Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Wedding

We had a big wedding weekend that we just returend from. 

Matt took off Friday and we left early heading towards Augusta, Georgia 
for my cousin Kevin's wedding. 
He is the baby of the family and the last grandchild to get married 
so it was like a mini reunion. 

Friday afternoon we helped set up a little for the rehearsal dinner and then 
back to the hotel to clean up for the dinner. 

Fulton was excited to see Mema and thrilled to be staying in a hotel for the very first time. 

He thought it was pretty cool that you could just run from room to room. 
I am sure the people below us weren't so thrilled. 

We headed over to the rehearsal dinner venue and it is just the neatest place. It was an old resturant they have restored. I love the brick walls. 

Parents of the groom (my aunt and uncle) and grandparents. 

Fulton watched as they put the cakes out and he was pretty excited for what was coming. 

Kiki and Pete were looking pretty spiffy. 

The whole family. These pictures are really special. Because everyone is so spread out we really only get together like twice a year these days and we always try to get a group picture. I am glad we did it it Friday night because things got busy. There's the bride and groom in the center standing. 

Fulton went to sit at KK and Pops table so Matt and I felt like we were on a little mini date. 

These two cuties provided the entertainment for our table. 

It was a fun night. We had to sneak out before the end because Fulton was wearing down, 
but we enjoyed it. 

Saturday morning we had time to burn and decided to do some touristy stuff. Too bad it was simply pouring down rain. We went to the Riverwalk and waded through a few puddles and then ended up at the mall to dry out. 

We cleaned up and then it was time to head to the church for pictures. Fulton had to wake up early for this and he wasn't too thrilled about it. 

But he was looking pretty dapper in his bow tie. He was so proud of it. 

My little family!

And the whole family. 

After the wedding we headed to the reception at an old firestation that has been restored. It was such a neat atmosphere. These two kept the dance floor hopping. 

And then mommy got in on the action. We had the best time and stayed until the very end as we sent the bride and groom off with sparklers. Of which I realized I never got a picture of them during the reception. We made the drive back today and are all recovering. Fun weekend with family!!

The Big Shave

We had a big event last week in our house. 

Fulton got a shaving set from a friend last year and we had been saving it for just the right time. Well, Matt was ready to shave his beard from the winter and we thought this would be fun to let Fulton shave with him. He was so proud of his shaving cream. 

Matt had a little too much fun during this. 

Listening to daddy tell him exactly what to do. Taking good notes. 

My boys with their shaving cream faces. 

And then it was time to get started. He followed exactly what daddy was doing and
 loved every minute of it. 

Hey--there's no hair on here. So for the next week he kept
 telling Matt--let's shave our beards. 

And the other big event.... Fulton finally decided on his own that he wanted to sleep in his big boy bed. His room has been ready and we were just waiting on him to decide and out of the blue Tuesday night he said--I want to sleep in my big boy bed tonight. 

He said--take my picture while I am sleeping :) Silly boy. He absolutely loves it!! He woke up the next morning and said, this bed is so comfy. 

Fun Times

I don't know where the last two weeks have gone, but I must say I absolutely love staying home with Fulton and being available for my family. Thankful the Lord is allowing us this season of life. 

This little stinker has seen the girls at school playing with my hair and decided he could do a better job. He worked really hard and intense to put it in a ponytail, but wasn't quite successful. 

My buddy is getting so big. I tell him all the time--stop getting so big and stay my baby forever. He replies with--mom I have to grow up. Sweet boy!

We spent one afternoon outside doing a little painting. 
He was pretty specific about what colors went where. 

We have had a lot of rainy mornings lately and this has called for some morning snuggles in mommy and daddy's bed. Somebody didn't want to get up. 

We spent last weekend at the lake. We were so glad to be reunited with this beautiful sunset. It was a workday on Saturday and we were able to get much accomplished and ready for the summer to begin.

Monday night we went to a free Lauren Daigle concert at our church. This was Fulton's first ever concert and his best buddy came along. They had a blast together and we enjoyed 
fellowship with sweet friends. 

And of course these two provided our entertainment after dinner at Wednesday night church. They are a mess when they get together. They make us laugh!

Friday, April 10, 2015

The Tomb Is Empty

We had a great Easter weekend celebrating the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior. 

"He is not here; He has risen, just as he said." Matthew 28:6
I am so thankful we serve a living God. Thankful for Christ's sacrifice so that I could be free from the weight of my sin and have a relationship with my father. 

Fulton had a few Easter basket goodies to look through before we left for church. His absolute favorite... the cones and soccer ball. Who would have thought? I grabbed that on a whim in the dollar spot at Target and he loves it the most. It's the simple things for him. 

These two were a little matchy matchy for Easter morning. 

My sweet boy. We strived so hard during the weeks leading up to Easter to focus on Christ and his ultimate sacrifice for us. I just pray he gets it one day!

We had a wonderful service at church and headed to KK 
and Pops for a little family time. 

Fulton with his buddy Pop.

After lunch we hid a few eggs for Fulton to find. He didn't have much competition :)

After a chilly start to Spring Break, the end of the week turned out to be great. 

Dad with his girls. 

There were a few more Easter goodies that someone was pretty excited about. 

This little guy spent the rest of the afternoon playing bumper race cars. 
It was great day!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Egg Hunt and More

We have had a great Spring Break! The week has flown by, but it's been fun. 

Our sweet neighbor took this picture. They were walking down to our house to play and she snapped this pic of the boys cutting the grass. Wherever Matt is, Fulton is right behind him. 

Thursday we went to Aldridge Gardens and had the best time exploring around. We had saved up the end pieces of several loaves of bread and the fish loved it. 

We even played a little duck-duck-goose.

Friday was full of Easter activities. Daddy made us a delicious breakfast complete with bunny shaped pancakes. He is one awesome daddy. 

We have really been striving to teach Fulton what Easter is truly about. The death and resurrection of our Savior. This is a challenging concept for a three year old, but we made Resurrection Eggs to help him visualize it. 


After we dipped the marshmallow and wrapped it, We put it in the oven. 
He was keeping a close eye on the rolls. 

After they cooled, we opened them to see that the marshmallow was gone. 
"He is not here; He is risen, just as He said" Matthew 28:6. 

Several nights this week we have gone through our Resurrection Eggs as well. It's pretty cool to see how much he has absorbed in just a few days. Matt was reviewing with him and 
I love hearing Fulton speak the truth. 

Friday we also saw some baby chicks at a local store and they were the cutest things. 

We had a busy day and did a little relaxing on the porch because the weather was perfect. Minus the gallons of pollen, but oh well!

Friday night we dropped Fulton off at Kiki and Pete's house to enjoy a little Easter egg dying. 
He had a ball. Matt and I got to have a little date night. Twice in one week?! 
Our family is good to us. 

After dinner, Fulton, Daddy and Pete enjoyed a little basketball 
while sister and I cheered them on. 

This morning we had our Easter egg hunt at church, complete with just about every bouncy house you could imagine. 

I even got in on the action. 

It was great to see sweet friends there too!

Then it was time to hunt some eggs. Not much actual hunting going on, more like 
just picking them up, but he still loved it. 

Sweet boy did good!

After a full bucket, he was back to finishing off his popcorn. 

And on the way to the car he decided he wanted to conquer this big slide that he backed out of earlier. He made it up and decided he loved it. After five more slides, we finally made it to the car!