Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunny Days, Snuggles, and Savings

Let's catch up. 

Fulton had a fun day at school Friday. They made homemade Popsicles and enjoyed the sun. 

Fulton loves sweet Madelyn and they enjoyed some snuggle time after their treat outside. She will be going to kindergarten next year and he is going to miss her like crazy. 

I had a pretty stressful week last week, so we celebrated surviving the week with pizza for dinner. We had Salvatore's and it was delish. 

We made a mess, but it was fun. We headed to Star Lake after dinner and fed the geese. 

Hooray it was Saturday. We headed to the park for a special friend's birthday. By the way, Fulton loves these two girls right here. They are so sweet and patient with him too. 

It was our friend Avery's birthday. We have been so blessed to have their family in our life and been able to celebrate one, two, and now three years of life for this sweet girl. 

Fulton enjoyed having his buddy Ford there too. They are contemplating starting their own grass cutting business one day. Just practicing a little. 

We came home and rested and got ready for another party. We had a graduation poolside party for some friends in our small group. This guy quickly made himself at home and enjoyed the festivities. 

So, I have always tried to be a bit of a saver. I like to cut a few coupons here and there and save whenever possible. But I have been studying up on some more "advanced" saver tips and planned a little Target trip this afternoon. I was happy with my $34.92 savings. I know I have a lot to learn and could do better, but you gotta start somewhere right!?

Monday, April 21, 2014

He Is Risen

Happy Easter! We had a great day celebrating our Savior. The one who died and rose again for me and for you. It's all about His love for us. He loved us so much to send his son, his only son, to bear the weight of my mistakes, my sins, my mess ups. Thank you Lord for my salvation and the relationship I can have with you because of the cross. 

We did Easter baskets before church. We don't do the whole Easter Bunny get up, but this is a basket from mommy and daddy. 

Just praying this little guy points his heart towards Jesus as quick as he can in life. 
It's the only thing that matters. 

We had an amazing service at church where the different pastors told the Easter story. It was really cool. After church we headed to my parents for lunch. 

My fam. So thankful for each and every one of them. They are good. 

This little guy loves his Aunt Kiki. 

Speaking of Aunt Kiki... look at this awesome cake she made. And the inside was multicolored too.
 She is so festive. 

The girls. Have I mentioned that I have the best family. I am so blessed. 

We had a delicious lunch and then enjoyed some more Easter basket goodies. KK and Pops got us all some cool "Rawlins lakehouse" gear. 

Matt and Pete hid some eggs and this little guy had the hunt to himself. 

Kiki stocked the eggs with money, so he was pumped when he opened them. What a blessed day spent getting to worship and fellowship. 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Hunt and Happenings

The last few days have been full. 

Last week we bought our Resurrection Eggs. We took some time to go through these with Fulton and focus on each of the events leading up to the death and Resurrection of our Savior. This is such a neat tool to use with children. He was so excited to open each egg, but actually sat and listened to the story behind the symbols. As with the other holidays that can quickly turn worldly, I pray we can be intentional about showing him the meaning of Easter and how our salvation 
is based on the events of these days. 

In other happenings, my man and I had a date night Friday night. Oh how I love eating out as a family, but it sure is nice when you can go out with just each other. We had dinner at Cocina Superior and then browsed through some stores and laughed until our sides hurt. We have such a good time together. Love my prince charming. 

And while we were having our date, this guy was having a blast. He was at Kiki and Pete's house dying Easter eggs with KK and Pops. They made cookies and someone let Fulton do the sprinkles by himself... he used the whole bottle. 


Kiki set up some carnival games and gave horsey rides. He wore her out. Thanks to my fam for a night our with my hubby. 

Fulton had an Easter party last week with his friends from school, but yesterday Mrs. Lavina sent him home with a cool basket. We didn't get a chance to open it yesterday afternoon so we enjoyed it this morning. He had a blast opening it. 

We snapped a quick picture before heading out to church for our Easter egg hunt. I am so blessed. My little family of three. 

Before it was time for the hunt we enjoyed the bouncy houses. 

And the train. 

And the slides. This guy is such a thrill seeker. This one was definitely intended for bigger kids, but it wasn't stopping him. He did this one over and over until we had to stop. 

It was time for our egg hunt. Don't put too much emphasis on the word "hunt" here. They were actually just dumped out into the grassy area. He walked past about 40 eggs before he decided to start picking some up. He strategically went to the far corner where no one was. Smart guy. 

He was so proud of his work. 

We enjoyed our time with some sweet friends, did the cake walk, ate some popcorn and headed for some lunch. And just when I thought he would be so worn out from the festivities, someone boycotted their nap. We played outside, walked on the trail, and ate Popsicles. What a blessed day! Looking forward to worship tomorrow to celebrate our risen King!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Random Happenings

I am playing a little catch up over the last week. 

Our sweet friends were working the nursery Sunday and Clara's mommy sent me this cute picture of the two of them playing. Don't let Fulton's facial expression fool you here... he mentioned on the way home from church that --Clara was pretty. Someone has a crush. 

The temperatures were great this week and that called for some water table action. It wasn't a few minutes in and he stuck his whole head in. We ended up with several friends playing in our driveway by the end and everyone was dripping wet walking home. We have the best neighbors and I
 love nights like this. 

These two are just smitten for each other. Fulton's babysitter sent me this picture one day this week. She had a delivery of sand and they decided to get in it. They enjoyed the largest sand box either of them has ever been in. 

Fulton had some daddy time Thursday night while I shopped the largest consignment sale ever. After I had flipped through clothes for an hour, I looked up and still had this much to go in Fulton's size. I started to grow weary looking at the task ahead, but shopping requires some effort sometimes and I popped in a piece of gum and pushed on. Wewh... a couple of hours later I came 
home with some good finds for the season ahead.  

Now, picking up today after our Thomas adventure. We made it home just in time for a brief nap. We had to wake this guy up because there was more on the agenda. He wasn't too thrilled about getting up, but I knew he was looking forward to seeing his friends soon. 

We walked down the street a few houses for Alana and Ross's birthdays. Alana turned 5 and Ross turned one. They had a cowboy party and Fulton arrived dressed in the attire, but it didn't last long. Vest, hat, and boots were quickly shed. 

They had a photo booth, panned for gold, and ate marshmallows by the fire. It was so cute. 
Ashley did a great job as always. 

This guy went strong for a good two hours and now we are home playing cars and getting ready to collapse after a full, but fun day. My heart is full. We are so blessed. 

A Day With Thomas

We had a big day. It was "A day out with Thomas the Train." We bought these tickets so long ago, but we started building the hype this week and Fulton was pumped. 

Of course the fam came along. They weren't going to miss out on the excitement. They had different areas of stuff to do, first up... get a Thomas tattoo on our face. 

We had just enough time to do that and then it was time to board the train. We chose the enclosed car with the windows open. Perfect choice. It was a little cool this morning, but perfect with the breeze. 

Of course Aunt Keri had Fulton a cute train shirt made. She never disappoints in having a themed shirt for every occasion. We love it. 

This guy made the rounds during the ride. Back and forth between everyone sharing the love. 

It was a 25 minute train ride. Just long enough for this guy to enjoy sticking his head out. Don't judge.. I had a good grip on him. He wasn't going anywhere. 

Where's Thomas you ask?? Oh right there in the background. You could stand in this really long line to take a picture in the front of it, but who needs that when you can get one from the side. 

So we came back from the train ride and played hard. They had bouncy houses, slides, train tables, sand boxes, and a bubble station. This little fella had a blast. 

One last happy family shot and then we were off to get some lunch. I have to admit, Fulton enjoyed the golf cart ride to the parking lot just as much as the train ride. He is pretty easy to please.