Saturday, February 23, 2013


This weekend had nothing on the agenda and it has been fabulous. I spent the morning consignment sale shopping with some friends and found some good deals for the warmer weather. We had lunch out and made a trip by one of Fulton's faves... Home Depot. He squeals when we walk in and can't wait to get his hands on something. 

Today it was the cart. He thought he was big stuff pushing the cart. We try to let him walk around and make the experience a little more enjoyable, but I had to draw the line when he headed towards the saws.

Last weekend I went with sister and some friends to the Alabama gymnastics meet. We had a great time and while we were there I got a text from Matt with this picture. They were playing super heroes. Matt is very resourceful. Nothing like cutting up an old shirt to make some masks. 

Nothing exciting about this picture, but this little guy has been working to make his cheese just perfect.

Sometimes he cheeses it up a little too much.  I know he feels like we live with the paparazzi because I always have the camera in his face, but you can never have too many.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentine's Day

We had a fun day, or shall I say week, celebrating the day of love. 

Fulton exchanged Valentine's with his sweet girlfriend up the street, Avery. She gave him his very first bottle of bubble bath. He loved it! He carried that bottle around all afternoon.

In anticipation of this... his very first bubble bath. He wasn't sure what to think at first. He kept trying to get the bubbles off his hands.

Later in the week we enjoyed opening Valentine's prizes from Aunt Keri and KK. He loved his goodies.

On Valentine's morning I arrived to school with this little gem on my desk. My sweet friend at work got it for me. A heart shaped biscuit from Chick-fil-A. How fun?!

That afternoon daddy and Fulton played outside while I made us a fun Valentine's meal.

Matt brought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers and Fulton helped me smell them. He actually kept trying to eat them and then wondered why it didn't taste good.

We had a little gift opening time. Fulton made me a sweet card, complete with a bite out of the corner and everything. His special touch.

Here's my Valentine. Little stud muffin. We had a fun day celebrating together. 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Second Party Of The Day

Saturday afternoon we headed to our second birthday bash of the day. This time is was my uncle Greg's 50th surprise party held at my parents new house. 

The theme was Alabama football of course. Who would want anything other than that? My mom did a great job on the table.

Ham was in full blown cheese mode and had a blast running around playing with everyone. He was definitely the youngest member of the crowd, but that didn't stop him from having fun.

He gave in and let me have a quick picture for him then it was time to get down and get going again. Let's just say the fruit tray was at just the right height and location for him to reach his hand up there and grab a few. I just hope he doesn't ever do this at another person's house.

He also enjoyed sticking his hands in the ice chest. Lovely. For many reasons, but I am sure the people getting their ice after him appreciated it too.

Look at this awesome cake. Too too cute.. and it's from Publix. They did a great job and it was delicious too. There was another cake, an ice cream cake and it was precious too.

Pops is starting early. Fulton just bats his eyes and Pops pulls out his wallet and gave him some money. Seriously. Why doesn't this work for me anymore?

Oh yeah, back to the party... the birthday boy finally arrived (with his own snacks in hand). He thought they were coming to a house warming party for mom and dad. Surprise!!!

Look at me. I am back in the photo shoot chair. Who's next?? KK ready for a picture. Aunt Keri and Uncle Pete must have been busy and missed out on the photo chair.

Sneaky was eyeing the fruit tray again at this point. He simply loves fruit... and cheese. Which was right next to the fruit and he tried to grab a few pieces of that too.

Don't judge. We have never given Fulton anything but milk and water, but he found the drinks and knew exactly what to do with it. Thankfully he doesn't know how to open them yet.

And he carried that Dr. Pepper around like a lovey the rest of the night. Here's Mema, Fulton, the Dr. , and Scottie. Fun day celebrating another birthday!

Partying With Farm Animals

Saturday  morning we headed to the Oak Mountain Petting Zoo for Ellie's 3rd birthday party. 

This is William (Ellie's brother) and his dad Eric. They are sweet friends of ours. Eric and Matt became friends several years ago when we moved to Birmingham and they both started teaching at Hoover.

We have actually never taken F to the petting zoo (deprived, I know) so this was a new experience. He loved the goats and laughed everytime he tried to pet them.

This goat was a little anti-social, but we forced him to be friendly.

I finally caved and let Fulton walk around by himself despite the mounds of goat droppings everywhere. Gag. I think I went through a whole package of wipes trying to thoroughly sanitize him after we went inside. A little obsessive, yes I know. But he had a ball.

Nothing like a good ole family photo shot in front of the horses. Which by the way little buddy was scared of. Matt kept holding him up there trying to get him to pet them... not having any part of it.

After a small bath with germex and wipes we headed inside for lunch and cake. This is sweet Ellie with her 3rd birthday cupcake. Hooray!!

A quick Happy Birthday Cheese for the camera.

They were trying to get a picture of the kiddos all lined up with the birthday girl. Fulton did surprisingly well standing still for the picture.

He did so well that when the picture was over he just kept standing there. I don't think he knew what to do so he was waiting for direction. After lunch we went for a quick hay ride. It was a fun morning celebrating a birthday and visiting the animals.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Saturday  night I had a date night with this man. 
It was a good night spent with the man I love. See this adult (because we aren't adults right) small group class at church offered to watch all the couple's kids from out class for us to have date nights. Too too nice. And they gave us 5 hours. Woohoo. So we decided to make the most of it and started off with some ice skating.

I was laced up and ready to go in no time. 
 Somebody else took it a little more serious. Had to make sure they were on just right.

 I honestly couldn't remember the last time I had been ice skating. Had to be at least 10+ years ago. But we did like all love birds do and skated holding hands, until Matt nearly fell and then I had to let go and save myself.

 Matt had to stick by the wall at first, but he loosened up and was doing figure eights in no time. Plus the 4 little girl birthday parties encouraged him to venture out into the ice or he would be in the follow the leader line of 5 year old girlies.

We had a blast being together and just plain ole focusing on each other. From there we went to one of my all time favorites... J Alexander's. Love it. We were having so much fun I forgot to take any pictures after we thawed out from the rink. We made a quick trip to the mall and back to pick up our little bambino...who by the way was having so much fun that he didn't even care that we were there. Nothing like 15+  adults for 8 kids. Lots of attention. It was a refreshing night with my soul mate. Love this guy.