Saturday, January 30, 2010

This Could Be My New Hobby

Tuesday night we had a "Ladies Night" with the girls from our small group at church. We gathered at Whitney's house for a night of food, fellowship, and decorating. It's always a blast when we get to have a night to just hang out and have fun. We tried to get Asher (3 yrs old) to take our picture and that just didn't work too well, so we opted for the self-timer on this one. Sorry my thigh is taking up half the picture.

Now here's the hobby.... you know a few years ago I went to Hobby Lobby looking for a new hobby... I came out with nothing. People, I have tried it all...scrapbooking, sewing (several times), photography, painting, and now cake decorating. Although I love all these activities, I just can't seem to get good at it's a stretch to say I was "good" at cake decorating.. but I did enjoy it. I just can't keep myself from eating all the icing.

Here is my cupcake that I decorated. It looks more like an Easter egg...but I did my best. "A" for effort!

And here is a cake we decorated...and when I say "we" I mean "I". I ended up with the cake bags in my hand and just went to town on this little puppy. I started out with blue and wanted to go all the way around, but oops I ran out.. so it's multi-colored. So, don't rush me all at once, but if you want me to make your next cake for a special event, I might can fit you in my busy schedule!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cheap Entertainment

This past weekend we went to dinner with our sweet friends Hope and Nathan and their two boys. We had some time to kill and wanted something fun and inexpensive to do and what better place to go than Target... I mean seriously people are going to kick Matt and I out of stores because we play and take pictures. Nathan, me, and Hope in the hat section. Really this picture was just supposed to be Hope and me, but Nathan just had to be in this picture.

And don't you love this leopard print hat that Nathan tried on. He really wanted to buy it, but we had to pull him away from it.

And then we mingled to the sunglasses. I haven't browsed the sunglasses section in a while but they are really bringing back the ole school glasses with the plastic sides.. how you doin?!

And another shot of Hope and I with the boys. Let me just tell you about this big large shopping cart with the seat for the kid... this thing was huge. Hope put me in charge of pushing this thing and I nearly took out several racks of jewelry trying to turn it.

Asher cracks me up .. he was trying out all the furniture. Doesn't this chair look like it's from Honey I Shrunk the Kids or something? It's oddly small. Fun times with friends!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Have You Visited This Area Lately?

We headed out this morning for an early morning visit to the ole Wal-Mart. We decide to take a stroll through the good ole Sports Equipment Dept. Have you been there lately? There is so much to do.... You can lift weights... these were a little too much for matt
These are just about right... but don't forget your weight belt. Don't want to hurt my back.

You can even practice your batting swing.

Who doesn't love a good bike ride with adult training wheels. Now this puppy has a little basket on back.. perfect for your groceries, books, or even a small child. Definitely worth your money.

And last but not least... practice your jump shot. When we left this department I felt we had given ourselves a complete workout. We did actually purchase one thing and it was none of the above... some new tennis rackets :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

How About Some Gymnastics?

Friday night we had the chance to go the Alabama gymnastics meet since sister wasn't using her tickets. Now the hubby was a little taken back when I asked him if we could enjoy our Friday night at the gymnastics meet... but I reminded him that I did go to a monster truck show last week... so I think it's even. Our sweet friends, Paige and Tad, (that matt coaches with) needed us to help out with their kids that afternoon. Well, it worked out perfect that we had the tickets and were able to take them with us. We had a blast with them!! Cassidy got her picture with Allie as soon as we got there. Allie is Big Al's girlfriend.... precious
Matt and Riley. When Riley got home from school with Matt they had the same shirt on. Love it!

Cassidy and me. This is what a great mom I will be--I brought a bag of candy in my purse for those down times and those times they wanted to buy that $7.50 bag of cotton candy. And here's more of that "great mom" in me--we were on our way to eat and they started getting hungry.. just whipped out a few Hershey kisses before dinner. I told them not to tell their mom I gave them candy before dinner.

Isn't Riley a good picture taker?! He did good!

As we were leaving they had "The Trophy" from the National Championship in the window of the athletic building. Of course we took many pictures of it and I had to get the kids to pose in front of it. Can you see it up there in the glass? So proud of the Tide!

Do you think we wore them out? What a fun night!!!
PS--Alabama beat Georgia.. How bout' them dogs now?!

Football Officially Over

I am a little behind on this post, but we started back to grad school this week and that just totally messes up my social life. Last Sunday we had the Hoover Football Banquet. This means the 2009 season is officially over. Woohoo... not long before another one will begin. These banquets are a big deal... so they say. You have to get all dressed up and they have this nice meal and there are so many forks to choose from... I never know which one to use. Way too fancy for us!! Some of the coaches wives at our table. Erika, Casey, Kristin K, and me. It's a blessing to have such great wives to hang out with when your husbands are always at football.
And there is me and stud muffin in his suit! I am so proud of him!

This was the best I could do without making a scene to take a picture of all the coaches on stage. All the coaches had to give a little mini speech for the award they were giving out... and matt did so well. It was a fun day... I did start getting a little restless when we hit the 4 hour mark.. and I am totally NOT kidding about that!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Monster Jam

In the last few years Matt and I have decided we are going to start doing things we have never done before... you know adventurous stuff!! Well, boy this was surely something we had never done before. I guess you could say we are "expanding our horizons." Last night we headed to Monster Jam. Otherwise known as a Monster Truck Show. I really wanted to get some proper "outfits" for this adventure... but it was a little chilly last night and our cut off t-shirts would just have been too cold.
These trucks are enormous. I really wanted to take my picture by one of them.. but none of that was allowed.

This is El Toro Loco or something like that. It has bull horns on the front. It was a crowd favorite I guess... cause Matt and I just yelled and clapped when everyone else did.

And another big jump

Now look at these little puppies... ear plugs!! Well, worth the $1 dollar we paid for them. Never did we think we would need earplugs... remember we have never been to one of these. The show is about to start and even the announcer guys microphone is hurting my ears.. the engines haven't even started. I sent Matt on a man hunt to find something to plug our precious ears up. We really enjoyed our first Monster Truck Show. I am starting to feel so well-rounded!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!! We had some couples from our small group at church over for a little New Year's celebration. We had a blast with these great friends!! A few snapshots getting geared up for midnight. I actually stayed up past midnight--I know it's a shocker for those of you that know me well. This girl is usually in bed by 9:00. I thought I would do something wild and crazy for New Years and stay up late--woohoo what a party girl I am!
Me, Rachel, Amanda, Hope, Whitney, Alissa. I love love love these girls!!! They mean the world to me (and others that couldn't be there). We are so blessed to be a part of this small group!!

And we made the guys pose for a shot. These guys are hilarious when they get together. They keep us laughing!

And baby Ian.. isn't he too cute?!

And we ended the festivities with some fireworks. I am sure we will definitely get "Neighbors of the Month" since we were very loud last night. I am kind of scared to go outside today and see if we have some nasty notes on our mailbox. We shot some pretty loud fireworks (thanks to Jonathan and Rachel) and really enjoyed blowing our horns (thanks to Whitney).
So we say adios to 2009 and bring on 2010!! This year has been great... lots happening.. going to the Sugar Bowl to watch bama play, starting our Educational Specialist degree, selling our house and buying a new one, joining a new church, went to the circus, dressed like a worm, going to our first ever rodeo, Matt joining the varsity football staff, said goodbye to great friends,a visit to the ER, lots of lake trips, trip to the beach, celebrated 5 blessed years of marriage, lots and lots of football games, our first ever turkey cooking, a state championship win, a blessed Christmas with family, and lots of fun times with friends!! Hope you have a Happy New Year!!