Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a great Memorial Day Weekend. We are very blessed to enjoy the freedoms that we have because of the sacrifices of many. 

We just spent a four day weekend at the lake. Fulton and I went up last Thursday night with Mom and Dad and enjoyed an extra day. As soon as daddy arrived Friday, we went out for a boat ride. 

And then these two were off to fish. We enjoyed the rest of the night 
just relaxing and being with the family. 

Saturday morning we decided to let mom open her birthday gifts so she could enjoy them. 
Her birthday isn't until Tuesday, but we did a little early celebration. 

She was sporting new sunglasses, a coverup and a new hat. 

Girls picture!

We had some friends arrive and headed down to the dock to enjoy the beautiful weather. 

The water was still too cold for me, but the boys didn't mind. 

And Fulton was excited because the Noble's brought their waverunners. 

We took a long boat ride and enjoyed the sunshine. 
Fulton doesn't venture too far from his Pop. 

Our little family. 

After lunch we did a little cake celebration. Sister and I made mom a strawberry 
cake and it was a hit. It's her favorite. 

Later that night it was time for our annual smores tradition. 
We started doing smores on Memorial Day weekend a few years ago and this little guy was looking forward to participating this year. 

Mom got all crazy and put Reeses PB cups on hers. 

He even roasted his own marshmallow. 

Kiki and Pete enjoyed it too!

Sunday we had some sweet friends come up and Fulton was excited to have a buddy his age. Elsie and Fulton play so well together and had the best time. 

Their family spent the night Sunday night and we enjoyed the company. We even went for a little sunset boat ride and enjoyed some rice krispie treats before bed. Why not?! Today we woke up to an overcast day with drizzle on and off. We headed home after lunch and were thankful for a great weekend. 

Saturday, May 16, 2015

End of School Year

I guess I am on a two week blogging plan lately and 
here I go catching up the last two weeks again. 

We decided to surprise daddy at school with a slushi. Fulton was so excited to see daddy at work. He even stood in the doorway going to the hall and told the kids to get to class. 
I think he was a little too comfortable. 

The next day we had water day at school. It had been a big week as the ice 
cream man came earlier that week too. 

Friday night we met up with the Burgess family to check out the Buck Creek Festival. We brought a picnic dinner and enjoyed the festivities. 

The next morning we were up bright and early with our small group ready to serve at Grace House. It's a home for girls that are in tough situations in their family life. The girls worked inside preparing breakfast and cleaning, while the boys did some major yardwork. 
It was a great morning serving others. 

We came home and napped and then headed to meet Matt's mom to 
celebrate Mother's day with her. 

Sunday morning was Mother's Day and the boys got up early 
and started making breakfast. 

Matt made me this neat chalkboard out of some old pallets. I just love it. He is so good at whipping up homemade gifts and those are the ones that mean the most. 

They brought me breakfast in bed and it was glorious. 
They sure know how to spoil me. Matt is so good to me. 

Fulton came running in the room with my card and said "Happy Valentine's Day." It was too cute. Matt said they practiced several times before coming in but 
sweet boy just had Valentine's on his mind. 

Before heading to church.

Later that night we met up with my family for dinner and to 
celebrate my mom for Mother's Day. 

It was a good thing I rested up on Sunday because we had 
quite the crew at our house on Monday. 

We even had a little water day and got out the sprinklers, sand box, 
and water table. They had a blast. 

Tuesday after school we met KK for lunch. We enjoyed sneaking in a 
little ice cream treat after our meal. 

Somebody got into my headbands. Daddy is real proud of this. 

Thursday was our last day of school for the year. So sad! Look
 how much our sweet boy has grown this year. 

We have had a fun year! I had the best class with the 
sweetest kids and Fulton did as well. 

I still don't think he fully understood that it was his last day. His class of 8 kids have sure grown to love each other. I know they will miss seeing each other every week. 

Fulton with his teacher Mrs. Juliette on his last day. Couldn't have 
asked for a better teacher (and friend to me). 

Fulton's buddy Andrew gave him a new game last week and 
last night we tried it out. It's called Mustache Smash. So fun!
It was a wild Friday night at our house. 

Today we headed over to the Regions Golf Tournament. This was Fulton's first golf outing and we had many talks about how you have to be quiet. He did pretty good. 
I think his favorite part might have been the bus ride from the parking lot. 

Or it might have been the chocolate treat he got too. As we were walking in a guy handed us some tickets to a food tent. Seriously!? What a small little blessing that totally 
made our day. We had a great day outside!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Life Lately

Our days have been filled with sweet memories. Let's catch up. 

The weather is so great now and this little guy begged me to pull out the water table, so we did. We were soaked by the end of it, but he loved it. 

It was Secretaries Day and I agreed to whip up something for the office staff at Matt's school. I found this beautiful picture of a cupcake bouquet on pinterest and thought it would be so simple to make. Hah. 5 hours in the kitchen and 50 cupcakes later, I finally had them baked and hand piped with homemade icing. The next morning I loaded them up with my supplies and headed to Matt's school. They weren't as easy to put together as I thought, but they turned out decent. I won't show you the picture of what they were supposed to look like. Next time I am asked to do this... I will pick up bagels from Panera. 

Friday of that week we got to meet Kiki for lunch. We found two really cool fountains while we were waiting and used all the change in my purse to entertain ourselves. 

That night KK and Pop called and wanted Fulton over to spend the night. That meant a date night with my hubby. Love time with him since it's more precious these days. 

Meanwhile this guy was living it up with the grandparents. He had a blast. 

Sunday afternoon we met our sweet friends at the park for some fun a little dinner picnic. Fulton and Chloe love "Baby Luke" as they call him. Not sure Luke was digging this hug. 

Our three families have quickly become dear to each other. It's great to do life with these precious brothers and sisters in Christ. 

Last week we had a great week. We started off with the zoo with some friends and the kids would not stop for a second to let me get their picture. Tuesday we got our school pictures back and I cannot stand this cuteness. His hair is a hot mess, but that smile just melts me. 

Fulton had been looking forward to Friday ever since I told him he would get to see Laylee and Macy. He simply loves these two girls. We headed to the pond to feed the fish, had a picnic lunch and the kids played on the playground until they were worn out. They love each other like brother and sister and it makes me happy to see them with each other. 

Friday night we tried a new pizza place in town and loved it! You can't go wrong with pizza and a little cupcake after. 

Saturday we headed over to Veteran's Park with KK and Pops to enjoy Celebrate Hoover Day. 

He was so proud of himself for holding this bird. 
He just grinned the whole time. 

And we enjoyed our first ever pony ride. He was a natural. 

We came home and rested for a bit and then headed to Railroad Park for a quick snow cone before going to the Baron's game. 

First baseball game of the season and the weather was perfect. 

We even had a chance to meet Babe Ruff and Fulton wasn't shy at all about giving him a hug. 
Sweet Boy!

We had great company for the game as well. 

Avery, Fulton, Luke, and Chloe. They ran non stop the entire game and the smiles 
never left their faces. 

By the middle of the game, they were worn out. It was a great night of fellowship with sweet friends.