Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Sister!

Sister's birthday was this past weekend.... so a belated Happy Birthday to my big sis!! She's a good one!! Sorry all these pictures are just of the 2 of us, there were others at the festivities, I just didn't take any pictures of them. The fam gathered for some yummy Firebirds to celebrate a little early last week. Thankfully sister had a free dessert coupon and we all devoured a cheesecake in about 2 minutes.
This weekend we were at the lake and the whole fam was there... like aunts, uncles, cousins and all from out of town and we thew sister a little mini birthday party there too. We had our crowns on because we were also having our family Christmas dinner since it was missed when the big snow hit Gatlinburg and we had to high tail it out of there.

Make a wish.. I hope it's a good one! Happy Birthday to the best sister ever!! She is awesome!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Quick Getaway

It's finally Spring Break and we packed up Friday as soon as school was out and headed to the mountains with mom and dad. Aren't they cute? We had a quick photo session on the back porch before heading out the next day. Sorry, these next few pictures are not exciting and I really have nothing funny to say... so just endure with me.
Harley is so sick of these family pictures we take. He refused to look at the camera.

Mother with her favorite daughter (sister, you know i am kidding).

The men....waiting patiently for me to stop taking pictures so we can leave.

This was a good ole self timer picture... After this we headed to the Titanic exhibit. Now, I am not much of a fan for history stuff (Matt cringes when I say that), but this thing was really interesting. We learned lots of good fun facts that may win us some money one day.

The next day we were up and ready for another fun day on the town.... but not before a rousing game of pool. Obviously Matt and I have never played pool together before because he totally changed the rules halfway through the game. Cheater!

Later we headed up the mountain towards Cades Coves (otherwise known as boresville) and stopped on the way for some KFC and a picnic. Not such a healthy lunch, but what better than some fried chicken by the rapids.

Really, isn't this beautiful?! God's creation is magnificent. I was just in awe. (That was until we tried to use the restroom that hadn't been cleaned in months. I decided not to go in after mom came out gagging with her eyes watering)

It was a little chilly up there... I really wanted dad to go on that rock over to the left so I could take his picture.
A quick little family photo minus sister and Pete. We missed them.

Now, let me tell you what happened when we got back to the house that day. Mom, dad, and matt are doing stuff outside and I decide to come out and let Harley take a little walk. Then I look down the driveway to the house across the street and see this big black thing in the neighbor's driveway. I thought for a second, that is too big for a dog, oh crapola that is a bear. This is the part where I run to grab Harley and scream to the others that I see a bear. Although no one really believes me at first because I like to play around a lot... but finally I convinced them I was for real.

Then the furry little fella sees us and decides to head up our driveway. We are still all 4 in the driveway taking pictures, then I start to run. Matt is leisurely taking his time, because he's a man and he's not scared of bears. Whatever.

The little (or not so little) grizzly came all the way up the driveway. We were all standing on the back porch watching it... hearts beating a little fast.

I guess he was hungry because he picked this softball up in his mouth and carried it for a minute.

And this is really crazy... here he is looking straight up at us. I mean what is he thinking? Come down here you people so I can have a snack?! He then walked up the front porch and stuck his head in a glass of water my mom had sitting on the steps and then climbed the hill and headed for the next house. I was so freaked out to go outside by myself after this and of course dreamed about bears all night. Fun little vacay!