more the merrier. 

Fulton was excited to meet Babe Ruff. 

Our crew all stretched out and enjoying the absolutely perfect weather we had. Did I mention it was 50 cent hotdog night?! Doesn't get much better than that. 

The guys!

Our little family.

The girls enjoyed catching up and watching the kids run around. What a sweet night 
of memories with great friends. 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer Lately

I cannot believe July is almost over. It seems like 4th was just yesterday. Our days have been full of fun. Here's a little randomness of what we have been up to lately. 

Last Sunday afternoon we had a birthday party. We have unfortunately missed several this summer because we were on vacation or at the lake. Fulton enjoyed eating some watermelon with his buddies David and Victoria. 

In the last few weeks we have been working overtime to get Fulton's big boy room put together. This is just a sneak peek and I will share the whole thing when it's finished. Thankfully, he has not tried to climb out of his crib, but we want to be prepared if it happens. I think we will keep him in his crib until he is like 6 :)

Last week we had a couple of playdates and I managed to snap a picture on the day Ford came over to play. These two enjoyed some water fun outside and his mommy and I enjoyed catching up. 

Kiki came over for a little visit one night. We enjoyed Popsicles on the porch together. 

Last Friday I had two of my sweet teacher friends over to take our boys to the pool. Charlie didn't make it in the picture, but all three boys had a blast playing together. 

We actually took a weekend off from the lake (shocker) and enjoyed Friday night as a family. We had dinner at Jim n Nicks and then hit up GiGi's cupcakes for a little dessert. Enjoyed my dinner date with these two cuties!

Saturday morning we had another birthday party. This was a Cars birthday for David and Victoria. 

We spent the rest of the day running around to thrift stores looking for one piece for Fulton's room. No luck,  but we found some other fun treasures in the process. It was time to get cleaned up, because we were heading to dinner at our friends house. Fulton enjoyed playing with his sweet buddy Emily, until we had to sit in time out at their house and then eventually leave because he wasn't listening. These are some serious child rearing days we are in. 

Sunday was a full day. It started at 5:00 am when I got up to cook the biscuits for the biscuit ministry at church. We headed to church later and then had nursery duty, followed by a Deacon meeting for Matt. I came home and took a little power nap and sister and I met up for a little photography class. We had so much fun finally learning to use our cameras. I now (sort of) know how to shoot in manual. I didn't even know what this was when I arrived that day. Thanks for asking me sister and thanks to KK and Pop for keeping Fulton entertained. 

We met back up with the fam and all 7 of us had dinner at Zaxbys. No need for entertainment.. Fulton made everyone lick a lemon and laughed hysterically while we did it. He is a mess. 

Today was a beautiful day and so much cooler than it has been. We spent whole morning outside in the driveway playing and then decided to wash my car. My little helper did a great job! My teacher friends go back this week and God is so good to me to allow me this time to stay home with Fulton. I am usually feeling very stressed, anxious and weepy about this time knowing my summer is over. Thank you Lord for this opportunity. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Celebrating 40 Years

We had another big weekend. Seems we have been on the go pretty much all summer, but it's been fun. 

Fulton and I went on up to the lake with mom and dad Thursday night. We spent Friday playing with Mema and getting ready for their party on Saturday. 

This little guy was a good helper and it was a good thing because we had a lot of people coming the next day and plenty to do. 

Daddy came up after work Friday and we were excited when he got there. 

Saturday we had a 40th wedding anniversary party for mom and dad at the lake. We set up a little table of past year's pictures and their wedding album. 

We woke up to a little rainy weather, but the Lord was gracious and the sun came 
out and we had a beautiful day. 

Happy 40th Anniversary to these two!! We were excited to celebrate with them and 
thankful for their example. 

Our family before the guests arrived. All Fulton could talk about was the cake that he 
had seen in the fridge. 

The girls. 

Ready for a big day of fun. 

His sweet buddy Elsie arrived and he was happy as could be. They had a blast together. We had  a delicious lunch and a table full of desserts and then headed down to play in the water. 

The day wasn't getting away before this little guy took a ride on the waverunner. He is hooked. 

We didn't get pictures of everyone, but a few of the guests who came to spend the day celebrating with us. Grateful for sweet family and friends who came. We spent the rest of the afternoon playing on the water and wearing out a certain little guy. He was out before we turned out of the driveway heading home. Happy 40th Anniversary Mom and Dad. We love you!

Monday, July 14, 2014

The Bahamas

Matt and I just returned from an amazing trip to the Memories Resort on the Grand Bahama island in the Bahamas. It was our anniversary trip and we have been looking forward to this for some time. 

We dropped our little Fulton off with KK and Pop last Tuesday night and bright and early Wednesday morning (4:00 am to be exact) we were heading to the airport. 
Here we are after we arrived in the Bahamas. 

We quickly settled into our room and this was our view for the week. 

When we arrived it was raining, but thankfully the rain passed and we were able to 
take a little dip that afternoon. 

We were anxious to get our toes in the sand too. 

We cleaned up and headed for our first night's dinner. 

Our first night there we ate at the open air Italian restaurant. Probably my least favorite of the 
week, but the view was beautiful. The great thing about all inclusive... if you didn't like it, you can just walk over to the next restaurant and eat again. 

The next morning we were up and read after nearly 10 hours of sleep (we were a little worn out from the long day before). This was the breakfast buffet. They had anything and everything you can imagine. 

The sun was out in full force and we were ready for day of relaxation. We spent the rest of the day watching the waves and swimming it the clear ocean. We did do a little kayaking and thankfully didn't even fall out of the boat. 

Today was our anniversary! 10 years we were celebrating and this was the purpose of our wonderful trip. We decided to go to the Japanese restaurant for our anniversary dinner. They had some suishi appetizers. No thanks for me, but Matt did try it. 

Happy 10th Anniversary! This man is amazing. The past 10 years have been fun, eventful, and lots of laughs. I am so blessed to have my best friend by my side each and every day. We are thankful the Lord allowed us this opportunity to have this time together, uninterrupted. I love this man with all I have and can't wait to spend a lifetime of many more anniversaries. 

After dinner we walked around the resort and enjoyed the scenery. This one of the three pools. 

Later that night we walked across the street to the Lucayan Village where they were celebrating their Bahamian Independence Day. Never knew we shared our anniversary with the Bahama Independence Day. They had a big celebration with singing, bands, and ended the night with fireworks. 

I spent most mornings on this couch waiting for Matt to get his coffee. I usually came back to this spot later in the afternoon for my daily ice cream cone. I am going to miss those this week. 

Friday was another beautiful day on the beach and it doesn't get much better than this. We sure missed our little Fulton, but we were able to face time him each night. He was having a blast with KK and Pop and could really have cared less if we called. Sniff sniff. 

Matt did try out one of the kiddie slides where he may have gotten a small injury on his foot. We really should have obeyed the rules and stayed in the adult area. 

Friday night we had dinner at the steakhouse. We had a long wait, but it was worth it. Delicious!

Saturday was our last day on the beach and we were soaking it in. The water was crystal clear and we spent a lot of time between the ocean and the pool. It was really hot. 

We enjoyed the steakhouse so much we decided to go back again for our last night here. This was the chocolate dessert that I wish I could have taken home like 6 of them. It was like the best ooey gooey brownie, but way better. 

We walked over to the Lucayan Marina and enjoyed the sunset over the water. 

Sunday morning we were up super early again and ready for the first flight out. We had such a great time and were thankful to spend these days with just each other. Thankful to  my sweet fam for taking such great care of Fulton while we were gone. He was on his own "holiday" as he calls it and made some good memories himself. Now. back to the real world.