Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tailgating In Tuscaloosa

Saturday we went to the next best place other than home, Tuscaloosa, to cheer on the Tide as they took on MS State. 
We got there a few hours before game time... 7 1/2 to be exact. What a good long day of tailgating we had ahead of ourselves. Fulton was excited to see his KK and Pops and....

 His Aunt Keri and Uncle Pete.

Wild man was on the loose. He wanted to get down and get in the grass so bad, but I am not ready for grass stains on the pants quite yet.

 Our best attempt at a family photo without someone smiling. Hmm...

After lunch at the tailgate we headed one street over to see the parade. It was homecoming. Hooray. Fulton loved the band and the cheerleaders of course. Kind of had to shield his eyes when some of the majorettes came by because their outfits are so skimpy. Cute, but skimpy.

We met up with sweet Daniel, Claire, and Avery to watch the parade. Fulton wanted to give her some lovin but she was focused on the people watching.

 Sweet friends.

Then the Warrens came and tailgated with us and I got to snuggle up with cuddly Chloe. She is such a doll, even if she is wearing MS State gear. Poor thing.

We all made the trek over and braved the quad... yikes, I was scared we would go in and never come out. We finally made it to the Blackburn's tent and saw them for a bit. Vance had to clear a path for the cool people with the strollers to get out.

We headed back to the tailgate just in time to see the Walk of Champions start. We watched from afar and kept making our way back.

Look at those two manly men. Whitney was pumped because we were heading to the nice warm car with the little ones and the guys were heading into the game. We turned the seat warmers on and took the littles back to the Ham. It was a fun day of tailgating in T-town and Fulton's second official visit for a game day. Next up on the list, take him into a game... maybe?!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Carving Pumpkins

Last weekend we got together with our small group from church and had our annual pumpkin carving extravaganza. 
We have several new couples in our class, so it was fun to get to know them and fellowship with the old ones too. We have lots of new babies too... see that little gem in the left hand corner. That's one of Fulton's girlfriends, sweet Chloe. Her hair is to die for.
We had some delicious soups and chili for dinner, then headed outside to start the carving. Fulton quickly found the tools. Seems like he is a real treasure hunter when it comes to finding things that are dangerous. Great.
 ulton and one of his best buds and another fellow girlfriend, Avery. He loves some Avery. She is too sweet to him and blows kisses and gives hugs. Fulton hasn't been showing the love back, but I know it's there.
The Hanscomes hosted our messy event and they have this awesome deck perfect for this very thing. This big deck just makes me want to hang a disco ball, get a DJ and bust a move. Not really, I don't bust any moves, but it would be a good dance floor.
Some couples got pretty serious into carving, we kept it simple. Here's our H. Could be for Halloween, Howards, Holy Spirit... whatever your heart desires. We had a great night fellowship with sweet folks.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

They're Everywhere

Pumpkins are everywhere these days and we are enjoying them. 
Fulton had face painting at school one day last week and came home with this cute friend on his face. I can't believe he sat still long enough for Mrs. Vin to paint this.
And Friday he went to the pumpkin patch with his friends at school. This was the pumpkin he picked out, so Saturday morning we decorated it. He was so proud of his pick.
 And if Friday wasn't enough for him, we took him back on Saturday so he could get the full effect, complete with a picture of him in front of everything. I know he was thrilled. As we pulled up I could tell he was thinking, seriously, you guys are bringing me here again.
He is such a silly boy. Friday Mrs. Vin said they took turns petting the goat (gross), we opted out of that experience on Saturday.
 But we did have to scour the pumpkins to pick just the right one. Matt likes to analyze all of them, although they all look the same to me.
No pumpkin patch is complete without a hay ride. We opted for the hay ride instead of the train ride because we noticed it seemed to take longer coming back and we thought, hey let's get our moneys worth, right?
Here's the reason it took longer. You stop and go through a "maze". Or shall I say caution fencing weaving here and there. It was a fun day of celebrating Pumpkin Patching. We made it home in time for the Alabama game, which Matt was most concerned about.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Enjoying The Start Of Fall

We have been enjoying the start of Fall and all things that go with it. I love the change in the trees. God gives us such beauty to look at when all these trees start changing. Love it. 
Last weekend it turned cool on Sunday and gave us a chance to break out some of our Fall attire for church.

We even started sporting our Halloween pj's. Speaking of Halloween, we tried our costume on just to make sure it fit and I will save the surprise for a couple of weeks, but let's just say it reminds me of the little boy on "A Christmas Story" when he comes out in the winter suit and falls over.

 This little sneaky one wouldn't sit still long enough for a picture. Droopy drawers.

They made Halloween crafts at school last week. It's a spider hat. Too bad Fulton had already chewed off two of the legs before we even made it home.

Today we continued our Fall spirit and went to the Mt. Laurel festival. We first discovered this little gem last year when Fulton was just a few weeks old and knew he would enjoy it a little more this year. Even more next year when he can do the germy, I mean jumpy things.
This little ham was a silly mess today. He has been a little under the weather this past week and we even had a mommy/son stay at home day yesterday because of our illness, so it was nice to get out today and get some good ole sun on the skin.
Look at the pumpkins. They were in all shapes and sizes. I don't know why, but the pumpkins with the warts on them make me sad... I mean, who is really going to pick that knobby thing when they can have a nice clean smooth one. It's like that puppy at the shelter that never gets a home.
 Look at me, I found one just my size.

Last but not least, a photo op with Sparky the dog. Not even really sure who or what this thing is, maybe the fire station? Whatever. I guess we could have told Fulton it was a Disney character and he would've believed us. Hope you are enjoying your Fall too!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Shoes, Milk, And Entertainment

Just realized I haven't downloaded pictures from the camera in like two weeks... so this is painfully random, but a little of what we've been up to lately. 
We've been keeping the Cozy Coupe indoors these days (want to keep it nice and shiny) and he is finally mastering getting in and out on his own and he thinks he is big stuff. He gets really mad when you lock the door and he can't get out.

 We played a little superhero action one night. Let me just share where this ripped up t-shirt even came from. One of Matt's undershirts had a hole in it and he just kept letting me wash it and wear it again and the hole kept growing. I couldn't take it anymore, so I made sure that hole was really large and he had to say goodbye to the ole shirt... so we turned it into a cape and headband. I call this resourceful.

 Shoes are now a part of our everyday life. Well, not these shoes, but someone loves to play in daddy's shoes.

Now these are the right size. We are all still adjusting to having to put socks and shoes on everyday. Ugh. I like the barefoot thing a whole lot better, but I must draw the line at our redneckness somewhere.

 We started whole milk a couple of weeks ago. Hooray for that. This guy dropped his bottle, took his first cup of whole milk and hasn't turned back since. He loves it.

 Chunk loves to swing. He just laughs and laughs and thinks it's the funniest thing when you push him.

Last week we had a little friend come play. Our sweet Laylee came to stay the afternoon with us while her mommy took care of some things. Fulton and Laylee love playing together. It was an impromptu play date and Matt wasn't going to be home until late, so I called my mom in for reinforcements. I don't know how those people with twins do it. I was worn out.

We officially have a climber on our hands. He climbs onto everything. Right after this picture he pulled himself up onto the stool, stood up on it and proceeded to take things off the counter. Geeze.

Saturday Matt went canoeing with some buddies from church (he refused to let me take their picture as they loaded their canoes in our driveway) so we played with Aunt Keri and had a little lunch date with Elizabeth and Peyton and did some shopping afterwards. F was a champ with the girls, even though he really wanted to go with daddy.
 He really is quite the helper these days. Need a pot that you can't reach, just ask this little munchkin to force himself completely into the cabinet and get whatever you need.

And last but not least Aunt Keri has been begging us to have spaghetti night. Well, I tried last night.. not spaghetti, but some nice messy pasta dish. It was a mess... and he didn't really even like it. Just smeared it all around. We went straight for the bath after this. So, was that Fulton overload for you?! This age is just too much fun. He cracks us up everyday. Cherishing these moments with our sweet family.