Monday, May 30, 2011

Lake Weekend

We spent the weekend celebrating Memorial Day at the lake. What absolutely gorgeous weather we had. The last few years it has rained all weekend on Memorial Day, but this year it was beautiful. Sweet friends Drew and Whitney were able to come and enjoy some fun with us.

The water was still a little chilly, but it was manageable with this massive float I bought for the summer. It is a little crazy looking.. it's like a rocking chair or something. But it worked good. Everyone made fun of it, but they will probably want to borrow it.

Sister and me. Taking pictures in swimsuits is definitely not my favorite thing to do these days.. I mean, it never was.... but especially now that I am a two ton tessie. If only I could stay away from the dill pickle chips.

Sunday during the day I managed to take zero pictures. We had lots of company and lots of fellowship, but I was a little pooped out from the day before. I had to cash it in early after lunch and miss the afternoon fun. We did enjoy a little sunset dinner on the porch.

While Dad worked... that man (and my mom) are always working working to make the lake such a nice place for us all to enjoy.

We enjoyed this nice sunset before gearing up for a little campfire fun... I know, you are on the edge of your seat for this one.

Me and Pops in our matching Zeta shirts.. still gotta support that sorority that they gave so much money to years ago.

Here's the fun part...So dad built this fire pit (mental creation of mom), matt helped finish it off, and all the guys were dying to build a fire in it. Really?! It's like 90 degrees... but Steven and Matt made a special trip out that morning to get all the fixins for smores.

Sister and hubby. Now, if I am remembering correctly sister said she had never had a smore and didn't really know how to make one. This was the perfect opportunity for me to demonstrate to everyone how to make the perfect smore.

Can't forget the best part.. the chocolate. I knew they should have bought the economy box... we went through these bars fast.

All the fam enjoying the fire. Matt managed to ruin all the wire hangers in the house so we could have the perfect mellow roasters.

Sister decided she had had enough and decided to watch the rest from the porch. If only we had the guitar and could have sang some songs... there's always next time. Fun weekend with friends and family!!

Sweet Students

Last Thursday before school ended, my sweet students, with the help of my fabulous aide, had a baby shower for me. I have had the best group of students this year (not that I don't every year), but I seem to have become more attached to this group.

My aide made the cake (if the kids had, then we wouldn't have been able to eat it). It was delicious! They kept the shower a surprise and were so excited when it was time for the party.

I took pictures with my students, but sorry I had to crop their heads out... they gave me some sweet gifts.

And another one of my sweet lovelies. See that picture he's holding.. he drew that for "Baby Fulton" as he always calls him. When we found out it was a boy, he told me...lucky you, boys are the best... well, at least I think so because I am one. Sweet kids... I will miss them. Don't get me wrong, I am pumped for summer, but this was a special group!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Today is a special day.. it's momma senorita's birthday!! Tonight we celebrated with the fam and went to mom's choice.. mexican! You can never go wrong with a taco! I really ought to dye my hair blond so I look like I am related to these pretty ladies.

Sister got 4 fabulous cupcakes from Dream Cakes... all different flavors so we could try each of them. My vote for favorite goes to the strawberry. They were all delish!

Mom got some good stuff, clothes, picture frames, and of course the best came from pops... he got her a Nook (with the help from his assistant, as usual). Mom was excited and was ready to leave the restaurant and load that puppy up. She is pumped because all her friends at work have one and now she is cool like them. Kind of like going to daycare with your new Nike's on. Happy Birthday to mom!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sun And Football

What a fun (long) weekend we had!! Matt's team had a game in Fairhope this weekend, so the fam packed it up and headed south to catch a little beach time before the action. We all took off a little work to squeeze a little more fun in. Friday we spent the day at the beach and then sister and I hit the outlets and found some fabulously cute stuff for Little Fulton. Forget shopping for myself these days, it's way more fun to buy clothes for the little man.

Saturday we headed out to Fairhope and took some time walking around the town before the game.

Fairhope is the cutest town ever. They have beautiful shops and flowers and it just looks like the most picturesque town to live in.

Everyone sported their Hoover attire in support of the Bucs. Dad and Steven were troopers while the girls shopped.

And then we headed to the field... can't forget this was the reason we came in the first place. Look at my stud of a hubby! He is a rockstar!

It was extremely hot on Saturday... mom and sister sat with me under a tree in the end zone for the last half of the game. This body just can't seem to take the sun like it used to.

After the game Matt was able to come back to the condo with us and after a quick dip in the pool for the guys, it was time for some pictures on the beach before heading to dinner. Sister already has such a great tan!

Look at these 2 cuties!

Isn't my family beautiful... minus the big fat girl in red up front. Geeze louise!!

And one last guys shot before heading for seafood. It was such a fun weekend with family. I could take off every Friday and go to the beach... wouldn't that be nice? And by the way, the Bucs won, so yay for them!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful moms out there, mine included!! I have to admit, I was a terrible picture taker today. Our family opted for the easy way out and went out to lunch today instead of cooking...oh how nice it was! Mom chose her favorite, Dales. And it was delish! Sister got mom this cute shirt and some yummy smelling wallflowers for the house. She loves those things.

I got mom some cute workout wear because she (with sister) are all into Zumba now and they are like work-out-a-holics.

Dad (with the help of his assistant, otherwise known as Keri) got mom this Vera Bradley purse she has been wanting. She deserves it!

And look what sister got me... this precious gown for little Fulton. I LOVE it!! Matt doesn't understand these gown things... he keeps saying, where are the leg holes. I told him we will love these puppies when it's diaper changing time in the middle of the night. Speaking of diaper changes... let me brag on the hubs. He is such a diaper champ. We had nursery duty today at church and had all boys in our class and 2 of them must have eaten beans for breakfast because they dropped a bomb on us --right before shift change, of course. Matt handled them both, as he always does, while I gagged and sprayed Lysol. I have got to get better at this!!! Happy Mother's Day to a wonderful mom--I love her!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Harley's Birthday

Today is Cinco de Mayo, but it's also the Harley man's birthday!! The little guy is getting on up there in years... he is 11!!! This year he decided he wanted a luau themed party. I know he looks unhappy in this picture, but I promise you he begged me to put that lei on him. You may remember last year he got a birthday card from his girlfriend Esperanza, not this year... they broke up. He's back on the market for all those senior citizen lady dogs out there. Happy Birthday to our 4 legged child!!