Thursday, February 23, 2012

Meeting New Friends

Monday we had the day off school, hip hip hooray for that. We have been squirming to see our good friends from college, so we met half way for lunch. This is sweet Jackson. He will be 1 in just a few short days. He is so sweet. And loves to smile for the camera too.

Fulton and Jackson finally got to officially meet each other. The last time we saw Jackson was before Fulton had entered the world. Fulton is a chunk compared to Jackson... he is tall and lean.

Fulton had to take Jackson his early birthday present in case we didn't get to see them again before the big day.

Jessica and I have been dear friends for nearly 12 years now. We met going through rush at JSU and got into the same sorority and became instant friends. Thankfully we have kept in touch through the years and now I am so excited that Jackson and Fulton are just a few months apart.

The sweet boys said their goodbyes as we left. Nothing like a little pat on the back as you are leaving. Sweet day with precious friends!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

My Obsession

I have a confession... I have a slight obsession with tupperware. I really love it. I like all shapes, colors, and sizes too. It drives Matt crazy. He says we have too much. But guess what, I actually did clean out some not too long ago.... and as much as it hurt me, I threw it away. What really burns his chaps is when I keep the plastic tupperware from places like Jim N Nicks when they put the to-go food in it. And.....if you ever bring something to me in your own tupperware, I promise I will give it back. Sister always brings food prizes to us and she always says... throw this away, do not give it back. I just can't bring myself to throw them away.

Little 5 month old charmer wore shoes for the first time this week. What a milestone. And guess how long they stayed on... 10 minutes. He seemed to enjoy them.

He also sat in the high chair for the first time this weekend. His loser parents finally put it together. And he loves it. Why didn't we do this weeks ago.

Aunt Keri came over last night to play with little man and let us go on a date. A real live adult date at a restaurant. Oh how nice it was. Thanks sister!

We had to get that high chair together for his new cuisine. Baby food! It's time already. This morning I gathered all my supplies, put my apron on, and said a prayer before plunging in to this task. I decided to make my own babyfood, which is totally against my personality. This is so not like me, but I actually enjoyed it. And I am hoping to save a few pennies in the process. 2 sweet potatoes made all this food.

Fulton was so excited and just stuck his sniffer right in to smell the deliciousness that his momma had created. Tonight's the night.... so stay tuned for photos of the big food eating event.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Heart Day

Happy Valentine's Day to all you love birds out there.
Of course we had a quick photo session before school this morning. Fulton had to pop his sweater collar like his daddy today.

Little family pic without the Harley man...he was holding the camera.

Look what I arrived home to. Love it! Sorry ladies he's taken. This is our 10th Valentine's Day to celebrate together. It gets more fun every year. I love this guy so much.

Fulton racked up for V Day. Sweet gifts from Aunt Keri and Uncle Pete and KK and Pops. Today he had a Valentine's party at his school. I tell you his friends are the most gift giving littles I know. Fulton (or shall I say his mommy) gave his friends each a little Valentine's bag with some goodies in them. See the poster he made at school.... a heart with his footprints...presh.

He enjoyed digging through his bags and destroying them. Fulton says Happy Valentine's and thanks for the goodies.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Party Animal

We've been practicing sitting up by ourselves these days....
Usually starts out like this. Sitting up all nice and neat and then....
he begins to fall and.....
ends up like this. We'll keep trying.

Party animal went to his first middle school dance Friday night. Matt and I (and Fulton) were in charge of the "coat room." It was quite entertaining. One of my sweet students said "Oh and I am so nervous I have never held a baby before." I responded with... don't worry you won't start tonight. Back away.

Fulton enjoyed himself. He was so in awe of the girls running in and out checking their makeup and rubbing their feet because they wore their mom's high heels, that I had to cover his eyes a few times when there was too much flesh showing with a few of these dresses.

Saturday morning I went to a place I have never been before and it was so yummy. We had a baby shower for our sweet friend Kelli (blonde sitting beside me) at The Egg and I. I ordered a blueberry pancake and it was the size of a basketball. So good. Matt and Fulton had some daddy son time and did a little shopping (hopefully for a Valentine's gift for mommy--I did leave the Belk ad out with something circled and a coupon).

Sunday afternoon Claire and Avery came over for a facial with our friend Chrissy. Avery is such a sweet thing and sent Fulton his very first Valentine this week. He sort of blushed when he opened it. She's a keeper.

Pops, KK, and Aunt Keri came over to get a facial too (well, Pops didn't get one, he just played with little buddy). We all had a fun family dinner tonight and enjoyed each other's company. I am so thankful to live close to my fam. Love them!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Making Friends

This little guy has been trying to make some new friends lately.
Fulton really wants Harley to be his friend... Harley, not as much. See when Harley gets close, Fulton "tries" to pet him, but ends up grabbing a chunk of his hair. Harley is not a fan of this.

Harley man finally decided to show some love. I know you germ a phobes are freaking out right now. Don't worry, I thoroughly sanitized his face afterwards. Maybe they will be better friends one day.

In other news in the Howard homefront we have been dealing with major sleep issues. Naptime is out of control. A friend (thanks Amanda) recommended we read this book.... we didn't have to go far to get it because it has been sitting in the stack of books under the coffee table for a few months. I bought it when I was on maternity leave, but the words were too small and there weren't many pictures, so I put it down.

Little buddy struggles when it comes to taking a nap in his bed... actually I should re-phrase that.... not a struggle, he just won't do it. Guess where he likes to nap--in your arms. It's crazy because the lady he stays with gets him to nap in the crib 2 times a day, what is the deal when ma and pa try to get you to do it?! So, here we sit looking at the monitor watching the little red bar go up, trying to let him cry it out. Each weekend we think, this will be the day... unfortunately no gold star for us today.

Aunt Keri did come have lunch with us today. We had a long walk on the trail in the back of our neighborhood and grilled some burgers afterwards. Sister couldn't take any more of the crying and headed home to her nice quiet house. We enjoyed her visit though.

This is much much needed. Some of these were Christmas presents and today I finally unpacked some new everyday china that we got. Let me just tell you about our everyday stuff we use now. We didn't register for any when we got married, just the fancy stuff, and I thought what I was contributing to the marriage was nice enough, we didn't need anything new. Whatever. I bought that "china" when I was in college at Big Lots. I use the word china lightly, because I think I paid $1 per plate. Anyways, after much encouragement from the fam they just decided to start giving us pieces and I had no choice but to discard the old chipped plates and bowls and bring out the new stuff.
I really do like it. It's Fiestaware and it's chocolate... yum! I still want to get a few more place settings, but sister kept prodding me to just wash it and start using what I had. So I bit the bullet and the dishwasher is going as we speak. Matt is still at it trying to get monster to take a nap. We have dinner plans with friends and it is not going to be pretty if someone hasn't slept all day. Here's to happy napping!!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Anyone Single?

I am linking up today with Kelly's Korner for Show Us Your Life Fridays.... and today is Singles Day!! So, let me take a minute to feature my sweet single friend, Amanda. Please note the lady on the market is the one on the right. Amanda is 25 and a southern girl, straight from the great state of Alabama. She is precious!! A beautiful girl, inside and out, grounded in her beliefs as a strong Christian woman. She is a keeper!! Know any single fellas out there we could set her up with?!